• Itzumi

    So many repairs...

    Current list of device malfunctions:
    DS Phat: Malfunctioning Touch Screen
    DSi: Touch Screen no longer registers input
    New 2DS XL: Will not power on (no blue light)
    Nextbook Tablet: Battery Replacement

    o boy
  • Itzumi

    Its been a while hasn't it...

    my friends from the AMS. It's me, Goldman.

    I kinda took a little break from GBATemp. Don't remember what my reason was, I assume I just lost interest or something. A lot of time has passed with nothing really noteworthy to talk about. I've gotten more into learning how to take apart devices like the DS and such, so there's that I guess. I just felt like making this post, like a mini-update of a sort? I'm going to be more active here now.
  • Itzumi

    Android Oreo 2: Oreo Bongaloo

    So heres what I've done since my rant about Oreo:
    1. Somehow got night mode to show up (i dont know what i did, the qs icon just showed up i guess)
    2. Disabled battery saver (wasnt useful anyway)
    3. Made Island (app by oaisisfeng) device owner so I can freeze apps outside of work profile (aka the Island)
    4. Bought Andromeda pluggin to use Substratum.
    5. Did research to find my phone has (at least for now, who knows) a perma-locked bootloader. So no root.
    6. ADB is my best friend now.

    Most of my issues have gone away, but im still probably gonna try to get a new phone cause I could use a bit more processing power than the J7 V currently offers. Also root. cause root is cool.
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    Android Oreo.

    What is with this aggressive battery saver, holy shit. Even if I whitelist stuff, it still gets killed, (Even if there's free ram for everyone to share), and it always chooses my blue light filter as the first to go, effectively momentarily blinding me as my eyes scream in pain. And night mode isn't an option anymore, because Samsung decided to make a retard move and rip it straight out of oreo on the J7, meaning I can't force it on.

    Thanks Samsung, it's just what I wanted for Christmas, blinding blue light.

    And to make matters worse, because of new security fixes, nothing can display overlays above System UI anymore, so I get blinded every time I open Quick Settings.

    And I can't root and install custom roms because of course I'm on Verishit of all carriers.

    Fuck this.:hateit:
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  • Itzumi

    my experience with homebrew

    My first experience with homebrew had to be back in the nds days, when I got my first R4 and put some random stuff on it. i dont remember exactly what was on there, but I do remember some of it didnt work. i used that r4 for many years, until I got the DSi, after that I stayed out of homebrew for a while until about abcouple years ago, when I first came across the 3DS homebrew community.

    Seeing what could be done at the time I was excited to get right to work. I checked the guide everyone uses to see what i could do. I couldnt do anything. i was too updated to hack my o2ds and install a9lh.

    cut 2 years forward, and I decide to take a look at homebrew again. hiya had released and i had installed it on my dsi around that time, and as I checked the guide again, a smile grew wide on my face. i had two methods with which to install b9s. Seedminer and ntrboothax. i decided on the ntrboothax route, and bought a preflashed flashcart. It arrived about a few weeks later. as soon as i got it, i immediatly followed the guide, making a few bumps along the way.

    my n2ds was bought a week or so later, and i pulled the flashcart out again to use. it took me less time since i still had the latest files on my computer.

    the picture attached is all of my ds consoles lined up

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