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    A Laptop

    My laptop is old a broken.

    It's not an antique, and it's not so broken that I couldn't even give it away, but it has lost the prime functionality of a laptop; to be portable. The hinge has cracked and I'm scared to do close the lid. The RAM is pathetic and CPU is abysmal. It runs 5 year old games on the lowest settings at 20 FPS. But I don't have much money to switch it out for a new one. Being a high school student without anything resembling a source of income, I don't have the sort of expendable cash to be able to throw it away on a $1K+ laptop. So what I'm asking is: do you guys know of any good deals?

    I'm thinking along the lines of:
    Geforce 9300m GS+
    2GB RAM
    250 GB HDD
    15" screen

    Specs and price around that rage would be nice. I'm not looking for a Sager or a transportable gaming rig. Just an average laptop that can play most games at a reasonable quality/framerate.