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    Cultures across the world


    in such a intelligent world, how can there be such selfish people?
    most probably offensive idk

    a frequent occurrence on places i visit, are people with no regard to their surroundings. such as, they spend what ever they like, and do things at their own pace. sure go ahead, but... quitting college because apparently the economy is so bad your qualification will not be worth your years or work. like you dont gain any extra general knowledge or something but maybe their education system is different. eh
    guy i was talking to was saying he would drop out halfway because he wouldnt want to work hard, basically. apparently getting through college is slamming your hand against a door for 8 hours daily. is it really like that over there? then i got called an extra but i guess i trolled that person enough lol

    suddenly the topic makes little sense
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    so its a con thing

    then i died inside when i saw the prices for the nendoroids figures GEH
    139 SGD! and i thought that was for figma.
    at least i found an angeltype figurine set
    and two people asked for contacts, spent too much time on the graffiti wall
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    SOUND HOLIC AND THEIR ENGRISH. do they love english or something. lol

    iosys is sad for they are half fail


    and my computer's monitor is not turning on. no orange lights or whatever. ;_;
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    Spirit day.

    My friends were claiming that they wear purple on the day "for love, for raising awareness of bullying of homosexuals etctetc"

    So I gave them this question:
    "You support suicide? You support loss of lives, as long as the person is a homosexual?"

    Now im sort of debating on dA because they dont seem to get my views.
    Your views?

    well its 21102010 here so... oh hey, my $2 note is purple. hmm
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    first day of school...

    oh look a random blog entry.

    today was the fist day of my third year at school.

    it started with rain which = me thinking "yesss go classroom"

    then i realized we would have to go to the hall because o levels were over.

    then my father drove me and my sister to our schools, usually i would be dropped off first but the right road was littered with cars so my sister went to her school.

    When i reached my school gate the discipline master + a few teachers were already there to check boys' hair (fringe mustn't be touching eyebrows)

    then i went to the foyer looking at all the secondary ones, they looked like lost sheep lol (except for the ones who came with siblings)

    then for some reason only the secondary ones had to go to the hall while the rest went to classrooms...

    but my classroom is on the 4th floor AGAIN... (they seem to shift classes every year, when i was secondary one my next year class was supposed to be on the 1st floor, turns out it shifted to 4th/top floor, at the very end of a classroom block, then this year it shifted to one level below.)

    up until 10:00 (from 8am) was some class admin, like who's the chairman etc. i got nominated but its troublesome so i said no eheheheh

    and because i appealed into the class my name wasnt on the name list UNTIL my teacher read what i wrote on the CCA list and realise my name wasn't there. so for now im last ;_; (44)

    at 10:00 we had humanities but my friends all went to geography.. ffffff history isnt hard... meh. strangely my teacher had this ground rule : MUST bring water bottle to class....

    at 11 we finally had recess >_> so hungry. but turns out my favourite food is gone.(bread with cheese and egg.) went to buy some fish-tofu instead.

    afterwards was science(chemistry) and for some reason i took 8 minutes to climb the stairs (and buy a pen) and got warned with 7+ other late students by the teacher.. meh.

    and finally from 12 pm was art *w*
    a different teacher than last year, turns out my last year's teacher had retired. :( she's strict but erm.. nevermind.( a lot of students except a few dont like the teacher because she's really strict, even though she gives a lot of chances)
    in the end there were only 2+2+2+2 = 8 +- people in the art class... and only first two (me and my friend) chose it as first choice, the rest had chosen food & nutrition or design and technology. we wasted 45+ minutes simply waiting for those other people to come because the classroom was in this situated far away place that most students didnt know it existed ( plus its next to a supposedly haunted rifle range thing, its locked) and many thought it was held at the ground level classroom.

    so for our art lesson we had to draw a peanut for the teacher to gauge our skills.

    i drew around 4 (because i had to use scissors to cut it and it broke into peices >_>) but seeing my classmate's work i dont know whether to laugh or cry, one was drawing the outline, shading it, then drawing criss-crosses into the shaded shape, another had unfinished outlines/parts on her paper. my friend only drew one because he was doing (supposedly, i got seperated from him so i couldnt se he draws so small) details on his drawing.

    when we were finished one student asked whether we could draw anime >_> after my teacher had said we were going to draw portraits next lesson.

    then lastly she showed us some o level work last year, apparently one entry comprises nothing realted to drawing, but photoshop...

    i was quite skeptical because its.. just.. so.. meh. its like anyone could do it. the only thing that convinced me otherwise was her preparatory studies which were filled with her pictures, not sketches.. so yeah.

    after school i went to buy macdonalds.

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    The aircon is leaking

    leaked at least 5 times last year..

    honestly i dont know what those repairmen do at all, they just do something and blast it full to test it after that and it happens several months later.

    how am i going to sleep like this in 28 minutes..
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    Do ants eat correction tape?

    today i discovered a nest of ants has been living in my correction tape.

    so i killed probably 40% off with tape.

    then threw the correction tape out of the window.

    do they eat correction tape?
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    Celebrating friends' birthdays

    in febuary i celebrated my friend's birthday, and i got fever. ]
    today me and my friends bashed someone with cakes and i got a fever again...
    >_> shucks.
    lucky i found my ds though.
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    A story to tell

    this happened from 1-3 of july.
    people can be so puzzling at times.

    there are three people, 1(boy) ,2(girl), and 3(girl).
    1 and 2 are a couple.
    3 likes 1.
    2 doesn't like 3.
    1 doesn't like 3.(i think somewhat neutral)
    everyone knows 3 likes 1.
    3 is really irritating.(freeloader and all etc..)
    (and.. her looks aren't...)
    (but that'd be really mean..)
    so one night
    3, 1 me and few others(4 and 5) conferenced
    i hung up(since i was sleepy :\)
    the plan was:
    1 was to tell 3 that he pretended to like 2,
    and confess that he liked 3.
    then after "dump" her on the next day.
    (well yeah its evil, but well)
    so(based on listening to what they said the day after this)
    2,4,and 5 shut up on the phone
    1 called 3.
    1 told 3 about pretending to like 2.
    3 said a LOT of bad things about 2.
    (of course 2 was angry, but kept)
    then 1 asked 3 if he wanted to stead
    (as in become couple la)
    3 kept saying she didn't know
    so they hung up
    the next day:
    3 seemed to be in a joyful mood.
    2 was (quite)happy and angry
    at the same time, since she got 2
    to confess plenty of things.
    then later that night
    they conferenced then
    (which had 1 2 4 5 and me)
    1 called 3 to ask her yes or no
    and after a long time
    3 said
    they hung up
    and 2 became very depressed
    we could tell but she kept denying it
    the next day
    3 stormed into the classroom(angry ehh~)
    (so i was guessing she was playing hard to get? dunno.)
    2's face was quite mellow
    but during reccess
    2 breaks down(because her plan didn't work)
    (and 4 and 5 were telling her to just give up on the plan)
    so 1 tells 3 about the whole plan
    and the part where they actually listened to the conversation
    3 says nothing.
    (well yeah but she's of course angry.)
    i say nothing(because there's nothing i can do.)
    later 2 goes back to normal
    as for 3
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    Stupid siblings.

    My brother knows i have 200+ dollars and keeps pestering me for 70+ dollars :glare:
    FOR MAPLE MILS.(mesos.)
    instead of studying for his O levels!(major exam.)
    To make things worse he's already becoming a mapletard :\
    And he's older than me!
    Plus he still owes me 150+(last last year, he "borrowed" my money to buy a maple account[ a NL])
    and hasnt returned it :(
    and he tells me its 90 dollars now, not 150+ :glare:

    And my sister....





    She wont let me finish what i have to say and starts bitching.
    She thinks her "photoshop skillz" are better than hand made construction paper+ groupwork(her photoshop skillz are not THAt good.)
    crap now she's looking over my shoulde-
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    502nd post!

    so whut should i put as a title 0_o
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    Photoshop takes up 1GB.
    Maplestorysea takes 2.2GB.
    Required computer stuff takes up SOME space. less than 1GB.
    Trend micro pencillin(which likes to qurantine BatchDPG) takes about 500mb.
    Nero 7 escientials(anyone heard of windows media player?.....) takes around 400mb.
    other stuff(lower than 200mb, lots of them are below 100mb each) takes the rest of the space save for 200mb.
    I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE maplesea. (i do like private servers though.)
    my sister's a mapletard. she even deleted warcraft(my brother's. but now its on a thumbdrive.)
    Then one fine day(today actually) she tells me to install photoshop.
    THEN she tells me not to delete maple but its the only thing that's blocking my way! 2.2GB!!
    then i told her i had to delete maple then she told me dont install photoshop anymore. wth?!
    that and my mother and brother's on her side.