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    Is there any good apps to fix a corrupted SD Card?

    So, I was trying to convert my SD Card to Fat32 without losing any data (Was trying to download a romhack to my 3ds SD Card) and I was gonna take a shower (because of all the files, it took a long time) and then when I got out of the shower, I got an error message because my Laptop went into sleep mode and I got an error that my SD Card was corrupted and unreadable, so, I tried looking for an app to recover my files, however, most of the apps cost money. Are there any data recovery apps that don't cost money? Sorry for posting this. Screenshot (202).png Screenshot (202).png
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    Twilight Menu online play

    So, I wanted to ask, does Twilight Menu support wifi play like Wiimmfi?
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    Cheats Freezing PokemonB2

    So, I got a new 3DS, and, I got TWL Menu, and whenever I launch into Pokemon Black 2 using cheats, it keeps freezing onto a White screen. Is there any way I can fix this?