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    Coldplay's Mylo Xyloto

    Yay! I just got it on iTunes. :3
    I'm very happy with it, you should check it out :lol:
    BTW, it's been a long time since I've posted anything on here lol
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    1st anniversary :)

    Last year, this day, was when I registered on Gbatemp. A place where I met wonderful people and made friends. :lol: Time goes on so fast. :unsure:
    Looking forward for more years to come!

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    Easily angered people.

    I just have a brief view on them, THEY ARE IMMATURE SUCKERS.
    That's all.

    u c wat i did thar. but fr srs.
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    Looking at my emails...

    It's been a while guys. :rolleyes: Just wanna share something...

    So I took a look in my e-mail, finding out that my father bought me a Stiga Supreme racket from the online Walmart store which costs like $60 online? Not sure actually...
    In case you didn't know, I am into table tennis for the past months..

    Then I saw a gift for me from Steam. It was from Lee79 and it was Half Life 2 Ep. 2. I was surprised because simply I did not see this coming. Haha.

    That is all~
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    Jan 12.

    So I deactivated my FB account for teh lulz. I didn't really care about my account since I wanted to take a break from social networking sites. I get fed up with people whining on my news feed. :lol:

    Up to now, I haven't thought of coming back. (But my break is only temporary.)

    Today was actually a bad day. Bunch of people irritated me and kept on teasing me. Not that I'm really affected deep inside. :rolleyes:
    Finished all my schoolwork, too. And now I'm just relaxing and sleeping hoping that the teacher won't see me.

    After school, I played Table tennis for a while with my friends and got active a little. Can't play volleyball properly that yet since the coach isn't there. :unsure:

    I also got hit by a basketball on the head because of my very kind classmate, resulting in a one-hour headache.

    kthxbai. :P

    @lolzed, Nah. I'm far from being bullied. I just wanted to know how life will be like without FB(which seems to be much more better.)
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    I got 2 new games tonight..

    Counter Strike: Source and Garry's Mod..
    I really have no idea how GM works so I hope I'll like it. :rofl2:
    Man. Lots of discounts everyday. :angry2: So probably we might buy at least one or two everyday...

    That's all. Play with me on TF2? :rofl2:
    Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/IZ09/

    I can't buy any of you TF2 :tpi: my dad uses his credit card and logs on to my account and I'm not the one buying it. :ha:
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    Just a few hours.

    And it's time for
    and Christmas!

    'Tis the time to gain weight. LOL
    Anyway Tempers, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR! a little early for me to say that. :P
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    Hershey's :P

    I just ate 6 mini bars of Hershey's and one Three Musketeers bar.
    MUST.... STOP.... SUGAR RUSH. In fact, I'm also getting itchy. D:

    Whatever.... Christmas is the perfect season for MOAR CHOCOLATE. :rofl2:
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    Sprained/swollen ankle :/

    So I played a little basketball in the afternoon.
    Tried to do a lay-up :sleep: [I don't play basketball that much, just rarely.]
    After I jumped to shoot the fracking ball, my left foot fell first, there was a surface where it wasn't leveled, resulting in a minor injury. :blush:
    Can't blame anyone since it was simply my stupid fault. :sleep: I stayed in the clinic for 3 1/2 hours and was unable to join Health class.
    The swell isn't that much big, it just hurts walking so I'm left hopping with my right foot. :(
    Now I won't be able to go to school tomorrow. :angry:

    So errr, what do you do if the same thing happens to you?
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    What do you do

    'cause my friend just got angry at me this morning ON FACEBOOK dammit. I had no idea what to do anymore, so I stopped commenting on her status and went away, since it was a Facebook game where if you like this first, you're the profile picture, etc.

    What do YOU do to people like that who suddenly get angry at you with no real reason whatsoever? I'm getting pissed off, with me being patient toward people like them and I just keep silent and be constantly yelled at, virtually.
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    To go or not to? :O

    My father has wants me and my brother to live with him in the US, therefore, leaving my mom and other siblings behind.
    I don't know when he plans for me to leave here but I'm very unsure if I should. I have no idea on how the Americans live(he's in California) and I might have a hard time adjusting to your/their lifestyle, culture, traditions, the way you/they eat, and how they do things... :rolleyes:

    What I like about the US is advanced technology and more opportunities for me to get a scholarship on a major university, which is my goal so that I could go back to the Philippines and help out! :yay: Since the economy here is bad and one of the poorest around :(
    He told me that I can take a vacation on summer(May - April) and decide if I want to stay there to study on a public highschool :unsure: I study in an ACE curriculum school currently.
    Right now, I'm hesitating since I only get to stay with my dad and... uh... my stepmother, who petitioned me, and stepbrother who is a year old.... that is the difficult part :wtf: (You get my drift here?) BUT I still have relatives there.... they're just a little far from us.
    When I told him that I didn't want to stay there YET, he got a little angry at me and said that I should take opportunities NOW since it would be hard to go there when I get older.
    I'm a freshman in high school and I'm thinking that I MIGHT be fully decided to stay there on my junior year(3rd) since I stillwant to compete on National Student Convention, one that I attended in almost a month ago, and ISC 2012(don't make jokes on any 2012 bullshit here) ISC 2011... and info if you wanna know :P.
    For many reasons I've grown to love the ACE curriculum and I know there are schools like that on California.. my dad said, it's expensive :sleep:
    Now, my dad has been unstable with his promises before and I thought that even if EVER for example I didn't want to stay, he wouldn't let me go back :O I know my dad of course! :creep: But it's not 100% sure he'll do that, but it's most likely.

    TL;DR Sorry for the wall of text, I just had to share this with somebody...
    Should I immigrate to the US to be with my biological father, stepmother, stepbrother?
    or stay in the Phils. with my real mother and siblings with my still father providing financially?​

    Edit: My mind's crazy today, bear with me if my post is messy and out of order
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    IZ's specific wishlist for 2011

    Things I want to have by the end of 2011 :D obviously not ALL can be bought by this time :P
    • PowerShot SX210 IS Our camera can only shoot well in macro mode :glare: Not that i'm uncontent but i've had this for 3 years already.
    • All Star Double Upper Got Chucks already! But it will be received on January :)
    • Windows 7 Home Premium ( I don't need Ultimate :) and I stay away from pirating OS's. )
    • Western Digital My Passport Essential SE 1 TB USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 I still don't have an external hard drive for backups :unsure:
    • Logitech 2 MP Portable Webcam C905 Currently owned webcam has horrible quality and excessive noise.
    • New battery and charger for the HP G60 445DX :( One we have doesn't even last for 30 minutes. I haz already! YAY!
    • Hot Kool Aid (Navy Blue Crew-Neck)
    • iPhone 3GS or 4
    • Honor Roll award in school
    • Vacation to USA with my father.
    • Logitech USB Desktop Microphone

      What WE got before Christmas
    • 12 Xbox 360 games: Army of Two, Viva Pinata Party Animals, Bakugan, Pop Cap Arcade, Namco Museum, Crash Time AutoBahn Pursuit, [Prototype], UFC 2009, Too Human, Tekken 6, NBA 2k10, Splinter Cell Conviction
    • iPod Video 30GB Black
    • How to Train Your Dragon book
    • Lord of The Rings Collection
    • Shitload of Spam, Vienna sausages, Mac 'n cheese, chocolate, Pringles, etc.
    • Burgundy DSi XL
    • Re-painting of the house's interior :D
    • Live 8 DVD
    • Kipling Moondance[don't know exactly.] It was from my godmother. :lol:
    • Teddy bear :D
    DISCLAIMER: I listed these since I need to get new things for myself. A desktop and its accessories, I never had them and hoping to have one for my mom and I.
    Don't need an iPhone and I could always wait. I don't force my parents if they can't afford it. The Skullcandy is not even necessary, I'm not a music whore :P And I only get to request to my father twice or thrice a year >_>
    Some of them will be bought in Christmas season! :D

    Photos. These were taken by the 2007 Olympus digicam and enhanced with Photoshop CS5. :ha:
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    Simply... saying goodbye to all the 'tempers here. I'll miss you all!
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    Too excited!

    On Sunday morning I shall leave my home for 8 days :( ( I will miss the internet and GBATemp... :sad: ) People who follow me in Twitter like kwartel, Martin with the [], CamulaHikari, phoenixgoddess27 etc and ifish know what I am talking about, eh? :P
    If some of you remember my sig from WAY WAY WAY back, that's that :)

    My events are
    • Volleyball Yep. My favorite sport.
    • 4 X 100 Meter Relay Female Oh FUUUUUUUUUU I'm gonna run with a baton! :O
    • Trio
    • Small Ensemble
    • PACE Bowl or for short, a quiz bee of highschool students. (I'm that SMART. JK)
    • Special effect photography, I took a picture but I don't think it's good enough to be in the top 6 finalists...
    Believe me, I sing. :lol:

    And thank you elmoreas for the PM a few hours ago! :wub:

    Here's a clue for those who are curious =))
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    I love you all

    Yes, it is true. I love everyone of you, all my good friends(in Facebook, Twitter, GBATemp, please do not leave. I will die inside and even backstab you when I find out.
    To all my interwebz buddies, I will not forget you.

    All my besterestest colleagues, associates, etc.

    That is all.