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    IncredulousP I'd like some ideas on how to celebrate my birthday alone. I don't plan on drinking more than a beer, if anything. I don't have a car, and I'm in a small town of nothingness this month. I can't stream games or video chat, so I feel relatively isolated. Restaurants are all too far away and don't deliver, except for a local pizza joint. Thoughts?
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    IncredulousP the torrential downpour of nights prior presages no dessication. With procurable resources mustered, I shall construct a transcendent bastion in which to ensconce myself.
    IncredulousP Just found out that 1 of the 2 storage units my parents rented didn't get paid for way earlier in the year. This one had most of my childhood electronics, consoles, games. It had some mementos, and I'm sure plenty other things I'll slowly realize I lost years down the line. Gameboy/Color games, GBA, couple n64 consoles, controllers, and games.

    It also contained quite a few family heirlooms.

    They never told me, either, until I asked them multiple times, and finally received an answer today.

    RIP things. I hope the vulture fuck that you got auctioned to respects them enough to preserve and make good use of them.

    Oh, I almost forgot to mention: the second storage unit was days from being auctioned, and this one has $1000's of my electronics and personal files, drives, paperwork, medical histories, cards, pretty much the most important things. I had to shell out almost $400 a few days ago and now I have to keep making that payment every month. Ain't having irresponsible parents great?
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    IncredulousP If I pay for your product, I want to own it. I don't care if you keep adding "useful" features like emoji-integration, I'm not paying multiple times for the same product, especially if I don't even get to own it. If I truly wanted your little updates, then let's negotiate a 1-TIME fee to incorporate them into the product I own.

    Now, if you are selling a service that requires continuous work to be done as a function of time, then I shall pay a continuous payment as a function of time. Example: servers, VPN, VPC. However, your constantly adding of "features" to a product does NOT go toward keeping the base product, that I purchased and own, running. You spent a fixed amount of man hours making the product, so I pay a fixed amount of money. If you spend an additional fixed number of man-hours on new features, I shall consider paying another fixed amount of money for them.
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    IncredulousP It's trash. Utter trash.
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    IncredulousP I finally moved out of my parents' place. Feels good, feels real good.
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    IncredulousP I live in a society.