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    I picked the right time to break my DS

    DSi is coming out, so DS lite will probably get a price drop. Hooray.
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    Rock Band 2 is driving me insane.

    For the past few days I've been trying to find Rock Band 2 (just the software, for Wii) in stores. The only thing I've been able to find are the bundles, which I don't really need since I've already got a set of instruments.

    So now I'm like, really tempted to try to sell my old set of instruments and buy the bundle, since it's the only thing stores seem to have right now, and I'll admit I just kinda want them anyway. But then by the time I do that, they'll probably have just the game itself in stores, or the bundles will be sold out. Looks like all of the Best Buy ones are gone now. GameStop only had like, two when I checked today, and there was a whole bunch of people there.

    I can either sell my old instruments and grab new ones, or just keep them. If I sell the old ones for $140, I can get the bundle and another guitar for the same price as if I just bought the game itself with just a guitar. But then I don't think anyone would want to pay $140 for used instruments, and I don't expect to not pay extra, so I'll probably sell them for less... but how much to sell them for?

    Or am I just obsessing too much about this when I could just buy the game itself for cheaper?

    Times like these I really wish I had modded my Wii. Or got a 360. :P