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    ihaveamac 11.8.0-41 updated NIM and it sends a ticket when it attempts to download title contents. This is currently the only instance that a ticket is sent, nothing else does (connecting to online services, etc.).

    The server will check these tickets to ensure that the system is entitled to the game (i.e. you have purchased the game on eShop). Currently this only affects some first-party games. Soon, all games may use the new protection.

    This intends to break all tools that download from the CDN, particularly ones used for piracy (e.g. freeShop, CIAngel, TIKShop, Villain3ds).

    Staying on 11.7.0-41 or earlier won't make these work again. This is a server-side change. There is no workaround. You can't create signed tickets like Nintendo does. The age of super easy piracy is over.

    Hopefully that clears some things up...

    More technical stuff here
    ihaveamac I guess since the day has come again that I should make a post about it. no, this isn't another coming-out-as-straight post that undermines the whole point. I'm mostly just repeating that I'm not and wanted to add a post that's actually serious. this is the post from last year.

    I guess that's it for me.
    ihaveamac ever wondered why people feel more strongly about their beliefs the more evidence is provided to go against it?

    this post is nothing more than to increase visibility of a very interesting comic that I think everyone should read. it explains something called the backfire effect, and why we do this.

    ihaveamac before anything, don't harass anyone for any reason, it's not cool.

    here's a video, uploaded October 19, 2016.

    this was fixed in 11.4.0-37, which went out at the same time as Nintendo's first payout through their HackerOne program.

    I did tell some people about it but kept it hidden from the public just in case it became useful in the future. one of them was PokeAcer, who I (wrongly) trusted with this. I never thought someone would actually go to the HackerOne program with my workaround and report it.

    I was the one who found this, not PokeAcer, who got the actual reward (amount undisclosed) here. endergamer549 was one of the ones who got rewarded, who turned out to be this person after others (who I also showed) went through Google search results and cache. https://i.imgur.com/EHLU8fN.png https://i.imgur.com/4S7fDSM.png - he also told me that he did this directly, confirming the entire thing.

    this has been posted at least one other times around the forums: https://gbatemp.net/threads/nintend...hackerone-program.467316/page-14#post-7241839

    anyway, I don't really care about the reward, just needed to make this more visible.

    PokeAcer's post: https://gbatemp.net/entry/read-this-do-not-comment-if-youre-going-to-be-hateful.13035/
    ihaveamac opinion warning!!!

    Super Paper Mario is one of my favorite games ever. I first played and finished it in 2008 or something (using copied discs like an evil man), and I enjoyed it then. I even wanted to create Paper Mario themed things on certain sites (though like most things, I never finished them). I kept finding sprites and textures and whatnot usually on MFGG (which apparently the design of the site has never changed all these years!)

    I decided to play it again recently, and after hours of getting vWii to recognize one of my drives I eventually was able to play it. and of course, like 8 years ago, I enjoyed pretty much every bit of it. the controls felt good (okay moving around in 3D was a bit clunky), the music sounds great, the design is all perfect, the writing was amazing.

    it's a platforming game, totally unlike any of the other games (past and present). I do kind of like platforming games more than role-playing (i.e. turn-based battles etc; doesn't mean I don't like them, I just like platforming more), so it was easier for me to get into it compared to the other games. there are 8 chapters, each with four sections, and at the end you fight a boss and get one of the "pure hearts". these hearts symbolize love or something.

    some of my favorite points of the game are chapters 3-4, 6-1 and 6-2, and 8-4. also the mini games in the cafe in Flipside.
    Chapter 3-4 spoilers
    Chapter 6-1 and 6-2 spoilers
    Chapter 8-4 spoilers
    I really liked the music, like stated earlier. I could listen to it for hours, and that's pretty much what I've been doing. I especially like Lineland Road, Sammer's Kingdom, Overthere Stair, Castle Bleck and Proof of Existence, and some others.

    anyway I just had to get that out there. this probably makes no sense but I had fun typing it. :D
    Chapter 7-3 spoiler-ish
    ihaveamac you are fully entitled to your own opinion on anything you want. you are free to state your opinion for others to hear. I will always respect that.

    you are not, however, protected from any and all criticism when you state your opinion about anything. if you say what it is, expect people to criticize it. you can't say something like "that's just my opinion" to try and stop others.

    if you do not want to be criticized, then please kindly shut up. thanks!

    side node: https://xkcd.com/1357/
    ihaveamac simply put, being "straight" has been the "norm" for ages. being heterosexual is accepted in the whole world. you don't see anyone being discriminated against, or kicked out, or whatever for being straight, you see it more often against those in the LGBTQ community.

    there is no such thing as "heterophobia", since nobody is against the idea of being straight. since "homophobia" and similar things do exist though, that's why you have gay pride parades and things.
    ihaveamac so apparently today is "National Coming Out Day". and, well, I think you know where this is going by now. (tl;dr i'm gay, figured that out yet?)

    I've never really felt the need to talk about this about me unless someone had to ask or it became the topic of discussion, honestly because I didn't want it to seem like I was special because of it. I liked to focus on other things most of the time, stupid things like hacking a console. am I being too paranoid?

    but now we are on a special day dedicated to this, so I thought I'd make a post about it, "coming out" you might say.

    how is your day going?
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    ihaveamac someone came onto #3dshacks on Rizon and talked about a browserhax that ended up fake. so here's a list of things to watch out for!
    • has the person released previous exploits before? (if so, a new one is probably guaranteed to be real)
    • has the person created any kind of software before? probably using something like C
    • does the person get defensive when questioned?
    • does the person say something along the lines of "I have better things to do than answer questions" or "I don't have time to answer questions"?
    • does the person say they won't talk about the hax after being questioned about it?
    • does the person say they probably won't release it ever?
    • does the person have any idea what they're talking about?
    ihaveamac I wanted to make this little blog post to help try and inform users why they should stop using rxTools (a custom firmware for the Nintendo 3DS), since some users might not know what's happening or what they should do. Any additional info or pointing out inaccuracies would be appreciated.

    tl;dr rxTools might not boot your EmuNAND anymore when Nintendo releases another update! You should switch away as soon as possible to prevent issues with any future system updates.

    rxTools works for me right now. Why should I switch?
    It's true that rxTools currently does work and can boot the latest version (11.2.0-35) through EmuNAND at the time of this writing, and that all(?) of the custom firmware features work as intended right now.

    That's part of the problem: it "works", but it doesn't "work properly". Because of this and a few other reasons, rxTools will soon no longer work and you'll be forced to switch.

    The biggest reason to move is the main rxTools no longer gets updates, it's basically a discontinued project. It will not get updates to fix bugs or support future firmwares.

    "rxMode" of rxTools is still using the NATIVE_FIRM (the "firmware") for 9.6.0-24, and it could get away with doing this for the longest time, because of how the kernel version works. Games and applications only check the major and minor parts of the kernel version. 9.6 has 2.50-1, so the major and minor is 2.50. 10.0, 10.2, and 10.4 updated it to 2.50-7, 2.50-9, and 2.50-11 respectively, but 9.6 could be used just fine since the revision (the -1, -7, -9, and -11) isn't checked.

    11.0.0-33 was the first update since 9.6 to update the minor version, so it is now 2.51-0. However, nothing in the 11.0 update actually requires this kernel version yet. In particular things like Home Menu (last updated 10.6.0-31) and ErrDisp ("error display", last updated 9.0.0-20) have yet to be updated to require the 2.51 kernel or later. This is why you can still use 11.0 with rxTools/2.50 kernel. No known games or applications use this yet either.

    11.1.0-34 and 11.2.0-34 bumped the version up to 2.51-2 and 2.52-0 respectively, but still no system titles require 2.51, therefore older NATIVE_FIRM versions can still boot 11.2.

    There is a good chance that Nintendo will update an important title to require the kernel version to be 2.51 or later, which means it will no longer boot on rxTools since it's still using 2.50, which then means your EmuNAND no longer works!

    It's highly recommended you switch to a different custom firmware soon, before a future update is released and renders rxMode unusable.

    As an extra, games will soon be released requiring 2.51 or later, making them unplayable on rxTools, regardless of what version you're on.

    But I need the tools! Like NCCHInfo Padgen, NAND dumping, etc.
    Take a look at Decrypt9WIP by d0k3, it has all the features you'd need from rxTools (content decryption, dumping, etc).
    Oh, I'll just stay on 11.0.0-33/11.1.0-34/11.2.0-35!
    Doing this doesn't give you any actual benefit; you're trying hard to stay behind on outdated software. And older is not better in this case, unfortunately.

    This only really worked for 9.5 on New3DS, because it was impossible to go beyond that for the longest time. Now since this is no longer an issue and you can go past 9.5, there's little reason to actually stay behind on custom firmware.

    Keep in mind that trying to stay behind won't work for long or it will be rather tedious to do. You would be doing the same thing as users who have not downgraded yet, and want to stay behind on "official firmware".

    Updating things like the friends system module and eShop can stop working at any moment when they are updated to require the 2.51 kernel version or later. updating a sysmodule that can't start could make the 2.50 kernel unable to start the module, rendering the EmuNAND un-bootable or at the very least cause games to not function.

    Games can also start requiring 2.51 or later, making them unable to start on rxTools.

    You could use ctr-httpwn, but this means you need to keep using the Homebrew Launcher/*hax to stay online. This is not a good choice because it's not a permanent solution, when you have much better permanent solutions to stay updated and use online services. It also doesn't work with extended memory games on Old3DS (Smash Bros/Monster Hunter/etc), rendering it ineffective when you play these games.

    Okay, so what should I start using instead?
    In most cases (and what you'll be suggested a lot), your best option is Luma3DS by Aurora Wright. It is a noob-friendly custom firmware with several features that rxTools has, plus more:
    • Region-free patches that also work properly with out-of-region game cards (removes update partition checks)
    • Region and language emulation like NTR CFW
    • Force New 3DS CPU to always use faster clock speed and L2 cache
    • arm9loaderhax support
    • Automatic AGB_FIRM/TWL_FIRM patches
    • Ability to use up to four EmuNANDs/RedNANDs
    Switching is easy, and you can keep using your same EmuNAND, so you keep your games, saves, friend list, etc.


    If you are using a boot manager like CTRBootManager or BootCTR, you can switch "rxTools/sys/code.bin" to "Luma3DS.dat". The same offset (0x12000) works just fine.

    Are there any other options? What if I want to use something else?
    There's more options for custom firmware that you can take a look at if you are interested. Look at Crystal the Glaceon's thread on "What CFW is best for me?".

    I found this fork of rxTools that's actively updated, what about that?
    You probably mean dukesrg's fork of rxTools. I don't think he is interested in working on the "custom firmware" part aka "rxMode", they're instead working on the 'tools'. If you are interested in seeing this project move forward, check out the thread and you can help support the project.
    ihaveamac so given how unexpectedly popular my little image of a fake Windows 10 update prompt has become, I suppose I should make a post explaining how I did it. (I've seen it posted to twitter with over 1,900 retweets/likes, posted to /r/pcmasterrace at least three times, and my post on /r/3dshacks get over 400 points and reach the top all-time voted post for the subreddit. oh and /r/games)
    what I did is nothing truly special. it's fairly easy to do once you know how to use the tools like ctrtool/3dstool/MSBT Editor, etc.

    I didn't use https://gbatemp.net/threads/tutorial-edit-the-homemenu.424449/ (only my own knowledge, i'm bragging here), though you can probably replace most of the things on this page with the linked tutorial.

    finding the right text to change was not easy. I couldn't just find any dialog text to replace, it had to have a yes/no-like prompt. I also thought I couldn't edit the entire message due to limitations, but I realized this wasn't true (explained later)

    I settled on the prompt that appears when you try to use the browser without having one.
    I could only change the first part "In order to use this function, you must perform a system update via the Internet.", so since the second part was close enough to what I wanted, I used this one.

    if you're seriously considering doing this, back up your Sys/EmuNAND because it's not to easy to remove! I'm not responsible if you brick your NAND/console because you didn't have a good backup.

    also I should probably say here (given how popular this is?) that you need a Nintendo 3DS system with 9.2.0-20 sysnand or lower with an updated emunand, or arm9loaderhax. i.e. you need custom firmware to do this.
    so from here, you'd get the latest Home Menu CIA, decrypt it, and start extracting everything from it...
    # extract the CIA and CXI
    ctrtool --contents=contents 0004003000008F02.cia
    3dstool -xvtf cxi contents.0000.xxxxxxxx --header ncchheader.bin --exefs exefs.bin --romfs romfs.bin --plain plain.bin
    3dstool -xvtf romfs romfs.bin --romfs-dir romfs
    # decompress menu.msbt, replace US_English with whatever you want to edit
    cd romfs/message/US_English
    3dstool -uvf menu_msbt_LZ.bin --compress-type lzex --compress-out 
    from here, I use MSBT Editor Reloaded (it works under Wine if you're curious! just install mono/.net stuff). the one message above is "lau_dlg_no_app". originally when making this message, I thought I couldn't edit the entire part, but apparently I can. I didn't notice "Sub" which lets me edit multiple parts of the message.
    once saved, the reverse is basically done here.
    # compress menu.msbt
    3dstool -zvf menu.msbt --compress-type lzex --compress-out menu_msbt_LZ.bin
    # rebuild CXI and CIA
    cd ../..
    3dstool -cvtf romfs romfs-mod.bin --romfs-dir romfs
    3dstool -cvtf cxi patched.cxi --header ncchheader.bin --exefs exefs.bin --romfs romfs-mod.bin --plain plain.bin
    makerom -f cia -o patched.cia -content patched.cxi:0
    finally, encrypt NCCH with Decrypt9 (this is important for the modified Home Menu to run at all!), and install to NAND assuming you have a backup. delete your Internet Browser with any CIA manager to enable the message.
    a trick I used to hide the Internet Browser banner (and any banner) from the top screen was to go to Home Menu Settings, scroll down and tap "Nintendo 3DS Image Share".

    and there you have it: Microsoft trying to get you to run Windows 10 on literally everything, even your Nintendo console.
    ihaveamac so, I've been modifying the ninjhax 2.5 source code, removing services to try and improve boot rate. this is not something I came up with, I saw @Mrrraou tweet about it at first, and I wanted to have a go at it.

    this removes services that ninjhax 2.5 tries to get for homebrew to use. it has been narrowed down to the only four that are required for ninjhax, a boot manager, and custom firmware (or things like Decrypt9 since they run their own exploits) to run.

    unfortunately I can't easily test boot rate quickly and for other regions, which is why this post exists. when using these ropbins for menuhax, do you see an increase or decrease in boot rate for menuhax? try using it in normal use and see.

    these do not remove debug colors or text at the moment.

    thanks in advance!


    check out my changes: https://github.com/ihaveamac/ninjhax2.5-less_services_test/commits/master
    ihaveamac there is more going on in the comments that this post is somewhat outdated now.
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    yes, I got his signature on my birthday that day, which is why I have two. :)

    does anyone remember the talking Mario?
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