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    blog entry #21: lots and lots and lots of projects

    so its been awhile eversents i posted another blog, but besides that im pretty much just trying to get things here and there done. i recently got arch linux installed on a old dino i have in the living room. it took me around 5 attempts to get it installed, but i know that's not the beginning. i still need to install some stuff to browse the web, hopefully that project will be done soon(let the yelling at the dino begin for me). the other projects im working on is mostly music crap. original work, midi covers, ect. there is this one project im planning on doing with my ps2. as shown im my signature it says i have a ps2 with freemcboot on it. well the model of ps2 is a fat model. pretty much my next project will be requiring a network adapter (original) and finding a ide HDD that's compatible. my inspiron upgrade project is now officially done so now i can play more games on it now! one thing i did not mention in the sig though is that im using a 500W PSU from EVGA so i might go back and fix that later. just a quick little update for a little tiny blog.
    now if you can excuse me i got a date with anger! (because i need to do the rest of what i need to do with arch linux...)
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    blog entry 20: new channel for youtube.

    after finishing my last video on my channel SA2[#2] i had something down my mind to create a new community channel where people would share content on a discord server and i would verify them for that community channel with a shout out to their discord username or youtube channel if wanted. well yesterday last night i made that channel as well the discord server. i announce
    deviled head - the community channel. i hope people will like this new decision from me. if it doesn't go well then it will be deleted in 2 months. hope you guys enjoyed this
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    blog entry 19: new os?

    its been awhile ever scents i made a new blog entry. i switched from Ubuntu and windows to just Ubuntu i was doing some testing with Linux mint. so far from my testing it did everything i wanted to do better then Ubuntu. my question is what Linux OS should i use. so far im sticking with lunix mint (ver. 18.3) . please let me know i would like to know your feedback
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    blog entry 18: school mall trip!

    im going to the mall tomorrow for a rewards trip and was planning on going to game stop when it opens. i was wondering what game i could potential get at game stop for the consoles i have (and yes i know game stop has its flaws) please recommend some games based on what consoles i have (budget in my wallet 40-60$).
    good games not sonic 06 which got me into the sonic fandom for some bizarre reason.
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    blog entry 17: TESTING

    up above is the ground works for the new site (coming soon)
    please note this is just a test for feedback. seeing this does not mean were switching to wix immanently.
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    blog entry #16: can you guys do me a favor

    as the title of this blog suggests i need a favor. if you would be so kind to help recommend some appst to my website that would be great. but NO FREESHOP. because i do not condone piracy on my site what so ever.
    (sites down) please take your time.
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    blog entry #15: new section to my site

    introduceing the nintedo homebrew news section on my website. this is where you can try to find the latest news in homebrew. i also make videos about this so check them out at (sites shutdown)
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    Blog entry #14: HDD hunting time!!!

    whelp now my wiis modded its time to go HDD hunting. the best would most likely be 1TB because that is what they sell at Walmart and i heared that either cfg USB or usbloadergx have a compatible size of 3TB. ill look at the price and find out which HDD to get.
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    blog entry #13: a new look and a name change for my website

    i recently started changing the look of the appstore because it really didn't look like a appstore. but now i changed that. i also changed the name to the NINTENDO homebrew appstore because there was ds, dsi, 3ds dsi CIA section and it was originally for the dsi. even tho the ds and 3ds dsi CIA section are still under construction we still have dsi homebrew avalible that might work with flash carts (not 100%sure on all homebrew). also introducing NBS (nand building services) where the team of the NBS will downgrade and install sudokuhax for you. so far threes 2 members of this team so we could use a little help. if you want to join the NBS or just want to submit a nand build request email us at (email dead). but that's not all were working on a Wii section becoming available very soon. but please enjoy the site can be located at (sites shutdown)
    one more thing remember to suggest homebrew in the suggest section of the website.

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    blog entry #12: dsi homebrew?

    ive been thinking about getting into coding for the dsi. i know where the guide for it is. i was just asking if i should. if i can then i might learn more about dsi homebrew. i know how to build nands on the advanced guide but actual coding for the dsi i have no clue. ill take a look at the guide and if i like it i might program a bit more. who knows.
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    blog entry #11: NBS team

    ive started a something new at my new website check it out
    (sites dead)
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    blog entry #10: robz8's permision

    evreyone know robz8 at the ds homebrew section right i asked permission to grab a copy of the latest version and asked if i could put it on my site to my surprise he accepted so now if any downloads for old versions from 2.1.0 and up are missing then just come to my website!!!
    (sites dead)
    also im starting a new program for people who can build the nand for cfw on the easy or advanced method.
    the NBS(nand building survives) is where you can request a nand build request to downgrade and add sudokuhax to your nand. to see further information visit the site.

    also this is my 10th blog entry whelp time to shoot at my broken psp :gun::psp:
    (unless you count both 4's)
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    blog entry #9 : twitch, youtube, sudomemo, twiter

    for anyone wanting to follow some updates you can sub to me on YouTube or follow me on twitch or sudomemo on the dsi. but if you see my twitter i mainly use that for junk stuff because of being stupid and showing a password on my twitch stream so if your smart do not follow me @huntertron1 unless if you want recommendation to stuff. my twitch hours can be found below this blog if you want to watch my streams. there usually me experimenting with music, gc/ps2 game extravaganzas, or homebrew, but every once in a while ill do this youtube/twitch stream. whats that its where i record and stream at the same time but during these sessions my stream lags so if you were wanting 1st class for leaks its not going to be crisp 60/30fps, but its there if you dont want to wait any longer. my YouTube videos go between updates, homebrew news, lets plays, sudomemo flipnote fest(coming soon;3), twitch/YouTube sessions, and sometimes Evan full twitch streams. sudomemo is @huntertron if you want to see me on the official site but if you want my flipnotes on your dsi just try to find me i should be there somewhere.
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    blog entry #8: my wii's fixed

    if you were following the Wii homebrew and emulation tab then you might have saw some of my entrees. yes i did get the cords working but the wiimote did not sync and the only solution was if it was gc compatible i can use a gc controller. good thing it was a white Wii (black Wii also have the same thing but i dont have one) but after that i disabled the password system insted of getting rid of priiloader. it worked i now have my Wii back. but one problem i had to rip games from the internet insted of actually from the main discs because my disc drive was broken. but then a friend gave me his blue Wii and now i can rip Wii games but sadly sents the blue Wii dose not have gc support i cant get gc games ripped but i can still buy them. but now that all done i just hope this never happens again and if i wanted a password for my Wii SET IT UP CORRECTLY!
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    blog entry 7: where have i been

    ive had lots of stuff to do and i recently built a windows 3.0 pack but due to me being an ideot by forgeting how long copyright lasts gbatempt took it down. so ive been trying to get stuff done and been working on a new site for helping building nands for the dsi. and also just been gaming in genral. i was going to post something yesterday but due to my sisters movie downloading we got a copyright strike from at&t. 2 infact so now i haave to be carfull out here. so if you see me not posting much its me trying to make a post but reviewing the post to make sure that there is no copyright issue. becuse if we get one more stike bye bye internet hello hotspot and where i live i got NO singnal. so sorry if ive been silent.