1. Well my Confirmation was yesterday I made 220 total. I already spent 10 so I have 210 plus my savings which makes 320 EUR total. Any recommendations on what to spend it on?
  2. Yesterday I was Newry shopping and on the ground I found a memory stick with files. Its got their address and shit. There is also pictures of a party they were having. I was thinking of emailing the pictures to them one by one, day by day and freak them out. Or should I clear it? What should I do?
  3. Does 777 posts give you good luck?
  4. A few more and i'll have over 9000.
  5. 20 years ago people said there would be hover cars, etc. now but they were wrong.
  6. I should because I want to make a DPG Downloader App and I might make a website where you can download DPG videos directly to the DS.