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    Hop2089 I got me some Necomimi ears

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    They are quite responsive to your brainwaves sometimes a little too responsive especially you think too much or have overactive brainwaves, the downsides are the cost ($111-$250 depending on where you get them, if you get them online expect to pay $200 minimum not including forwarding service fees, you'll need one because no one selling them online ships them outside of Japan normally, and if you are lucky to go to a convention that sells them, $160 and they take 4 AAA batteries which only last 4 hours.

    Now if they can make a tail that moves.
    Hop2089 Here are the other confirmed MS

    Sword Impulse
    Blast Impulse
    Assault Shroud
    Red Frame Power Loader
    Blue Frame Full Weapon (Never heard of this anywhere don't they mean Full Phase Shift Armor or FAP)
    Gunner Zaku Warrior
    Sword Calamity
    Strike Noir Gundam



    I might create a topic where I'll just list the confirmed MS by series they first seen in, to relieve information overload.
    Hop2089 If you have an Android capable phone and will be buying ACV go here and click on the link to it inside


    You can get all of the stats on parts and such before the game or strategy guide is released.
    Hop2089 http://www.animenews...adomi_interview

    The Japanese branch of Bandai Visual didn't like the prices we had (too low) and ended up shutting them down as a publisher.

    No more new releases after February but you can still buy existing titles, we lost Nichijou, Gosick, and Turn A for distribution in the US and Gundam Unicorn ep 4-5 (but you can get those dubbed at Amazon Japan, remember anime can be shipped internationally without a proxy service). Many manga have been left incomplete here as well.

    Japanese anime studios are also starting to add subs to their BD releases there (Gundam Unicorn has subs, Dog Days has subs in vol 1, Sacred Seven has subs), this is a double edged sword as the main problem is the cost, they still haven't realized that our pricing system is superior and efficient and still price their anime volumes at $70-100, I know this system has been in place for decades but still they need to get wake up and see that the price system for anime in Japan is terrible, but having subs would be good for BD sales in Japan which would increase chances of second and third seasons. If Japan even wants to successfully conduct this practice, they need to lower the price for people who aren't regulars in importing to obtain it because only serious importers and the most hardcore of fans will spend $600-$1000 on an anime.
    Hop2089 Lets start the new year off right :creep: .


    I'm a bit tipsy due to drinking an entire bottle of wine so what are you looking forward in 2012 and don't say the end of days because that's been disproven.
    Hop2089 I'm here to inform Gundam EXVS players that Blue Destiny Unit 1 and Arche Gundam are confirmed DLC at a cheap price of 500 Yen a piece at the JP Playstation Store.

    Release Date is December 22 in Japan (December 21 on the other side of the date line)

    DLC missions will be released on the same day but they are free.



    Now go get a 1000 yen card or code and if you don't have a JP account (which you should have made one or have one prior if you got the Hi Nu code), register immediately.
    Hop2089 I just ordered a Hauppauge HD-PVR Gaming edition from Amazon with 3-5 day shipping and I'm pretty much going to use it to record Gundam Extreme VS arcade routes in 720p with it, hopefully it comes before the game so I can have it all hooked up on day one of receiving the game. So for those who have preordered Extreme VS, which mobile suit are you looking forward to use. Anyone interested in me posting a video on YT of the new F Path.

    I also got my hands on the Mario Kart 7 steering wheel for the 3DS finally, I wonder how good it will be compared to just using regular buttons and the D-Pad.

    Another thing for Extreme VS players, there is more possible DLC content being announced


    The O, your guess is mine on the top right unit, Freedom, and Arche. Since Trial Mission content is free, these DLC could be free, but I'll keep you informed if Bamco starts charging like usual.
    Hop2089 Something to warm you up to prepare you for the week after next or 2 weeks from now depending on region or if you imported or not.


    So which character will you main?
    Hop2089 I finished Mashiroiro Symphony a week ago, it's a very average VN but I liked the characters one in particular that I loved was Angelina Nanatsu Sewell, I wished to have a figure of her and I just found out yesterday that one has been announced.

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    I hope that she won't be an exclusive because I really want her, thank god she's only 12,000 Yen (without figuring in shipping + fowarding service costs if it doesn't appear on a site that ships internationally), I was expecting something a bit more pricer but yeah I'm pretty happy right now. I just need an announcement of a release date so businesses can take my money.

    The anime is very slow paced like the VN, and had an ok start, I just hope it doesn't go the full Sakuno path, I prefer Manglobe to choose another path please preferably Angelina's but any path besides Sakuno's will do, Sakuno's path isn't that great anyway. I will watch a few more episodes to see how it goes, the anime has a lot of promise providing it doesn't turn into a full path of incest.
    Hop2089 I'm going to set up a full topic about Gundam Extreme VS with updates and collecting PSN IDs but only if there are around 10 or more people who are interested in, are going to buy, or have already preordered the game.

    If you are interested post here.
    Hop2089 I just finished the seventh volume of Baby Princess and have realized that there are very few harem anime/manga/light novels in which the first girl does not confess and end up in a romantic relationship the male character (if a confession even occurs at all). So I'm asking you should future harem anime and manga have romances that aren't the first girl that he sees or falls with him.

    For me something different would be lovely, because the first girl is not always the best girl for the male character.
    Hop2089 Ishihara has indirectly stopped printings of Aki-Sora after July due to the bill which prohibits incest and other activities that are sexual or too violent.

    Your favorite anime and manga could be next so be afraid, be very afraid.
    Hop2089 I'm just here to tell you that Ishihara is back in office and he will be enforcing bill 156 to it's highest level, you should enjoy your anime/manga/video games while they last since they most likely will face a ban or be put out of reach if it is one of the lucky few (OVAs for example) that can't be banned.

    It's a bloomin' tragedy made worse by his enjoyment of the earthquake, tsunami, and radiation.
    Hop2089 I finally sold my DSi and got $120 for it, I wasn't using it much and didn't need it since I have the 3DS now.

    I'm going to use it to buy Doki Doki Suikoden, it's quite similar to Tacticslayer for the DS except that this is a turn based RPG instead of an SRPG. If you liked Tacticslayer you may want to try this, it looks quite fun.

    A miracle arises from all of the game cancellations/delays

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    I finally got the game and will be playing it soon.
    Hop2089 First, since I've been looking for this particular track for nearly a decade.......

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Now if I can find the track for missions 7-8, I'll be happy. I still have the US release of the game and they are really hard to find.

    Second, this is an extremely rare find.

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    I'll throw in the awesome OP for VF-X2 if you want to listen to it.

    Warning: Spoilers inside!