This journal thing is going to be super random..i'm an awkward person, and shy ha.. ●﹏● I will be on at random times. -bad sleeping habits/prbs

About me:

I am female casual gamer, i have a crappy mental health, crappy wrist, weak body, i'm a lazy potato lol. i like helping people out, but i don't like helping others who are jerks towards me -so do keep in mind that if you are rude i will just shut you off. i don't support many things, i am not a leftist or right, i am a christian, and i do use a program to make my crappy art in -cause let's face it..i draw stick figures _(┐「ε: )_..the program i use is MMD..i like many other things tho! so please don't hesitate to ask me questions but not personal ones. (∩。・o・。)っ.゚☆。'`


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    Well...Another One of These..Let's See

    Well i wanted to make a post on why i don't celebrate hallows eve, - you must already know that i am christian, anyway i wanted to warn those on here on why it isn't a great holiday at all.
    if you are a fanatic of hallows eve want to ignore the facts history of this satanic holiday, please do not leave a hate comment because that shiet is just pitty at that point xD, however, if you want to disagree make your opinion on why, - could care less, **but** if you want to be a 'one of those' people, satanist, going to be blunt, then please do not respond to this blog, i don't want you - as they say it now these days; on my 'safe space' it makes me concerned about my well being...

    ....*ahem* no pun intended..okay, um if you want to know fully without me dragging it on, a more informative way - please watch this video made by a fellow sister <3.

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  • HinaNaru Cutie

    If you want Tongari boushi to mahou no machi 3ds to Be Translated...

    Please support InochiPM translation by resharing the link to the post to get others attention encase they want to help out with the translation or if you want to help out and translate some of the stuff they need help in please head over to the post on this link and contact InochiPM through their discord.

    Best thing i can do cause i can't translate at all only spread awareness of it. I am just really hyped up that someone is actually doing this, after waiting for so long, that someone is able to translate this game...although i am hoping they make this game for switch and get an western release..;w;...
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    Little facts about me, --may get triggered people????

    • i don't support abortion.
    • i don't support feminism
    • i don't support sjw
    • i don't support brown lives matter, group(i support *all* lives matter)
    • i don't support woke people -pff lol
    • i don't support drugs
    • i don't support alcohol use :s
    • i don't support vaping
    • i don't support marijuana
    • i strongly dislike lolicon/shotacon
    • i don't support antifa
    • i don't support the left at all
    • i don't believe in hate speech
    • i don't believe in rape culture (i know rape is real)
    • i don't like taco bell food because these fucking manipulative sons of hoe bags LIED TO ME --SAYING THEY GET THEY"RE MEAT SAFELY >:/!!
    • I don't believe that when you're 18 you're legal adult or whatever made up teenager age they got going on a different country, logically i go by facts and that is; age of 20 your an adult, because your dropping the teenage years behind.
    • I don't believe in male privilege
    • I don't believe in beige privilege at all
    • I don't support mgtow community at all, just like the feminist group. All two genders are valid. Stop with this bs sex competition shit. Its tiring as hell.
    • Donald duck quacks correctly on building a sponge wall :D, nah but uh yeah I don't really care for what he quacks only for tiny bits of what he says. If you wanna assume I support him, go right ahead, already assumed I was a darn monster for defending myself xD
    • I'm a misogynist apparently, because I don't fight the patriarchy just like my fellow sisters...-I cant this is a fact --that I don't go by those feminist terms or however you see it as. it's just funny to me >u<♡
    • I prefer ice cream over pudding --fight me >:☆!
    I hate it when i'm eating carmel popcorn and it gets stuck on my teeth :x. ......if i add the finale one, this blog will get hit. pfft lol i already get hit everywhere, including twitter lol.

    Edit; Since *some* people were clearly triggered by my facts that I go by as I might as well add the ones that will explode this blog possibly entirely? I dont know, this blog was originally just meant for something nice to share not this, but since people wanna be sensitive snowflakes, I might as well just do it.
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  • HinaNaru Cutie

    o.o....umm hello??

    Huh i didn't even know we got our own little blog entry thing e.e..that's nice? but um ho-how is everbody doing o A o..sup..?
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