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    Ugh just bought a henkaku PSvita with corrupt 64gb card pissed man!

    Been trying to figure the vita henkaku now for like 12 hours, It arrived with a 64GB sd card with SD2vita already installed and set up supposedly. Normally i like hacking stuff myself and this is my first ever pre hacked purchase (to save time BUT! i wont be doing it again),

    It had 3 games installed from seller. abes new and tasty, god of war I & II and a few other indie games i think limbo was one of them or something similar and adrenaline with crash bandicoot 1,2,3 and GTA 1/2.
    So god of war couldn't play past menu screen, and each time trying to play again it got progressively worse and froze or kicked me back to menu at earlier points than previous try's. Adrenaline was working however only gta 1 would load and playable. Abes new and tasty worked right up until the end of the first stage then crashed. then after that nothing would boot just said corrupt data for all games and apps.

    So put the sd card in my pc and, windows was telling me the SD card needed reformatting which I didn't do at that point I just ejected and put back in the VITA to see if it might work, Well it didn't so I decided to first properly reformat on 'mini tool partition wizard' and after remount the image on win32 diskimager, and then reformat again on ExFat: so I could start my SD from scratch with the right files and install apps like molecular, adrenaline, vitashell etc... As I don't have a memory card, I had to follow this guide but firstly by mistake used, https://henkaku.xyz/go for download however didn't work as had no vita memory card and it unmounted the virtual memory card set up on install oops :( , so my only option was to use MLTHaku https://gbatemp.net/threads/mlthaku-install-henkaku-with-sd2vita-without-memory-card.482254/ and install from https://MLTHaKu however I triad many times, as pointed out in the guides it might take a few tries, but when Vitashell, Adrenaline and Enso show up on the home screen its done, Well I only got as far as Enso no matter how many times I tried It would not install vita shell or adrenaline, and kept displaying error code (C2-12828-1) often. After many failed tries at installing I thought I might try to load up Enso app as it was the only one on my home screen but said 'File Corrupted' so I turned off the vita took out the SD card put it into my computer to check the SD to see if it is all working and It shows all of the vitas folders but i cant move,Read, write or format the disk now I literally tried everything through cmd prompt, windows explorer etc..., after many attempts to try and format I finally could get it wiped using minitool partition and filled the drive by rewriting with 0's. Once waiting an age for that to finish it just blacked out the drive with 'BAD DISK'
    oh no I thought maybe its a dodgy SD card ?? However I thought its rather strange for someone to be selling a psvita with a 64GB memory with literally about less than 5 GB with only enough games to count on one hand no emus no 8 bit games nothing!! maybe I'm just being paranoid. lol But i am i a quite pissed off tbh, seller also stated that its in near mint condition with only scratches on the back, well that's bullshit there are scratches on the front and has one rusty screw under one of the port dust cap :( which does concern me tbh!!! I'm also sceptical that the SD2viaa that he was using is perhaps a little old or damaged which might be causing the corruption of the SD cards.
    He did sent me a message after purchase and delivery to never remove the SD2VITA which I thought was bizarre? as I know they get stuck in there pretty tight but was wondering did he solder it in or something ? again probably being paranoid.

    Anyway I'm thinking to return it to the seller or just wiping the whole system and start again from scratch that way I know it will be set up properly it is in pretty good condition overall but deffo not near mint lol.

    What are your thoughts ? also anyone know any better forums than GBA temp for psvita hacking ? not many Vita enthusiasts here to help out.