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    Big Update!

    Hey everyone! I'm back to GBATemp after a big hiatus (although I have been checking it everyday very briefly). Anyway, I hope everyone is doing great here, and in their personal lives too. :)

    First, let me say that I'm nearly finishing my school year (I get out June 6th). That means I have quite a lot of time to hang around GBATemp. :P

    Well, my grades have certainly been above average, and I've already done all my finals for this year, so I'm technically free (last week is just self-evaluation and handing out grades).

    The DS releases seem quite slow, on the GBATemp side now, since I haven't seen a decent game in around 2 months (best one was Layton, I think).

    Ok, so it wasn't so much as a big update. But yeah, I'll be posting more here.

    For now, comment if you like.


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    Rambling on - Second Post...

    Hey everyone, I'm back! Today was sure a busy today, as I said yesterday.

    This morning started out really well, I as hurriedly checked my DS for any info on Days of Ruin (via browser). Seeing it there, I quickly turned on my old, but loyal Pentium III, and it started chugging away at the download after locating a place to find it. Trimmed it, and still had a brief 5 minute overview of the game before leaving to school.

    There, all I could think about was Days of Ruin. Yeah, the music had already captivated me, and I couldn't help being distracted from my Chemistry test exercises (it went well, btw!), to think about the quantity of units I'd be blowing up by mid-afternoon.

    The key point of the morning was actually my Brazilian teacher (putting aside DoR, of course). My class were fooling around and had blocked a narrow path from which we access our Computer Arquitecture classroom. Well, as he couldn't move, he promptly limited himself not to wait, but to join in the fun by literally throwing himself on one of my friends. :rofl: Hilarious!

    However, an uproar soon was present due to this, and Mr. Quieroz (sub-director) was on that floor. We knew nothing good was about to happen (he's very strict). However, my teacher quickly unlocked the door and told us to enter before he came prowling by looking for the source of the noise. :D

    Anyway, I'll go back to Days of Ruin. I've gotten 'till the the 7th mission of the campaign, and I'm loving it already. Sound is the star of the game, IMO, as the graphics aren't my favorite (best was Dual Strike). Feature and gameplay-wise, it totally pwns its predecessors, which makes this a game I still need to squeeze a lot of juice out.

    So yeah...I'll be back tomoz with more news.

    P.S. - GBATemp FTW. :bow:
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    Opening debut post

    Midnight post, eh? Who would have thought that GBATemp would have its own blog system? I am very happy to see this implemented. Thanks Costello and the rest of the staff!

    I shouldn't even be up at this time. It's five to midnight as I'm typing this and I got a busy day tomorrow, trust me.

    First I got a Chemistry test about moles and all the conversion stuff related to atoms and concentrations, etc. It's actually gonna be quite fun, methinks, 'cos I'll be checking GBATemp every damned 10 minutes to check if Advance Wars has been dumped yet, while my sleeping pal behind me (let's call him Micro) will have busted his 1500 free SMS's that Vodafone give out every week as an attempt to seek deliberate attention and a possible big fat round 0 slapped on his test. Heh.

    Well, after that, I'll be up and about in Computer Architecture with my awesome (and hilarious!) Brazilian teacher we like to call Pimbolim. Or do you think that the little clip I recorded with the phrase 'Pimbolim é matraquilho' for GBATemp holiday podcast was just a coincidence...? :lol: I dunno, you tell me. ;)

    And then I could ramble on all night here, but it's getting late and if I oversleep I won't most likely obtain that 17+ grade I want on the test (scale from 0-20 marks).

    So I'll be back tomorrow for all those who want to listen to me go on about random stuff that happens daily in my busy life.

    Toodles! ^_^