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    Hatchetball I will update this when I remember to. Originally I was going to record this as a series but lack a microphone at the moment.
    So far the journey has been insane. My starter was between Magneton, Omastar, and Alolan Marowak.
    I picked Omastar and began the insanity that is Supernova Nuzlocke. (Omastar's nickname is Craycrayfish)
    The static encounter Pikipek was randomized to Gabite. Fun fact, it had Dragon Rage! So after losing to it 2 times, Omastar came through and Bite flinched it on try 3. Since the nuzlocke had not officially started I pressed on. (Had not received Pokeballs yet)
    Hau destroyed me with Rowlet in 2 turns, again nuzlocke not active.
    Spearow was luckily a Whismur and Omastar got some exp finally.
    First trainer was a nightmare.
    What I can only assume was max IV and high attack investment, Metapod with Tackle actually did respectable damage. Then follow that with Machop hitting super effective Low Kicks, Omastar barely pulled through.
    Iki town. Around this point the lack of wins and exp have things looking grim. Hau destroys me again, Leafage puts in work and Omastar goes down.
    Nuzlocke begins.
    I get to Hau'oli Outskirts Route 1 and my first encounter is Weavile. I caught it and named him Cheddar.
    I will be heading to the trainer school tonight...


    Attempt 1 part 2. 20 years of playing Pokemon, competitively for 10 of those years, could not prepare me for the ass whooping that occurred.
    The nuzlocke ended. I was absolutely shit on by a Tyrogue.
    CrayCrayfish - Water/Rock and Cheddar being Dark vs Tyrogue's Double Kick ended me pretty ruthlessly. I didn't even make it farther than the 3rd trainer in the region.
    My only viable attacks were Bite and Quick Attack. Tyrogue spent 90% of the time setting up. It Bulk Up'd +6 ATK/DEF, then got to +6 Evasiveness before Double Kick'ing the absolute shit out of my team. There was not a single thing that could be done about it either.
    Bite is already resisted by Tyrogue, and Quick Attack isn't doing anything to +6 Def... to add salt to the wound the trainer PP stalled me for about 10 minutes before actually attacking...why? To activate it's Sitrus Berry! So after 10 entire minutes of attempt to land a resisted Bite through +6 Evasiveness, even if it landed it was +6 Def, and it would only take 1 HP damage.. but I did whittle it down and when I seen hope.... the berry popped and I knew... at that moment. I had fucked up. Tyrogue ended my Nuzlocke immediately. Violently.

    It wasn't random enough to call a randomizer nuzlocke. I didn't have that good of a start and was quickly taken out by the high IV/EV mons.
    So Round 2 begins. This time things have changed even more.
    Starters and Wild Encounters re-randomized.
    Abilities, moves, evolutions, TMs, Trainer's randomized, all static encounters re-randomized to include gen 1-7 + legends and events.
    More so, I continued the randomization with Move types, Egg Moves, Tutor Moves, Level up moves, TM/HM/Abilities/Held item capabilities = randomized.

    I have begun to import the changes. Supernova Sun EXTREME Randomizer Nuzlocke: Round 2 will begin tomorrow on my birthday.
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