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    The Guitar Hero Customs Project - A Real Possibility

    (Checks previous blog post, then looks outside to see the world) Yep, still here. I know what I said about Jesus coming this year. I'm still standing by that, however if I am wrong, that doesn't mean it won't happen in our lifetimes... so keep looking up, people! Now that we got that out of the way...

    The Rock Band Customs Project - Status Update

    The Rock Band Customs Project has been both fun and frustrating. It's fun to be able to try out different things - I found a place where you can get the delisted game Rock Band Blitz (not providing a link here because they offer a lot of PS3 stuff for free that you can still buy - in other words, "warez"), and I also got the Playstation 3 emulator RPCS3 to try it out on. Since I was able to make the AMD driver package that I found work in Windows 8.1, I've finally gotten RPCS3 to run - unfortunately, it has a lot of graphical glitches that makes the game unplayable. What a shame. :(

    I haven't been working much on the GitLab Group as of late; so much is going on in my personal life that has taken greater importance over the project. However, I had tried to create and promote a thread over on the C3 Forums. Frankly, C3's new site is a pain in the neck to use, as I have tried more than once to post things, and they never managed to appear correctly. For instance, I would use HTML tags, and you could plainly see the tags when posted, and the post would not be formatted at all. Up until more recently, I couldn't edit any of my posts in a forum thread there, but Farottone finally announced that editing was made possible. Even still, PMs, statuses, and other posts can't be edited, and some can't even be deleted except by a moderator.

    That's not even the worst part. A moderator took down my support thread and informed me that it had pirated software in it. Since I'm sure GBAtemp admins and mods will be reading this, let me clarify that the GitLab Group does NOT contain pirated content. While instructions have been laid out that can be used on official DLC if the user so desires, a very small portion of the GitLab Group actually contains files that can be found in DLC and on consoles; however, there are no actual songs, art, or stuff like that. I'm talking mainly about the ticket WADs and header APPs that are in the DLC Packers, and they're only there for functionality purposes. One can easily use this software wholly for completely custom-made DLC and disc extracts that one ripped from a retail disc that they own. Now, the Discord server does distribute official content, but only the DLC from the Wii versions that are no longer available, and a cloud copy of Rock Band Blitz which was delisted some time ago. I NEVER allow the distribution of disc files (as ISOs or other formats), currently available games and DLC meant to be bought on console stores, nor the software or services that does such. I even had, for a short time, a link to the place where I got Rock Band Blitz for PS3, and promptly took it down once I realized that the Rock Band DLC could still be bought from the Playstation 3 Store.

    Yet, I was accused of pirated content on GitLab, which bothered me greatly. I'm still trying to get this resolved with them, but so far I haven't gotten much feedback. I don't know if this will get resolved; if not, then I probably won't be as active on C3 Forums even though I have an account on there. I made several friends on there, even Farottone who is one of the admins, so it might get resolved, but we'll just have to see what happens.

    Introducing... The Guitar Hero Customs Project

    I don't own any Guitar Hero titles other than the Nintendo DS game Guitar Hero: Decades (which is very uncomfortable to play using the included accessory that is REQUIRED to play the game), but if I ever get any for the Wii (or even PS3, since I'm doing RPCS3), I already have a GitLab Group ready for custom songs and hacks for those titles. It will pretty much follow the same type format as the existing Rock Band Customs Project, but I'm also hoping to get those from the forum site ScoreHero involved.

    Here's the full logo I plan on using:

    This is the corresponding icon:

    Here's a preview of the website: (The corresponding GitLap Group is currently private, so only the website is visible)

    Note that the logos shown here could change in the future, and the website page linked above only displays a placeholder page, but I'm so excited about the concept, I just couldn't keep the idea to myself any longer. However, I definitely NEED people who are willing to contribute, so PM me if you're interested on helping out!

    That's pretty much all I have to say, right now. Keep rocking, fellow hackers! :D
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    A Dedication to All My Fellow GBAtempers

    In following news worldwide, having watched videos and read articles about global events, this very well could be my last blog entry. I've been a follower of Jesus Christ since I was very young, and although my life has not worked out at all the way I had hoped it would, I've managed to cling on to my faith, even when hope seems all lost. I believe that our world as we know it is ending, and therefore I would like to thank everyone who has helped me and conversed with me on GBAtemp.

    My Dedications - GBAtemp

    To @MicmasH_W - Thank you for being there to talk when I wanted to share stuff with someone. You're the closest thing to an actual friend (all the other people in my life, save my parents, were just "mutual relationships"), and I hope we are able to meet in person soon, especially if what I suspect will happen next year happens!

    To @Chary - Your blog posts of your Iranian father have made me laugh, and you seem like a very sweet and intelligent person. Thank you for sharing your funny stories. I hope to see you in the air soon! :D

    To @alexander1970 - Fellow Rock Bander! Thank you for your support and encouragement. It's because of you that I'm proud to actually do stuff like this for free, for all the world to use and modify to their liking!

    To @NoNAND - You're a pretty neat guy, and I thank you for supporting me, also. I hope you're able to find happiness soon.

    To @the_randomizer - Fellow Christian! Get excited, Jesus is coming to get you - and you'll get to play with all the furry foxes that you want to! Stay strong there, Fox Boy! ;)

    To @AerialX , @Rudi Rastelli , @tueidj , @MrKinator - You guys probably won't see this post, but because of your work on RawkSD and various Rock Band 2 and 3 Wii tools, I was able to make a great guide and collaboration of software. Many thanks!

    To @NewkTV - Your guide ROCKS, but I'm sorry I won't be able to repost it. I don't know if any of the Beatles members will make it to heaven, but even if they don't, it was great hearing their music while we're still here, wasn't it? TBH, I hope the angels know how to play Yellow Submarine on their harps and flutes! :P

    To @Larsenv and @DarkMatterCore - Your contributions to Rock Band Customs have helped immensely, and even though I never referenced your software, I recommend it highly to anyone who loves Rock Band. Many, many thanks for your great software coding skills! :D

    To @manuelasparkles - You're a bubbly person, and I hope you get to meet a whole bunch of wonderful people when your life is over.

    To @Costello and @shaunj66 - Thank you for this GREAT website! If technology like computers exists in heaven, I hope we can start another great site like this one there. I'm thinking - hacks to the fabled AngelGame 2.0 console! :P

    My Dedications - Discord

    I honestly have no idea who all on Discord follows this blog post, but I hope that they will eventually see it.

    To Jay Tholen - Hypnospace Outlaw is a great game, and I enjoyed being a part of the Discord community. It really helped give me some creativity, and role-playing as the R3v3lator (I recommend playing Hypnospace Outlaw to understand that name) has been a lot of fun. I also liked listening to clips of your dad's band Love Feast playing some original gospel songs. I hope we make great music together sometime soon! Of course, I still have yet to learn music theory...

    To Farottone - Thanks for working with pksage to make a great website dedicated to Rock Band hacking! Customs Creators Collective - you guys are the best!

    To Alternity - I apologize for driving you away from my server because of our argument. I hope we can still be friends? Your resources have been very beneficial, and I thank you for your contributions.

    To TrashRBPlayer - Despite our differences in what we think is right or wrong, I still would like to thank you for helping out. You gave some good advice to some amateur Rock Band hackers, especially for Xbox. Don't let opinions stand in the way of trying to have good relationships with others.

    To StackOverflow0x - You're the real reason I got into Rock Band hacking to begin with. Your guides are AWESOME! Thank you for everything you do to make Rock Band hacking on the Wii and Playstation easier for everyone!

    To Doctor Timbrwulf - You're a very close friend, closer to me than other people may think. You're just like the big brother that I never had. Thanks for existing! :P

    To Gracilie - You're a very sweet person, and you stood up for me when others ridiculed my beliefs. I appreciate that very much. :)

    To Col. Jack O'Neill SG-1 and CrEaTiVe - Thanks for a great Christian gaming community that stands for Christ - and video games! :D

    Other Dedications

    To the guys at XDA - All of you! You really rock, and I enjoy reading a bunch of your articles.

    To Greg Farshtey and Christian Faber - Hey, as a Bionicle fan, I'm glad you guys are still around. Hope the rumored Gen 3 is still able to be made - it may have to wait until heaven! Anyhow, you guys are great, and I like your creativity. I wish I could have contributed more.

    To Saturo Iwata - I hope you're not in Hell, because you did so much good here on Earth. If you are, I hope God gives you another chance!

    To Shigeru Miyamoto - I like bluegrass, too! :D Thanks for such awesome characters!

    To Reggie Fils-Amie - A great businessman, and an aggressive guy who knows how to sell a product, even if it wasn't the best of ideas. I hope we have more people like you work for Nintendo.

    To companies that I play a lot of their games - Capcom, Cyan Worlds, Valve, TT Games, Nintendo - You guys rock!

    To my family - Especially certain members, but yeah, I wouldn't be here if it weren't for any of them.

    To HarvHouHacker - Because why not? :P

    Timbrwulf's Dedications

    My buddy Doctor Timbrwulf has a few dedications of his own, as he seems to believe what I'm saying is true. However, he does plan on being more active in the new year, so any of you guys who associate with him will probably see him around as early as January. Here's what he says:

    "Harvey thought I should do this thing, so:

    I'd like to thank some of my fellow Whovians from Discord for putting up with me on my two Discord servers, especially Scooberto/Rocket, World'sGreatestBeekeeper, Toku, breadpirate, Col. Jack O'Neill SG1. You guys really have helped me a lot, and I like everything you contributed to my servers.

    I also would like to thank some people I got to know on Colors Live - Astro_Neko54, Siobhanatron/KSketchesNStuff, DintDobbs, Cloverrated, TheDeputySheriff, arianadraws, Silvermoon-. These people I would like to get to know better outside of such a toxic community, but for now I don't mind waiting to see them in person if God really is coming to get us next year.

    Let's see, who else? Well, mom and dad, obviously. Some guys I got to know on Steam, but I can't name them all off the top of my head, right now. I do know that Jack O'Neill and CrEaTiVe have a Christian Gaming Community on there as well as Discord - a place I recommend highly! - and I really appreciate their work to try to "detoxify" Steam. God bless you guys!

    Oh, and of course, Harvey Houston, my BFF, both online and in person. He really is like a bro to me. No kidding. :-)

    I guess that's all I want to say. Merry Christmas! Phil. 4:13"


    Since so much of this information that I have absorbed about upcoming events has just been discovered, there is a chance that I could be very wrong. If I am, you will see me return sometime at the beginning of February. If not, then this account will be dead for a long time, and there won't be any posts in the new year. I don't believe that I am wrong, but I offer this disclaimer to any skeptics out there.

    Stay safe, and God bless you all!
  • HarvHouHacker

    Traveller's Tales (TT Games) - Bricking Consoles Since 2004 (Literally)

    Note: Most images are from Wikipedia and videos from YouTube, unless otherwise mentioned. YouTube videos will be credited.

    This is perhaps my longest blog post ever, but despite its TL;DR format, it is based on hours of research and my own personal experiences.

    Let me start by saying that I love LEGO. I am a big Bionicle and Ninjago fan, and I own many Bionicle sets. What's ironic is that when I was younger, I was more into Mega Blok Minis! However, as I've gotten older, my appreciation for LEGOs has grown, so much so that I've watched quite a few LEGO movies (including The LEGO Movie 2 - I saw it at the theater last year, the week it came). I own various different media regarding LEGOs - books, DVDs, promo material, songs, shirts, and of course genuine LEGO sets.

    When it comes to their video games, however, I have to groan whenever my friends say "Let's play [insert LEGO game here]!" Why? Well, let me clarify by stating that it's not the graphics - they're excellent; even some of the older titles look great. The voice acting is superb - and it's got to be, when you have some of the best cartoon voice actors in the field who have voiced characters for such cartoons like Ben 10, Teen Titans and Teen Titans GO!, Batman: the Animated Series, The Nut Job 2, Angry Birds Movie, and even other video games like Xenoblade Chronicles and Batman: Arkham Asylum! This also includes recognized actors like Morgan Freeman, Christopher Lloyd, Charlie Schlatter, Chris Pratt, Frank Welker, Howie Mandel, and several others through various games. Even the stories are great, and make it enjoyable to play through to the end.

    "So, what's the problem?" you ask. Have you ever played a LEGO video game? I have two words to describe my experience with LEGO video games: BROKEN GAMES. So many game-breaking glitches and bugs plague these LEGO games, it can easily turn a fun experience into a stressful, highly-frustrating one. What you hope would be fun to play actually turns into a nightmare.

    However, like a madman possessed, I keep buying them, hoping in my heart "This game will be better. All those pesky bugs will be fixed, and I'll actually have a great playing experience!" NOPE! Each and every blankety-blank time (yes, I swear a lot when playing these games), my character gets stuck where it will never get out unless I drop out, or a race that should be easy has its problems magnified due to an unexpected invisible barrier that seems impossible to work around, or the amount of collectibles give an inaccurate number of how many are left, or something I'm doing cuts away to a scene which takes over the screen and interrupts both players, or worst yet, the game freezes the console or crashes and loses our progress! IT HAPPENS WITH NEARLY EVERY DAMN LEGO GAME!

    But it hasn't always been this way. LEGO games used to be pretty decent, and not near as buggy. So, what went wrong?

    LEGO Games on Consoles... Before TT Games Took Over

    Image: The SEGA Pico, from Wikipedia. Is it fair to call this a game console?

    The first official LEGO "video game", or what could be passed off as a video game, is the 1995 "Storyware" cartridge for the SEGA Pico, entitled "LEGO: Fun to Build". Although the Pico had roughly the same hardware as the SEGA Genesis, since it was marketed as a kids' laptop computer, it was seen more as a toy rather than a serious gaming console, and thus to call this a video game is really up for debate.

    Image (Brickipedia): Castle level of LEGO: Fun to Build. This was pre-Nexo Knights.

    However, it did spawn many computer games, such as LEGO Island, LEGO Chess, LEGO Creator, LEGO Univers, LEGO Minifigures Online, LEGO Cube... but I'm not here to talk about LEGO games you can play on a smartphone or laptop computer. I'm here to focus on console games - the ones released on dedicated gaming machines.

    Like LEGO Racers. LEGO Racers is just what the title suggests - a car racing game featuring LEGO bricks and minifigures. This one I have for the Nintendo 64, and what's most interesting about this title is that you can actually customize your car with various bricks, which offers a lot more customization than the minifigure creator. The races are decent, albeit a bit hard to place first, even for me as an adult. However, the graphics, sounds, and music are "do-able", and the game works with little trouble.

    Image left: Box art for the N64 version of LEGO Racers. Image right: One of the difficult racing tracks in the game... along with the rest of the races, which are just as difficult.

    This title also came out on the original Playstation and Game Boy Color, and is the first video game for consoles that were NOT designed with just kids in mind! It later spawned several more titles that were LEGO properties, and not focused on any one theme.

    LEGO Bionicle for the Game Boy Advance (also known as LEGO Bionicle: Quest for the Toa) would be the first one that was theme-based. The first licensed game, LEGO Creators - Harry Potter, would be second. These two games started LEGO on a path that would boost its popularity in the entertainment world for life.

    TT Games' Games... Before Making LEGO games

    Image: Gameplay of Leander on the Amiga 500. Leander was Traveller's Tales first game, which was co-developed with Psygnosis. Funny, it doesn't look very Lemmings-like!

    Traveller's Tales had humble beginnings, first developing games with Psygnosis (who are best known for the Lemmings series). Their first games included Leander, later released on the SEGA Genesis as Galahad, and a video game adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula. During these early years, they teamed up with Sony Imagesoft and Disney Interactive to make games like Toy Story, Mickey Mania, A Bug's Life, and Finding Nemo.

    Image: The first level in Sonic 3D Blast. Aww, aren't the Flickies just sooo adorable in this game!

    However, Sonic fans should like at least two of TT's games on SEGA consoles - Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic R. That's right, Traveller's Tales was working with SEGA before LEGO! They also had several of their early games ported to SEGA consoles, including the aforementioned titles.

    Traveller's Tales, later going by TT Games in 2005, created various original and licensed properties before LEGO - and most of them did not glitch or cause the consoles to freeze!

    Introducing LEGO Games by TT Games... And Bugs

    Video: Playstation 2 trailer of the first LEGO Star Wars game. Courtesy of IGN. This is where the bugs begin... on a (LEGO) galaxy far, far away!

    TT Games began going down the LEGO-only path when they partnered with LEGO Interactive to make LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game, the first ever LEGO game made by TT Games. After buying LEGO's subsidary Giant Interactive, they began to make LEGO games for consoles exclusively. It wouldn't be until LEGO Indiana Jones 2 that they would only make LEGO games for consoles.

    In regards to the original LEGO Star Wars, I've done searches to find out whether bugs and glitches exist in this first LEGO game of TT's. What I've found is that they do, but most have remedies or patches which can be applied, and there are troubleshooting guides which seem to resolve any of the major issues. The glitches that are being reported seem to not be game-breaking, and don't particularly interfere with game play.

    Video: The trailer for Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy. Courtesy of Gamehelper. May the glitches be with you!

    Upon further research, the glitches seem to start with the sequel LEGO Star Wars II - The Original Trilogy (one of the posts):
    Several of those glitches can be tested to see if they are replicated on each platform the game was released on.

    Video: Trailer for BIONICLE Heroes for Playstation 2. Courtesy of IGN. "Use the powers that the masks will grant you, to save Voya Nui!"

    TT Games' only Bionicle game, BIONICLE Heroes, was a big game for the Wii, Nintendo GameCube, Playstation 2, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows. It also had Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance releases, but those were not as well received as the one for TV consoles and PC. Having played the GameCube and Windows versions myself, I have yet to find major bugs and glitches. The sounds and music are not programmed in well - some examples:
    • if pressing a button to try to skip the screen where it shows what you got at the end of the level, an irritating noise can be heard before the screen vanishes - noticed on the GameCube version.
    • Sound effects at the end of a cutscene (especially in the Piraka Playground) can be repeated shortly after the cutscene ends.
    • Cutscenes are not muted, even if bringing both the music volume and sound effect volume to zero - noticed on the Windows version.
    ...but other than that, the game plays fine.

    Warner Bros.' Acquisition - TT Games' Demise?

    What's interesting to note is that Warner Bros. bought TT Games in 2007, in order to expand their Interactive division. That was shortly before people started complaining about TT Games' games having major problems. In fact, it started with LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga.

    Video: LEGO Star Wars Complete Saga glitch. A player finds a glitch where one can become a remote control car - I assume this is the Wii version. Submitted by "pizza2005".

    Then continued with LEGO Batman: The Video Game. Having played that game for the Wii, there was one area in the Batmobile level where if you hang around there too long, the entire console froze. Despite that, and some frustrating game play mechanics which made the game difficult to complete, that was all I noticed. However, others reported different things on different platforms - check out this bug fix for the Steam version:
    There's also a troubleshooting guide on PCGamingWiki that talks about this. Some of these fixes work on consoles, too.

    LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The "Buggy-ness" Continues - With Frequent Console Freezes!

    According to IGN's Wiki Guide for LEGO The Lord of the Rings:

    This apparently is true, as in their Wiki Guide for LEGO Indiana Jones 2, we come across what is likely the first frequent (but possibly not THE very first ever) game-breaking glitch that apparently has no workaround:
    It increasingly gets worse after that. Not only are there more glitches having to do with cosmetics of the console/PC versions, the Nintendo DS game is not without faults:
    And then there are these bugs, in various games.

    LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Video: YouTuber Zelabeb compiles a series of glitch videos that can be replicated.

    LEGO The Lord of the Rings Video: YouTuber Katno compiles a handful of bugs, including a flying Ent and a pedestal moving out of its path, nearly breaking the game.

    LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Video: A+Start showcases a series of glitches in this title, in their 60th episode of Son of a Glitch (yep, that title is appropriate, considering some of these bugs!).

    LEGO DC Super Villains Video: YouTuber Darth Whiner shows that the fall-through-the-ground glitch carries on to later TT Games!

    Some of the absolute worst glitches are in LEGO Dimensions - which is unfortunate, because if it weren't for those, it would be the most fun game I've ever played. I've contacted Warner Bros. Support on this, and they implicated everything having to do with me - my Wii U, the ToyPad hardware being defective, the game save, DLC not having downloaded correctly, and even a scratched disc - of which I've tested all of it, and it turned out to be none of those. Every time I reported something, however, WB Support kept implicating one of those, on which I eventually gave up and quit playing, because I was tired of the BS that they kept giving me.

    Yet I wasn't the only one with some of these problems:

    Video: YouTuber HoarderGamer experiences the very same glitch I had with Gozer in the Ghostbusters level, thus preventing the level's completion. Glitch happens at the very end of this video.

    Video: Twitch streamer Pimpsc00by encounters a glitch in her PS4 copy. At the beginning of the game where the vehicle instructions are supposed to be given, they never popped up. She keeps trying to figure out the problem for at least ten more minutes before stopping the video. Courtesy of Bifuteki.

    Video: Now you're playing with glitchy LEGOs! KegaltonGaming shows how you can disable a character with Chell's portals, and an odd flying glitch which kills the character.

    Other glitches I had that were not reported (taken from my conversations with WB Support):
    • The Final Dimension Level: On Foundation Prime, in the foreground section where you use a Ninjago character's Spinjitsu, if you don't have the minifigure you're supposed to be able to Hire-A-Hero for a number of studs for about 90 seconds or so to do the task. For me, it glitched to where the prompt disappeared too fast, so I wasn't able to hire the hero needed.
    • Ghostbusters (2016) World: In Aldridge Mansion, you can hire Harry Potter to do magic spells. Whenever I did it, Harry Potter would fall to hell - er, through the floor into infinity!
    • Ghostbusters Character Ability: I ran across an irritating, non-recoverable glitch where the Ghost Trap would stop trapping ghosts even though it was empty, and would produce hearts as if something was in there.
    • LEGO City World: An odd bug that has happened in several LEGO games I've played, I would run across some bad guys who I'd then attack, but then they'd suddenly disappear. After leaving and coming back, they'd reappear!

    Those are just a few things, and they're not word-for-word, as I don't want to bore you all with what happened, but let's just say that support wasn't too helpful.

    In Conclusion - TT Games' Fault?

    As I pointed out earlier, TT Games' earlier games were not as bad as when they started getting into making LEGO games. So, what started the downhill slope of buggy games?

    Video: Trailer for Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal. Yes, this game has bugs, and I don't mean the rabbit! Courtesy of the Gamers' Temple.

    My theory is that it's Warner Bros. mismanagement of their games. Remember Superman 64? Warner Bros. gave a license to Titus Interactive to that game, and well, you know how that went. Maybe not the perfect example, but it had to get Warner's approval.

    Better yet, what about Looney Tunes Acme Arsenal? It apparently has a few problems of its own, as stated by IGN:
    It's just my personal theory, but I think that after Warner Bros. bought TT Games, they've been putting TT under a lot of pressure. They've not had the chance to change game engines since they started using the broken one in 2009, because of contractual restrictions with Warner Bros. Interactive. Therefore, I don't think it's LEGO's fault, nor TT Games'. It's Warner Bros. Big surprise, huh?

    Problem is, when you work for a big company that doesn't give you enough elbow room on the clock for improvements, you're in the position where you're damned if you do, damned if you don't. If you break away from the big company, you might as well go out of business, because there won't be enough money nor support to keep your products going. If you stay, you're bound to contracts that demand more products, regardless of whether they are well done. It's a clear case of commercialization gone wrong.

    Yet, people (like me) continue to buy LEGO games, because we hope that the next game will be better - and oh, how disappointing it is when we find out how wrong we are. Heck, because of so many glitches and freezes, guides are being made in an attempt to work around these problems! People don't want to stop, because they like LEGO. I like LEGO. I even like these games... I just wish they weren't so broken.

    What LEGO games have been giving YOU problems? Is there a TT Games story that you'd like to share? Let me know in the comments below!
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    Puzzling! A series of original puzzles for Tempers.

    Hey Rockers! Haven't posted a blog post in a while, so I thought I'd share something I just came up with today: Puzzles! Basically, it's a series of logical riddles in which not everything is as it seems. Some of these riddles are completely made up, but others are modifications of existing riddles, told Harvey style.

    Ready? Get your brain in gear! :teach:

    First Riddle - An Unusual Operation

    Okay, so this first one is completely made up. This one is about two people named Joseph and Mary. Their names aren't really relevant, but their situation is. Mary and Joseph are both in need of medical attention, so they are rushed to the hospital. While there, Joseph is pushed, then slapped until he cries. The doctors also cut a part of him off. Strangely, when it's all over, Joseph is absolutely fine, but Mary is in a lot of pain and must stay bed-ridden until she heals. Explain why this happened.

    Second Riddle - Running Around in Circles

    Perhaps you know this one, but maybe you don't. Anyhow, here's a guy named William. He's a normal average guy, but with an unusual profession. Not one of those desk jobs, either; he does this for a living. For this job, he goes out to his field and swings around a stick. If he swings it good enough, he then runs off to his right. He makes a turn to his left and runs some more. He turns left and runs twice more, and when he gets home, he sees two masked men waiting for him. Explain what's going on here.

    Third Riddle - Something You Can Shake A Stick At

    You all may know Lewis Carroll; he is the author of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, which Disney has combined and adapted for film twice. Not many people know, though, that he was also a master of puzzles, and made up a few of his own. He would take a simple operation and make it sound so unusual, it wouldn't seem possible to solve, but the solutions (when not requiring mathematics) are typically easy. However, some are a bit dated (one is about a writing tablet - and I'm not talking about an iPad!).

    This puzzle, fortunately, can still be solved today, and is actually quite interesting. Imagine Lewis standing before you, with a stick he found outside that weighs exactly two pounds. He uses a saw to cut the stick into eight pieces, and puts them on an old-fashined scale, with unmarked weights on one end, to show you that each piece weighs exactly the same. Then he asks "How much does each piece weigh? Careful - the answer is NOT a quarter of a pound!" What is the actual weight of each piece of stick?

    Fourth Riddle - What Day is it?

    This one's pretty easy, especially if you have a calendar handy, but if you want to challenge yourself, don't look at one. Today is April 31st. This is a double lie - one truth is that this post is actually (originally) dated September 29th. What is the other truth?

    If I think of more riddles, I'll either edit this blog post or post a new one. Happy solving!

    Note: Please do not look at other people's comments for the answers! Submit your answers before reading the comments.
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    The Legend of Zelda for Philips CD-I - So Bad, It's... Eh, Something

    Well, excuuuuse me, Philips! This is Nintendo's game!

    In the early days, before the world knew about the Super NES, Nintendo worked with Sony to try to make a disc-based console, what would presumably be the Nintendo Playstation. Instead, deals fell through, and Sony made this:


    Then, Nintendo struck a deal with Philips to try to make it happen, and that partnership was dissolved too, resulting in this:


    But after the release of the Philips CD-I shown above, Nintendo licensed their Zelda characters to be used in three CD-I games. Here are a series of humorous videos by YouTuber PeanutButterGamer which help explain the terrible quality of these games.

    Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon

    This is a two-part video, both linked here.

    Link: The Faces of Evil

    Zelda's Adventure

    Potential Remake?

    The games themselves, although very bad in comparison to other games, do have some good points. It was an attempt at making games for a fairly new format for video games (compact discs). The graphics were panned for poor art styles, but the animation affects are decent considering the age of the console. The live action in Zelda's Adventure could have been done better, although including any at all, during a time when live action in video games were limited, was pretty innovative.

    Could they be remade? Possibly, but they would have to be altered a bit. It seems to be taking inspiration from the Legend of Zelda segments of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show! animation. Although campy, the story lines could be kept mostly intact and worked into each other as a single game, similar to what TT Games did with LEGO LOTR (although they combined movies, not games), and keeping the TV show inspiration. Graphics, of course, would be greatly improved, and perhaps some adjustment on game play mechanics, as well.

    Not holding my breath on a remake, though. Still, it's a possibility.
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  • HarvHouHacker

    A Word To My Followers...

    Hey, to all those that still follow me! I have something important I want to say.

    So, since I got a Switch for Christmas, I decided to go all out with the Switch, while still not paying for the Nintendo Switch Online membership. I had a few games that I liked a lot on there, and I was willing to even get some accessories for it. I thought "What could go wrong?"

    Well, I got my account on another Switch console, and that's when the problems began.

    My friend and I have accounts from the Wii U, so we just decided to use those on the Switch. He had a Switch console, and so did I. At first, it was just the one that we played on (the one I got for Christmas), but then he got himself one, and set it as his primary console. I added my account so he could play my games, but when we tried to play each others' games, we got a message that says:

    This user cannot play this software. If you have not purchased this software, you can do so from the Nintendo eShop.

    For anyone who has yet to run across this problem, here's what is happening: When you register a Switch as the primary console for your account, that means that other accounts can access your games on that account. Any additional Switches that you put your account on are considered non-primary, and only you have access to them. Other people must buy the software if they want to play it themselves.

    This put up a difficult problem. What I figured out was that since my Switch was my primary console, anyone WITHOUT a Nintendo Account could access my games, but not my friend's. Also, users registered WITHOUT an account on his could play his games, but not mine. Thus:

    My Switch (Primary for my account) | Friend's Switch (Primary for his account)
    My account can play my games, but not his | My account can play my games, but not his
    His account can play his games, but not mine | His account can play his games, but not mine
    Other users WITH NO ACCOUNT can play my games, but not his | Other users WITH NO ACCOUNT can play his games, but not mine​

    As you can see, there are more ways to NOT be able to play together than there are, without having to shell out more money on separate copies of each game. THIS is what I expected, based on my Wii U experience:

    My Switch (Primary for my account) | Friend's Switch (Primary for his account)
    My account can play my games and his | My account can play my games, but not his
    His account can play his games, but not mine | His games can play his games and mine​

    I also wondered if it could be the reverse, but nope! It doesn't work, both ways!

    I've mentioned that I also have an issue with Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. I think it has something to do with blocked friends. Let me explain.

    I probably have the largest block list in the game. I've friended a bunch of people, and then blocked them due to limiting their item purchases. Now, a problem has arisen where I can not add any more friends. I was told that the friends limit was set to 100, including friend requests, but I have less than ten friends and no requests, and it says that I can't add any more. What I believe has happened is that I've blocked friends while they were still in my friends list, instead of removing them and then blocking. Thus, I think the account believes that they're still my friend, even though I can't see them anymore. This puts up a problem - they don't appear in either my friends or block list, and what's more, they still interact with me by buying out of my Market Box and giving me Kudos!

    I've reached out to Nintendo support on this. I even went to a supervisor and told them the details. They said that they were researching the problem, and would call me once they found something.

    No calls. Not even voicemail.

    I normally do not swear in posts, but I have to say, this whole thing with Nintendo's current management is BULLSHIT! (I'll apologize for that later.) Nintendo can keep their games and their remaining Switch consoles; I've put mine in the closet, and I'm not pulling it back out.

    Therefore, I will refrain from doing these things, from now on, and I recommend anyone who agrees with me to do the same:
    • Buying Nintendo Switch hardware, software, and accessories.
    • Participating in Nintendo events.
    • Using any Nintendo smartphone apps.
    • Using My Nintendo. I'm going to let all my Platinum and Gold Points expire (and I accumulated a LOT, but whatevs).
    • Paying for Nintendo services, such as Switch Online (which I was against, anyway).
    • Reading and commenting on any Nintendo news, even here on GBAtemp (unless they are related to hacks, or management changes).

    I've also gone so far as to include annexing:
    • Buying digital Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games.
    • Buying physical Wii U and 3DS games from a retailer.

    I am washing my hands clean of the current administration that Nintendo has become. They don't give a damn about their customers; they just want money from you. It's unfortunate that there are so many people who are ignorant of this and are willing to shell out the cash for their devices. Furukawa, I believe, doesn't know how to improve the company to make it more personable, Nintendo I.T. is filled with a bunch of morons who are as much in the dark about your problem as you are, and everything is just too expensive.

    Can this change in the future? If Nintendo improves on their techniques, and makes it more user-friendly, then there's a chance that I might change my mind. Especially if they have someone similar to Saturo Iwata. Until then, though, this is how it will be, for me personally.

    The State of Rock Band Customs

    So, what does this mean? Does this mean that I will stop everything Nintendo-related? Absolutely not! I'm still a fan of their games and hardware, even if I don't like what they've done in more recent years (and back in the early 2000s when Kimishima was in charge of NOA). The things I am not participating in does not include the games and systems I already own for the Wii U and 3DS, and everything older than those systems. Since Rock Band has not come to the Switch yet, the latest on Nintendo devices is still Rock Band 3, thus I can guarantee continually working on and maintaining hacks for all currently available Rock Band editions on Nintendo devices. This would include all the hard work I've put into making it easier to hack RB3, as well as improving TB:RB and GD:RB for customs and re-adding DLC. I also have yet to make RB2 customs and DLC work on vWii, and I plan on finding out what can be done there.

    Thank you guys for understanding. God bless every one of you, and as always, ROCK ON! :hrth:

    Okay, now comes the apology: I'm sorry for using the BS word. I just wanted to show how frustrated I am about this whole thing, and also how much it has hurt and saddened me that Nintendo is the way that they are. If any of you believe in God, pray for them!
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  • HarvHouHacker

    A Lesson in Fear - An Apologetic's Point of View

    As we continue to progress in this pandemic with no end in sight, I'm beginning to understand better what is happening here. While I'm not willing to talk about COVID-19 in great detail, I do want to address how it is affecting the world. Therefore, I want to help others understand what they are going through, and what they can do about it. This is a message of hope, and expresses my faith in Christ.

    Please be aware that I'm not trying to offend anyone, but I felt lead to leave this here, so therefore I encourage anyone who doesn't like this post to not leave any disrespectful comments. Also, please forgive the TL;DR format, but if you want to live a life without fear, do read this in its entirety.

    Is It True That Fear is a Liar?

    We are living in a world of fear. Fear of a virus. Fear of our government. Fear of life. I am led to believe that this is a demonic attack on the world, and measuring it based on my beliefs and my devotion to God, it makes sense. The following is a copy of an article from (read it in full here) which I hope will help others understand.

    Governments Around the World - Invoking UnGodly Fear?

    Amending that a bit, understand that there are two types of fear here. Fear in God is not the same thing as fear caused by Satan and his minions (there's another GotQuestions article about that: What does it mean to have the fear in God?).

    Also, while it is important to not be foolish and risk your life just because you can, we should not be afraid to die if we are in a life-threatening situation we can not escape from. Even if COVID-19 is as serious as the media is reporting, that does not worry me, for I know that I will be eternally in heaven with my Savior and my Christian brothers and sisters if I was to get the disease and become terminally ill. Of course, I don't want to kiss a sick person just to find out! However, these drastic measures of safety are not necessary if you truly trust in God. You trust in him no matter what; he can heal you and allow you to continue doing good in this world, or take you home to escape the evils of this world. Either way, God is in control, and we should not be afraid of COVID-19 as much as we are now.

    That is why OCD is considered a mental disorder! If you have a phobia of germs, you will obsess about them, and be taking drastic measures to not get them. Touching things with clean cloths or gloves, staying away from everyone for fear of being contaminated by something, constantly cleaning off everything before touching it - these are signs of OCD. Yet this is what our government wants us to do! The governments, run by humans of which most of them are not basing their guidelines on the word of God, seem like they want us all to have OCD! Now, I'm not saying to become anarchists and overthrow all forms of government, for having no rules is worse than having some. However, while there are many laws that restrict us, remember that Jesus freed us from the laws set by God himself, so that we will not be judged for our sins if we accept the gift of Grace (Romans 7:6). Since many of our laws are based on old laws set by God, the governments of this world are guilty of not abiding by the grace of Jesus and the new guidelines of living a Christian life.

    While I still believe that the virus is not as serious as it is being reported, what I find serious is how this has caused people to be anti-social and afraid. If we are going to withstand viruses, we need to do what we can to research them, understand their impact and how we can combat it properly for ourselves, and not merely rely on what is being told by the common media and following everything the governments tell us to do. In the United States in particular, the government was made to serve the people, and not the other way around. Therefore, if those of us who live in the U.S. truly are an independent, free-thinking body of people, then we should do what we can to convince the government to keep our freedoms, or what is considered our God-given rights, without there being anarchy or mass violence. These mandates and rules that are about COVID-19 are against the First and Fourth amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Any rules that restrict our freedoms, even if it is meant for good, is against the Constitution and should be abolished, because our Constitution was based on Godly principals, and these modern laws which go against the Constitution also go against the grace of Jesus and our freedoms as individuals!

    Of course, this is my own interpretation on the matter, but I hope it will make sense to others. I am not here to cause discord among members of GBAtemp, only to help in a crisis.

    A Word to the Hecklers, Trolls, and Disbelievers (The "Un-Christians")

    To anyone who disagrees with any part of this message, I am not posting this here to try to sway your minds. Rather, I am trying as best as I can, in my own way, to help in this situation. I realize that I have posted things which have caused arguments in times past, but I will not go quietly if it is about my faith. What you say will not directly change my mind, and I am not here to beat the Bible on your heads and threaten you to "Come to Christ - OR ELSE!" Rather, I would hope that even if you do not accept my words about Jesus that you would find a logical, rational explanation on why you shouldn't be afraid of COVID-19 or anything else for that matter.

    So, don't be afraid, even if this situation was to return in the near future. Live a life without fear! :D :toot:

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  • HarvHouHacker

    My Review of the Nintendo Switch Lite

    So, as I've mentioned before, Santa really must hate me. After everything I said against the Nintendo Switch, I'm thinking either the jolly old guy is either brain-dead, or hasn't been reading anything I've been posting on the internet for all the world to see.

    I got a Nintendo Switch Lite for Christmas.

    I go downstairs to the tree, and find my stocking. I was shocked, stunned, and confused when I saw an oblong box with a picture of a turquoise Switch Lite on the box. Surely, it had to be a gag. I lifted the box. No, it was the real deal. At first, I was afraid to open it, but over the course of the day, curiosity got the better of me, and I pulled it out of the box and set it up for the first time.

    It's been nearly a month since then, and I've been trying out things here and there on it. You know what? I like it. I hate to admit it, but I actually like it.

    Now, this does not mean that what I've said about Nintendo Switch Online and some of the other things I've said in times past are completely null and void. Therefore, I would like to present my updated viewpoint on the Switch, specifically the Switch Lite. Near the end, I'll also reveal a little-known secret about the Lite that Nintendo doesn't want you to know about - and no, it doesn't belong in a tabloid; I just worded it that way as an attention grabber. ;)


    General Producer of Nintendo games, Yoshiaki Koizumi, explains the feature differences between the original Nintendo Switch and the newly-introduced Switch Lite.

    The Nintendo Switch Lite, for those who don't know, is basically the Nintendo Switch with the Joy-cons fused to the case, meaning the familiar clicking noise that is a Nintendo Switch trademark is only possible with a separate pair of Joy-cons and a Joy-con Grip or similar accessory for the Joy-cons to slide into. According to Nintendo, it can not connect to a TV in any way, and can only play in Handheld Mode (more on that later). Switch Lite initially released in three colors: gray, turquoise, and yellow. A Pokemon-themed Switch Lite was later added in November 2019, and a fourth solid-color Lite (Coral) was added in April of 2020.

    For the left side, the directional buttons have been replaced with a Control Pad (the + symbol), which is pretty much another trademark of Nintendo consoles. The console overall is more compact, yet it is a fully-functional Switch system. It's main purposes are to be more affordable and more portable.

    My New Viewpoint on the Switch

    Previously, I stated:
    Surprisingly, I discovered that it would be very hard (or at least, very stupid) for Nintendo to annex all services and online capabilities for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS systems, as they are actually closely integrated with the Switch. While games are not cross-compatible, and the Switch does not rely on a Nintendo Network ID, if you link your Nintendo Account across all three devices, you are capable of using data from the Wii U and 3DS on the Switch. For instance, the Nintendo eShop balance is used on all three devices, and you can add funds from an eShop card or credit card on any of them. Plus, if you have friends on the Wii U/3DS, and they too own a Switch system, you can add them as a friend on the Nintendo Switch.

    I had said:
    Nintendo is not developing for the Nintendo 3DS or the Wii U anymore, but surprisingly, there are still indie titles being added to both consoles. Still, in this case, no news is bad news, as it suggests that the end of life could still be nearing.

    ...Or perhaps it is competing with just subscription services in general. This hasn't changed much; it is still one of my biggest complaints of the Nintendo Switch. Interestingly enough, though, just this month they allowed a 7-day free trial code to be redeemed using Platinum Points on My Nintendo. Still not enough, in my book. Make me an offer I can't refuse.

    For the original Switch console, and any color combinations released since then (including the upcoming Animal Crossing themed console), the price (in the U.S.) is $299.99. I did some calculations, and based on the retail price of all the additional things in the box - the dock, the Joy-cons, and even the cords - if you subtract those things from the total value of the Switch, you get an approximation of what the console itself should cost. I came up with $61.94! The bulk of the price is the dock and the Joy-cons, which together cost about $170! That's waaay too much, in my opinion! If you get the Joy-cons separately - not as a pair, but only the Left or Right Joy-con - is $50. $50! Jeez! If Nintendo is going to keep the price so high, they need to remove a few things. If they just removed the dock and HDMI cable, they could make getting a Nintendo Switch system about as much as the Switch Lite. If they removed the grip, it could be less than the Switch Lite. This way, you could still enjoy Handheld Mode and Tabletop Mode right out of the box, and get the dock for TV mode later when you can afford it.

    Since they're not repackaging the Switch in more inexpensive combinations (yet), the Nintendo Switch Lite makes buying a Switch system a little more reasonable. I had predicted that it would be $100 less than the original, and I was right. I actually didn't expect it, however; I only assumed that it would be. Still, $199.99 is a better value, even though I think it could still go lower. Regardless, Switch Lite's price is easier to reach in lower-class areas than the original Switch's.

    That's still a possibility. I've found several games that have done well on Android and iOS have been ported over to the Switch. However, this really isn't so new for Nintendo. Nintendo allows developers to republish games found on multiple platforms on their consoles - since the advent of the Wii. Then again, even before that! Games like Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, which was a Nintendo GameCube title, have made it on other platforms before and after the release on a Nintendo platform - Steam,, Android, iOS, Windows Store, and even Playstation and Xbox!

    I'm Unique Like Everybody Else!

    Nintendo Switch is a quandary, being a lot like other devices and then again not really. Here are some of the features it has that are similar to other gaming devices and services (I probably missed a few, but this is an example only):
    • An online subscription service. Specifically, Nintendo Switch Online. Similar to Google Play, Xbox Live, Playstation Now.
    • Tablet-like and smartphone-like interface, with controllers. Similar to Google Stadia, Steam Link through a smartphone.
    • Transforms into a VR headset. Similar to Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus, Google Cardboard.
    • High-quality VR gaming. Similar to Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Playstation VR, Valve Index.
    • Cloud-based game saves. Similar to Xbox Cloud, Steam Cloud, Playstation Plus Online Storage.
    • TV/Handheld hybrid. Herm, that I'm still working on...

    Psst! Do You Want to Know a Secret?

    I had to save the best for last, because not everyone who owns a Switch Lite realizes this fact. I've questioned it before, but now owning one, I'm absolutely sure.

    First off, let me explain the three modes for the original Switch, if you didn't know it.

    Nintendo Switch's three modes.

    The Switch's big feature, when docked and the controllers detached, is its TV Mode. This is when your Switch displays to a TV instead of on its own screen, and allows you to play with the Joy-cons separately or in a grip, or use another controller like the Switch Pro controller. In Tabletop Mode, the Switch is undocked and resting on its built-in stand, but the Joy-cons are still detached. In Handheld Mode, the Joy-cons are attached to the sides of the undocked Switch console.

    According to Nintendo, the Switch Lite can only play Handheld mode. However, they also contradict themselves. They say that "players can wirelessly connect compatible controllers (sold separately) to Nintendo Switch Lite." So, unofficially, and with extra controllers, it supports Tabletop mode! Now all you need is a stand to prop it up in!

    Thus, Switch Lite can natively play games that support Handheld mode and Tabletop mode, although by itself you only have the ability to play Handheld mode games. Nintendo should clarify this! Thus:
    • Handheld Mode is supported - no additional controllers or other accessories needed.
    • Tabletop Mode is supported with extra controllers and a stand.
    • TV mode is not supported. Get the original Nintendo Switch to experience that mode.

    Remember, if any of you get extra Joy-cons for your Switch Lite, make sure you have something to charge them in. Also remember to get the right Joy-con grip if you rely on it for charging.

    For those who read some of my previous blog posts, forgive me for any misunderstandings I may have caused. However, I still am against Breath of the Wild, Nintendo Switch Online, and lack of Wii U/3DS support. Regardless, the Nintendo Switch is better than I thought, and maybe because of Furukawa. Who knows? One thing's for sure: I'm glad I didn't get it while Kimishima was still CEO!
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  • HarvHouHacker

    For Those Who Want An Easy Way To Find My Front-page Article...

    ...Here it is:
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  • HarvHouHacker

    Gold Points Towards a Nintendo Switch Online Membership... Is It Really Possible?

    It's been a little while since I posted here. Since I'm not unavailable yet, I thought I'd ask about this:
    Screenshot 2019-10-15 21:25:13.png
    Look closely at the bottom portion: "...Up to $6 towards games or Nintendo Switch Online membership..." I've never heard of this until I got this via email. Can somebody please confirm if this is possible?
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  • HarvHouHacker

    Nintendo Switch Backwards Compatibility Article - A Cruel Joke

    Oh, if only this were true!

    Pictures from the article:



    Unfortunately, there would need to be more hardware involved than just a disc drive, however it's still possible. To create a dock where it could function just like the PowerPC hardware in the Wii U, and then to add a disc drive or have it built in to the dock... the possibilities are endless! That will be the day... :(
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  • HarvHouHacker

    Windows 7 Support End-of-Life (Also, Why I'd Prefer Upgrading to 8.1 Over 10)

    Screenshot 2019-09-24 16:33:42.png
    This is what people will see when going to Microsoft's website up until the deadline shown. It is expected by most Windows users that Microsoft would no longer support Windows versions that become 10 years old and older, but it's damaging to Microsoft when they kill support for a platform that was still going strong and expect people to upgrade. Even worse when there aren't better alternatives.

    Windows XP End of Life

    The message that was sent to users shortly before the end of support.

    Go back to 2014. After 12 years of support due to there being so many people who loved using Windows XP, and perhaps arguably Microsoft's best version of Windows to date, Microsoft announced that support for all editions of Windows XP would end. They also used imagery of an old computer system running Windows XP versus a new system running the latest Windows at the time, Windows 8.1. Ridiculous, to say the least, as there were newer systems which could efficiently run Windows XP 64-bit. Yet, despite the security risks of a dead system, according to StatCounter a surprising 1.54% of people still use Windows XP. It may not sound like much, but considering that there are approximately 7 billion people on the planet, roughly 100 million still use Windows XP. Now, this estimate can very much be inaccurate, since not everyone owns a computer, but it could still be a fairly high amount considering that this is a statistic basing on how many computers have Windows XP, not exactly how many people use it, since more than one person can use a desktop or laptop. I wouldn't be surprised if I were to discover that 50 million still use XP.

    Windows 7 End of Life

    January of next year, all Windows 7 versions will no longer be supported (save those that are protected by volume licensing, in which it is extended until January 10th, 2023). What will this mean for Windows 7 users? Of all the currently supported Windows version, Windows 7 is the best, beating Windows 8.1 in the market share by over 25% globally according to StatCounter. Microsoft is now pushing messages on systems still running Windows 7, prompting users to upgrade to Windows 10.

    Why I Do Not Recommend Windows 10

    Windows 10 integrates several new features, including Cortana, which collects user data automatically.

    There are those who are gonna scoff, but it's actually been proven over and over. Microsoft is collecting your data. Even as recently as August of this year, because of the GDPR Microsoft is consistently being investigated about their data collection. The best way that they are doing it nowadays is with Windows 10, which has various diagnostic and info-collecting services on by default. Even after turning these features off, some personal information can still be collected by Microsoft. There is a way to remove built-in software manually, but it becomes reset after every major update.

    Is Windows 8.1 Safer Than Windows 10?

    Due to there being many gripes about lack of desktop integration in Windows 8, Microsoft released Windows 8.1, which can be either seen as a mere upgrade or a separate version altogether.

    Let's be honest here - unless Microsoft has stopped using it altogether, there really isn't such a thing as a "safe" version of Windows. However, many of these things which can be potential privacy breaches are built into Windows 10 by default. Windows 8.1 lacks several features (like Cortana) which collects and stores information remotely that has to be manually deleted or retrieved, so unless you add them to Windows 8.1 (via Windows Update or their own website), then yes it is somewhat better, in regards to privacy and security from the very developers of it. One thing's for sure: it's a heck of a lot better than Windows 8! :P
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  • HarvHouHacker

    StackOverflow0x is now on Rock Band Customs Discord!

    Also known as Koetsu over at Rock Band ScoreHero and various places, user StackOverflow0x created a guide a while back over on ScoreHero about how to make customs work on Rock Band 3. He has since moved over to Custom Creators, where he has a new guide and plenty of custom song tools, including MiloMod and RockBiink. I've been in contact with him in private message over there, and he helped me perfect my RB3 custom song collection.

    Then, I sent him (and several others) an invite to Discord. He decided to join! He's now on my Discord server, ready to help anyone with custom songs on Rock Band 3!

    Keep in mind, his methods are a little different. Because he's on C3, most of his work has to do with original customs on C3, which is usually in CON format. If you've read his guide on C3, then you know that he mainly explains how to use the C3 CON Tools to make customs work on the Wii. Also, he uses the Wii, not vWii, so that puts us in different categories right there, since some software made for Wii won't work on vWii.

    As always, you can invite yourself via this link:
  • HarvHouHacker

    Rock Band Customs Discord Server Updated - PS and Xbox Added

    My repository and all my work on Rock Band custom songs will be dedicated mostly to Wii and vWii, and maybe Dolphin sometime in the future. However, seeing as people are having issues on custom songs on Playstation 2, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360, I decided to expand my Discord server for people to discuss those platforms. While there currently is no administrator or higher-role member to turn to for more professional help, members are allowed to discuss with each other in order to make customs work and perfect them on those platforms.

    Will Rock Band Customs for PS/Xbox be on GitLab?

    With so many resources already available on C3 and Rock Band ScoreHero on Playstation and Xbox, and due to the fact that I don't own those consoles nor plan on getting them, the GitLab repo Rock Band Customs -- Wii and vWii will not be expanded to include software for those kinds of customs. However, there is a possibility that new Rock Band Custom repos may be made in order to serve just the right software and wiki material that will make it easy to add custom songs, however since I can't test such software, I would have to have someone help me on this; it would have to be someone who has done this kind of thing before (hint, hint). Just keep in mind, I don't use GitHub anymore - the acquisition of GitHub by Microsoft led many developers (including myself) to move projects to, or even start anew on, other repository-hosting sites, including GitLab, mainly because Microsoft is not as opensource-friendly as they claim to be.

    Where can I go for guides and forum help for PS/Xbox custom songs?

    C3 is always the best place to look, as well as here on GBAtemp and Rock Band ScoreHero. C3 has several "How to" guides; StackOverflow0x's guide on Wii customs is there, but it's mostly on using CON files hosted on C3... yet that's beside the point. :P BravoGangUS's Xbox 360 guide is quite useful, as well as TDCMark's Playstation 3 guide, both pinned in the forum section Custom Song Troubleshooting & Support. User thesentence has a guide on Rock Band ScoreHero on Customs for Playstation 2, though it may be a bit outdated. These are just a few examples of guides, plus Rock Band hacking has been talked about a lot here if you do a search.

    Who can help me?

    Well, see, that's the thing... I don't know exactly. It wouldn't hurt to ask anyway. If you don't get an appropriate answer, look at it this way: You're no worse off than you were when you started! ...I think. :wacko: Anyway, you should be able to get a little help if you just ask around. In my previous blog post, I made an announcement that Harmonix was working with ScoreHero, so you could ask in their Software subforum, so long as it's not about downloading official DLC for free! C3 is good, especially their Troubleshooting subforum, though they don't allow talk about official DLC or using Wii disc files, nor can I help you out much there since I don't want to conflict with the other members' already well-made guides and assistance. However, StackOverflow and Alternity have helped me out a great deal on there, so I still recommend it. Lastly (but not least), you can always ask here on GBAtemp - just pick a subforum and start a thread!

    Do the pirating rules mentioned in your Wii/vWii repo, wiki, etc. still apply on PS/Xbox?

    Let me get one thing clear - I didn't really make the rules; businesses (especially Harmonix) and governments did. I'm only warning of the potential legal problems you could have in pirating content. Copyright law is still law, and the RIAA takes it very seriously. While some recording artists don't see eye-to-eye with these laws (think Heart, for instance), they still apply, and they do in most countries where Rock Band is or has been sold. Most forum sites will ban known pirates, so beware! Rock Band Customs on Discord is supposed to be pirate-free, so you will be kicked if you discuss piracy there. If you come back and continue to discuss such, you will be banned. Sharing illegally will also require an instant ban. Just don't do it. Please!

    Will you (HarvHouHacker) be able to help me (the person doing customs on PS/Xbox)?

    Because I can't test customs on Rock Band for Playstation or Xbox because I do not own either, direct help (i.e. "Do this in order to prevent that problem") will not be available from myself. I plan on recruiting other members who can and are willing to help you all, but for now, the best I can do is redirect to other sources where this has been done. Sorry for the inconvenience! :(

    Keep on hacking! :hrth:
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  • HarvHouHacker

    ScoreHero and Harmonix - Close Relationship

    Upon reading older posts, I realized that from the beginning of Rock Band, ScoreHero, which has all kinds of charts and has threads on custom songs for Guitar Hero and Rock Band, partnered up with Harmonix! This makes it even more important that Rock Band ScoreHero is supported, since they have connections with this great game!

    Some threads on ScoreHero's partnership with Harmonix:

    I'm not sure about C3's relationship. I do know that several people in the custom song scene who were on Rock Band ScoreHero moved over to Customs Creators and are more active there than on ScoreHero. This does not mean that customs talk on Rock Band ScoreHero is not longer allowed; my thread is still available there and will be for a while longer.

    Anyway, just thought I'd share that info, if anyone forgot or never knew in the first place.
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