1. Development Game Engines DarkRadiant Eureka Doom Editor Slade Trenchboom Translation Lokalize Web Development KImageMapEditor Akonadi Console GitHub Atom GNOME Boxes Cervisia Geany KAppTemplate KCachegrinder Kompare KUIViewer mu OCaml QT 5 Assistant Umbrello Genymobile guys how to uninstall...
  2. [ATTACH] no glitches in the live USB image, just constant screen blanks and shoddy translucency from not knowing how to use Wayland instead of X11. bliss
  3. YEP

  4. [ATTACH] Took 2020 long enough to do something right itself. Don't worry, I'm getting an Xmas hat
  5. I finally got to play it after an update. Nice. What's not nice is that there's a stage in CTGP-7 that makes me want to lose all hope in the 3DS modding scene. [ATTACH] -10/10. An automatic 0/10 for Miku's BDay Special, no exceptions. It basically killed my interest in this with a point-blank...
  6. [MEDIA] bullying people so they bot vote counts is downright barbaric you can't possibly fight me on this
  7. Recently I compiled Dolphin 5.0-13194 (or a similar build that started with 131) from source on my Linux drive because I had enough of package managers like Flatpak only giving me Dolphin 5.0. It was fine, but the build had some serious input lag when using a paired Wiimote. Meanwhile, on my...
  8. [ATTACH] dunno what you were expecting
  9. aaand i can't get into the console, two of the screws are stripped. :angry:
  10. [ATTACH] i also installed an M.2 SSD with Windows 10 on it (I was called a hippie for daily driving linux :mellow:), while LITERALLY using the same drive that powered my old PC for linuxing as it had been since Windows 7's EOL
  11. [ATTACH] A WEEK WITH LIGHT MODE DAY 2 I managed to fix Wine and RetroArch. I also reset my GBAtemp theme because greyscale was too annoying.
  12. [ATTACH] A WEEK WITH LIGHT MODE - DAY 1 A WEEK WITH LIGHT MODE - DAY 1 Yesterday I decided to go a week with light mode, no bluffing, or going back to dark mode. ples ask questions I need content
  13. I AM SO HAPPY!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D I can finally share paintings of mine to an outside community!!! My Colors! Gallery account is called blappit_colorsplash. :toot:
  14. 7/10, no Milo Murphy. I had something longer planned, but I lost that. Here, have this 20-word long review.