I'm a Professional Anime Hater, looking to bring redemption to the YouTube show Battle For Dream Island and it's kin.

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    How do I start a tournament?

    I saw the new tournament going on, but being that literally the only games I care about that are available are Mario Kart 7 and AC:NL******, I was hoping to make something of my own tournament. Maybe a PaRappa the Rapper 2 tournament since I like that game so much, and it has 2P multiplayer, allowing for brackets.
  • Hambrew

    Un Jammer Lammy's third stage is absolutely amazing if you hate your fingers.

    (Remember, Un Jammer Lammy is PaRappa the Rapper-canon.)

    I somehow got to Stage 3 of this game, and I'll tell you this: It is absolutely going to do numbers on my controllers. The difficulty is simply amazing. I've seen how Fleaswallow from PTR1 likes to spam a button several times, but THIS STAGE takes that to the next level:
    It's ALL triangle button. No matter WHAT people will say, this is SO hard to pull off. Atleast with Fleaswallow in PTR1, you can count how many times you have to push Triangle, but this is insane.

    Sometimes I get close to finishing, but to complete the stage (like every other stage), you have to end with at least Good or Cool status. I always end up at Bad.
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    My Art pieces so far!

    I've come a long way in 2019 when it comes to art, specifically object art. Here's my best works!
    kritasucky.png Krita-Sucksy: Made after one of my Reddit memes landed me my very first award.

    N3.png Noki 3310: A play on the Nokia 3310, one of my flagship characters.

    RE4.png Resi 4: A play on the GameCube port of Resident Evil 4.
    seesaw.png Seesaw: My favorite persona, aside from "blappy/ham (insert something)". Most everything posted here is from Seesaw's POV, including this blog's description!
    Distro Ditty.png

    Distro Ditty: A concept object show where the contestants are all Linux distros, though I forgot to add some distros, like Linux Mint, KDE Neon, etc.
    poisnt.png (Need Light Mode to see) Poisn't: Made for the official Sandbox (1) discord server.
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    New SD Card, new me!

    After serving my Wii U ever since getting homebrew, then both of my New Nintendo 2DS XLs, I finally stopped using my Samsung 16GB microSD card and got a Lexar 633x 32GB card for my New 2DS XL. This is big because with the new card, I can finally dump all of my cartridge 3DS games and sell them.:yay: onelastthing.png

    However, this doesn't mean my old microSD card can finally rest in peace. It'll NOW be used for my dad's Switch Lite (ironic as I own a full Switch. :switch:) That microSD card has seriously gone through TONS of things through my family.

    So I copy the stuff to a backup folder (Linux won't detect both cards at the same time using the same adapter (it had two microSD slots), and wait for it to finish. Then I copy the contents of the backup folder into the new card.

    RIP my old microSD card.:D
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    It's so hard to use Krita.

    Here's why:
    the darned splash screen
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    Got a new icon!

    I used the TWOW (Ten Words Of Wisdom) book generator to make this new icon.
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