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    HamBone41801 First, here is what it currently looks like.


    I now have every part except for an 8 bit binary comparator. (It can work just fine without that though.)

    Right now, I’m learning how to design circuit boards, and hopefully once it’s working like it should, I’ll order a board for it.

    Also, I’m thinking about adding a really cool register to it, but that won’t be added till the whole thing works.

    • get bigger eeprom chips to support more than two flags
    • get binary comparator chip
    • expand ram to 16 bits so I can have more instructions
    • find a binary multiplier circuit that isn't serial
    • find a way to add persistent memory
    • construct a FILO register array. (no idea how that's gonna turn out, but this is the part I mentioned above, Ind its been really fun trying to design it!)
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    HamBone41801 I currently have two go-to usernames that I use. (The one I have now, and "Kestrel", which is much newer) I wanted to get your opinion, because I'm debating ditching Hambone on everything because I've had it for so long. thoughts? also, is it even possible to change names on the temp?

    P.S. Expect another blog pretty soon with soon really cool stuff!
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    HamBone41801 The design is pretty simple, but I'm quite proud of it. its a modified sap-1 architecture, with the biggest difference being that it uses 12-bit words in memory (as opposed to 8-bit), and has a second, smaller bus (4-bit) that is only available to the instruction register & ram. (If my reasoning behind this isn't clear, Just tell me. I'll draw a diagram of it as well).

    Currently, the amount of ram that I plan on using is 32 lines of 12-bit words (density of 384-bits, but only 256 are usable by main bus). I was't able to find a chip of this size, so instead I'm using a matrix of six 74LS189 chips.(note: I could add another ten 74LS189 chips for a total of 64 lines of 16-bit words, but this is unnecessary, and I would have to make a few changes to the instruction register.)

    schematics of everything will be added to my github eventually.

    wish me luck! and if you have any questions or suggestions I would love to hear them!
    HamBone41801 Its been quite a while since I last talked about that little twitch bot I created, and a lot has changed, so I figured I'd make an update post.

    • The biggest change to take place is that I made the jump from python to java.
    • For those who don't know, when using java's built in socket api, the program will freeze while it waits for input from the server. in python, I just made it wait for a second and then ping the server, but in the java version, I've implemented some time-sensitive features the wont work using that. Instead, I created a listener class that gets info from the server and then puts it into a queue to be used by the main class. (This works infinitely better than my python solution)
    • I created a User class that that keeps track of every user's rank, warnings, "points", and whether or not they are watching your stream. (this is part of another feature that I'll talk about next). Users are added to a hashMap whenever they either say something in chat, or when their join message appears.
    • The points feature adds 1 point every minute to every user while they are watching your stream. (I'm using it to create commands with cooldowns)
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    HamBone41801 when I first made the twitch bot, I figured It'd be a fun experiment and that I would never touch it again. However, I started cleaning up the code, and I realized that the console was really messy and could use some work. After I finished color-coding and formatting everything, I realized that it might be useful to have time-stamps. This went on for a little bit, and not I have a halfway decent twitch bot. It still has a few missing features, but once I get the config module sorted out, I think I'm going to put it on GitHub for others to use.

    I would like some help from you guys, however. If any of you have features that you think would be nice, I would love to hear your ideas.

    current features:
    • basic call/response commands
    • custom commands (a little bit harder to explain, but since python can compile on the fly, I created a bit that runs any python file in the commands folder when someone says something in chat that matches the filename and begins with a '!')
    • timestamps
    • timed announcements

    planed features:
    • a second terminal that can be used to take manual input. (this is going to be super annoying in python. not looking forward to it)
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    HamBone41801 The twitch bot worked pretty well. The only issue was that I could only get one or two people on at a time. So stage two is implementing a system that will check if any one is there, and make random moves if chat is empty. That part is almost done, so while I’m finishing it up, I have a random number generator giving random inputs. So far, it has named itself (, and has played the snes 6 times.
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    HamBone41801 it’s one of those “twitch plays” bots. I don’t really plan on using it all that much, but it’s still on from testing, so if you’d like, you can play.

    The current game is Pokemon red.

    Currently, it requires 10 votes to do an action, although it should probably just be on a timer. Use lowercase A, B, U, D, L, R to vote. If there is more than one character in your comment, then your vote won’t count.

    Also, I don’t know if upper case letters even work. (Like I said, shitty code)

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    HamBone41801 So its been some time since I reinstalled windows, and I've found a really weird issue. I am unable to install iTunes. The error itself is not strange, and there are fixes for it (although I don't know why it wasn't an issue before). The strange part is the error message, as well as the fact that the fixes didn't seem to work. the error message seems to indicate that my cpu (or maybe the cpu it was expecting?) was made by amd (I have an intel processor, and there was no mention of intel in the error. just amd). This wasn't too big of an issue, as there are plenty of iTunes alternatives, however, now I'm starting to see other errors that seem to suggest that there is confusion as to what processor I have (I honestly don't even know how that's possible, so I'm probably dead wrong. I've tried googling the issue, but the closest thing involves people who changed their cpu). have any of you come across similar issues?
    HamBone41801 And now EVERYTHING in my trending videos is Taiwanese.
    HamBone41801 My parents got me a 2TB drive for Christmas this year! (That, and Skyrim for the switch) after I got it hooked up and formated, I moved over my important files to it, and wiped my ssd. After I got windows reinstalled, I relocated all of the libraries to the 2TB drive. After that, I thought about a naming scheme. You can’t use special characters, so “Hard Drive: The Reckoning” was off the table. I eventually decided on System and Hard Drive. I also created alternate program files folders. Then, I launched regedit and disabled Cortana. Next up on my list it to install all my old stuff. Since I’m starting fresh, are there any tweaks/useful programs that you guys recommend?
    HamBone41801 its Christmas and grandma is talking about sex toys. I need help.
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    HamBone41801 every year around the end of November, the little fuckers show up from who-knows-where, and freeload for a few weeks. SOBs don't even pay rent. there are notably less this year, which is actually kinda sad because I do like them. two winters ago, I counted well over 50 above my bed. maybe they'll increase next year.

    so what about you? how many ladybug corpses do you find around your room every year?
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    HamBone41801 If you haven't already, link your twitch account to your amazon account. twitch & amazon prime members can redeem a free copy of SUPERHOT for the next week or two.

    the only down side is that it requires the twitch launcher to be installed, but its not that big of a deal. you can still launch it through steam.
    HamBone41801 I can't wait for the new ghost shells! I also hope they bring back an old exotic or two.
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    HamBone41801 my first trade went off without a hitch. (bottlecap for a harvest phantump)

    my second trade however, is not going so well. the trade was supposed to be a marshadow code for my silvally code, however his code did not go through (already claimed). he has, however, been very cooperative, so as long as I get the code, I'll give him a good review. I'll just have to wait and see.