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    Apple & the iPad

    So I happen to have a friend who I greatly respect and her father works at Apple. If you saw my last blog, my father was looking at Android tablets (and we're still undecided, heading towards the TF though). She is only informed of what Apple manufactures because that's her nature, can't blame her, she's not a techy & isn't active in the tech world. Having her dad work at Apple, she's really only familiar with their products. That's fine, nothing wrong with that; I don't expect her to know everything about them. So our journalism teacher wants to buy the journalism class some of the 200,000 HP Touchpads that are going to be manufactured as a latch batch. She then, knowing I'm very active with technology, asks me what a Touchpad was. I said it's a device that falls under the category of a tablet. She asks what a tablet was. I tell her the category an iPad would fall under. Her next response is then, "So Touchpads are iPad mimics?". Oh no.

    I tell her no, they didn't copy the iPad but the iPad did start a trend to provoke the mass manufacturing of touch-capacitive tablets. She wasn't convinced; she believed the iPad was the first tablet of its kind (touch-capacitive, mobile OS, app-related). She understood the tablets before the iPad were not generally appealing to the public but she falsely believed that all tablets like the iPad were copying it. In respect to her father's work, we change subjects and the day goes on.

    Now that I think about it, I'm trying to come up with an argument that would make sense without being insulting, so if you're going to help, constructed criticism is required.

    Basically, I'm thinking that its like how CRT monitors and TV's were replaced by flat panel screens. Or when any use of inefficient or unintuitive technology was replaced by better technology. The fact of the matter is, TV manufacturers didn't all start using flat-panel screens all at the same time. Someone had to have done it first, before everyone else. You could call that company innovative; I would call them smart, however it's nothing new as the company didn't invent flat-panel screens. They just made very nice use of them. Then other companies realized the greatness of flat-panel and provided competition to the original company who used them first.

    Same with the Apple iPad back in 2010; they began the trend of touch-capacitive screens and a mobile OS. They provided other companies with a product that the other companies wanted to compete with, however what my friend doesn't understand is that Apple does not own the general technology behind what defines a modern day tablet. The transition from an older type of device to a better type of device is always started by one company and this time, in terms of tablets, Apple happened to be that pioneering company. And like history tells us, other companies came on board and provided competition. But that competition is no way is patent infringing or mimicking in anyway, it's business.

    You can't deny the photo below because it's fact but just because Apple was a pioneering company, does not mean they own the industry. I also believe Apple was not required to be where we are today with modern day mobile technology; we would have gotten there eventually. Some other company would have done it and not made such a big deal out of it.
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    Alright guys, I'm not incredibly in-depth when it comes to the tablet scene but my dad's been fancying a tablet. So we went down to our local electronics stores and tried a majority out. Below is an opinion I had and then he generally agrees with:

    iPad 2: Great tablet, very popular, nice app line up. IPS Display. Not considering due to high price and lack of hardware features such as connectivity ports.

    Motorola Xoom: Amazing, thin, sexy tablet. Runs on the standard HC hardware that's around (Tegra 2.1, Dual-Core 1GHz, 1GB RAM) Wonderful video processing, responsive touch screen. LED flash on back. Nice cameras. Ports: HDMI, MicroUSB, MicroSD, 3.5mm HP jack, Dock Connector. LCD Display

    Toshiba Thrive: Nice tablet, rugged build. Not as sexy as the other ones but the hardware inside is the same. IPS Display. Ports: HDMI, USB, MicroUSB, SD. Removable back cover for different colors & replacement of battery.

    ASUS Transformer: Nice tablet, very sexy. Okay cameras, same HW as everyone else. Deal breaker: Weak speakers. IPS Display. Ports: MicroSD, HDMI, 3.5mm HP jack.

    Acer Iconia: Okay tablet, rugged build quality. Video processing can be choppy. IPS Display Ports: HDMI, USB, MicroUSB, 3.5mm HP jack, MicroSD, Dock Connector

    I'm thinking the Xoom. I had initially gone with the Thrive due to its nice ports but I realized they were a bit over the top, and if you're paying $400 for this tablet, it better look sexy. I really liked its full SD card but that can be achieved on the Xoom with a Micro USB to USB Adapter & a USB Card Reader.

    Best price I can find on a new 32GB Xoom: eBay Link

    What do you guys think? Something I'm missing?
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    Aw hell naw



    This is going too far. Apple DOES own the tablet market, literally.
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    I just got Amazon shammed.

    So yesterday I got an email asking for a more detailed description of an item I'm selling on Amazon. I email back the buyer to their email, as requested. Today, I get a confirmation email from "[email protected]" stating that the product was sold. Attached was a shipping label. Here's the email:

    The email's header was very convincing as well. Exactly as Amazon described it in their FAQ. Of course, the destination made me think twice but I dismissed it because it came from Amazon.com. I call up Seller Support because the item isn't in my sold items menu on Amazon.com. They let me know that the email is a very good fake but official Amazon confirmation emails come from "payments-[email protected]". Also, that Order ID doesn't exist.

    I was never going to ship it unless Amazon lets me know anyway. I don't get payed through Amazon if I don't set it as shipped. So no loss.

    The email linked to Amazon isn't linked to anything important all either.
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    Geometry problem

    I'm just finishing up some physics homework for the summer. Teacher gave us some geometry and algebra review to refresh our memories as summer hw.

    Below is a problem that she's given us and I seem to be somewhat ambivalent towards what I think the answer is.


    The question is to simply solve for the angle measure of theta. Is it correct to assume the triangle above the theta symbol is a right triangle?

    Could someone please fix that title.
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    Braces suck

    I got braces a couple days ago and I think I'm going starve. I can't eat shit without my braces getting like a 50% cut. I've been eating soft things for like 3 days now, my front teeth are still sore so i can't bite into a sandwich or anything yet. Mah bagels are waiting in the fridge for me. I shall get them in a couple days. Nom nom nom.

    Ice cream and grapes so far are my favorite. Mash potatoes are yummy. Last night, I was starving cuz I didn't get to eat most my dinner so I woke up at midnight and made some Mac & Cheese from a box. Tastes better at night.

    What foods did you eat when you had braces? I need suggestions.
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    School now blocks GBATemp

    I was at school for a band camp thing and I decided to log into the WiFi via my iPod Touch 4.

    I always check a couple sites to keep myself posted and to my amazement, GBATemp was blocked. D: It wasn't before. I mean I don't use it all the time during school hours but I do on days important to tech junkies like me, such as WWDC or E3 or GDC or something.

    It always gives a reason why the site was blocked and it did not say piracy, said gaming, which is good.

    I'll miss you guys at school but thats what I have a home desktop for I guess. No Temp during school hours. D:
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    Nice Laptop

    So I'm just browsing for a laptop and I wanted to make sure with the Temp that this is the good deal for the specifications I'm looking for.


    15.6" Display - found out 14" was WAY too small
    Intel i5 or better - prefer Sandy Bridge but it doesn't matter
    USB 3.0 - at least one port
    At least 6 hours or better of battery life - I like my battery to last a while

    What I've Found:

    HP ProBook 4530s XU018UT - 15.6" Anti-glare LED backlit screen with 4GB RAM and 500GB HDD all wrapped in a silver brushed aluminum casing.

    I like it because it has basically everything I'm looking for except for that pesky USB 3.0. I'm going with USB 3.0 because I have a feeling later in the years, the high-speed connection of choice will be USB 3.0 not something else like Thunderbolt; we've learned that from Firewire (faster) vs USB 2.0 (more common but slower). I liked its build: sleek, modern, brushed aluminum. I thought I was going to have to throw away this laptop as a choice for myself until I realize it has a 34mm ExpressCard port. So I'm also grabbing a Rosewill RC-615 2-Port USB 3.0 ExpressCard. I don't want a flush, 1-Port USB3.0 ExpressCard because those tend to not work with big HDD's unless the HDD has its own power source.

    It also has an Aethros WiFi card (great for Hackintosh booting but HP BIOS always seems a little limited).

    With shipping, this all comes out to about $688 which is a reasonable price for the tech. What do you guys think?

    Also latest Firefox Nightly doesn't like pop-up windows like GBATemp's "Insert Link" or "Insert Image" buttons.
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    It's actually pretty cool, I'll have to mess with the privacy settings later as I'm pretty sure everything is set to public at the moment and that's no good.

    Its actually pretty funny how I got the invite. So I had a friend who had one and I asked to send me an invite. I clicked the link and Google+ reports I'm not old enough to use this email. So I created a new Gmail account where I was born October 29th, 1985 instead of 1994. I sent another message to my friend to send another invite to my new email. As I waited I started to play around with Google accounts and I realized that when you click the link to join Google+, it takes the current email signed into Google via the latest cookie. For example, I have three accounts with Google. My primary, my secondary, and now my new fake one. I signed into my secondary and clicked on the invite from the primary and it stilled showed my secondary's email in the top right of the Google bar.

    Then it hit me. I logged out of the secondary (which was to young anyway) and logged into my fake older-aged one. Clicked the link from the primary and voila! I was in Google+ :D
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    Flashcards in Public

    I just went to get some frozen yogurt at a local place called Orange Leaf. I grabbed a normal size cup and I filled with Lychee flavor (my favorite).

    All of a sudden normal looking family walks in with a kid, older sister (who was cute and was the reason I was paying attention to them in the first place), and their mom. I notice the mom is holding an old DS Lite in White for the kid. She sets down her daughter's Pantec Duo slide phone and her son's DS Lite on the counter with the game slot facing me.

    I look over casually at the stuff when I find myself doing a double-take. The game was white! I take a closer look and there was a small splotch of black on the corner, a MicroSD. So basically the DS either had a really old first gen R4 or a Cyclo DS.

    I found this interesting as I usually don't see them in public much, how about you guys?
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    Recent Technology Squabbles

    Okay I think it's about time I made a blog for all the people who are involved in this ever long debate with operating systems and brands and what good technology is and what bad technology is.

    First off all let's get one things straight: Just because the product is made by a certain company and that company is good at what it does, doesn't mean that that one product is the best out of all of it's competitors.

    That doesn't make sense? See this:


    The dude's right, if Apple took a brick, stuck its logo on the back, and called it an iPhone, a majority of the people would still think its made with Apple's "top-brand quality".

    On the subject of Apple's quality, its actually not all that different from its competitors but you still end up buying it overpriced.

    Now in terms of iPods and Apple's music industry, I think they're a bit overrated but only because consumers decide to make them ubiquitous. iPods are everywhere and frankly they do work well. Are they overpriced? Yes a little bit, but not by much. Not as much as other Apple products.

    iTunes. Thank god you don't have to use it. Other software can do the same thing as iTunes and they actually don't hog system resources (astonishing, I know!). However, the iTunes Store is something completely different. Probably one of the most overpriced music stores ever. They charge more than their competitors and then what do they do? That attach DRM so you're forced to use iTunes. Wait, WTF? I thought we stopped using iTunes cuz it was so clunky. I guess we'll have to find an alternative.

    Amazon Music is the answer. DRM-Free music at a reasonable price in the most widely known music format in the world, MP3. Amazon's Cloud service just make it even better to use everywhere. Well what about iCloud? What about it, it doesn't do anything special. We've had cloud computing for a long time and network analysis actually depicts that iCloud services don't even point to Apple, they point to Microsoft's Azure services and Amazon's Cloud services. Once again, Apple isn't innovating, they're just refining what's already been invented and then charging you for the control that they have on the consumer.

    So Apple Tax is defined finally. The reason behind Apple's overpriced products is not in their hardware or software but in the control the company has over what the consumer can and can't do. To maintain this control, the company has to pay up and their level of vertical integration goes to the point that they need to charge consumers for their own exclusivity on their products. Now I'm not sure if that made a whole lot of sense but let's look at Macs.

    Let's open them up and see what's inside this Mac Pro for $2500. Let's see it's processor is an Intel X4 Xenon Nehlam clocked at 2.8GHz. Graphics is an ATI Radeon 5770 1GB. Everything else is generic hardware such has hard drive, memory, and optical drive. . So why the hell does it freakin' cost $2500 for this machine that made up of PC-hardware? Is it the software? Last time I checked, OS X was $30.

    So Macs are PC's made with specific hardware for OS X. So why am I paying double the amount for this machine if its internals, when priced on the PC market, don't add up to even half the price of Apple's machine? Oh I guess I forgot about the aluminum case. I guess it costs a lot of money for the aluminum case. My bad.

    That brings us to the in-between case of OSx86 or in other words, Hackintoshes. A Hackintosh by definition is a computer with non-Apple hardware running OS X. Well Apple hardware=PC hardware so I'm not sure this different than the normal Mac. I guess its that aluminum case once again, darn that aluminum.

    So normal computer hardware can be engineered to run OS X but Apple still insists on pricing it so high? WHY? I just can't fathom why.

    However I have to say, any OS based on UNIX kick's Windows' ass at the moment. If Microsoft used a different file system (not NTFS), fixed the permissions system (not UAC), and somehow got rid of the registry, then I'd say Windows NT would be a good core component to use.

    Apple rant is over.

    Let's move on to Canon. Bless them, they're actually good at the professional cameras they make and I mean REALLY good. Have you seen their latest line of SLR's? They're pretty nice.

    However, I was provoked to talk about them because of their compact point-and-shoot cameras. They're a little expensive and don't exactly live up to what I want in terms of some features but I view them just as Apple's iPods: a little expensive but they do the job well.

    I was talking to someone about me trading in my Samsung PL200 for Panasonic's DMC-FH25K because the PL200 can't take pictures of a moving object indoors for its life. They immeditaely told me, as if it was law, that only Canon's cameras have the technology to take good pictures in low light. I didn't say anything outloud but my thought process went kinda like this: BULLSHIT.

    Canon's cameras are great, don't get me wrong, but for a point-and-shoot there are better alternatives. Their HS System or High-Sensitivity System is what the person was talking about and its not a unique system. Other cameras have similar engines. Such as my Panasonic of choice is running Panasonic's 5th generation Venus Engine which is basically their competition to Canon's HS System. So if the two cameras are equally matched in terms image processing, why would I go with the one with less features? Just because it was made by Canon?

    Okay this blog is effectively over. If you had the stamina to read through all that, leave your comments.

    TL;DR: Just because a product is made by a certain company doesn't make it good. Many examples from Apple and Canon. Apple's computers are overpriced and I can't fathom why. iTunes & its store suck. Canon's point-and-shoot cameras a bit overpriced and lack features in comparison to competitors.
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    Music Morality

    So I'm a fan of Owl City and some of you may not know but they have a new album that comes out tomorrow. However, about a week and a half ago, a rip showed up on torrent sites everywhere on the net. So since I liked the group I thought I'd download it and give it a listen. I left it in my iTunes library and copied it on to my iPod. Now don't get me wrong this album is really nice but I knew someone would catch on wondering where I got it if they went through my iPod, such as my girlfriend. So I deleted all of them off the iPod only except for what I thought were the singles released. Turns out, what I thought was a single wasn't a single. So when my girlfriend goes through my iPod just as I predicted, she wonders where I got one of the songs since it's not released. Somehow I get through the conversation with minimal casualties.

    I say I'll delete the song and keep the only single that was released that I "bought". She's okay and we move on with other things. After a little while, I start to wonder how much it would cost to actually buy my library since most of it downloaded off the net.

    I figure it would be okay I bought used albums off Amazon if I wanted the entire album cuz I'll just rip the songs and never see the CD again. As I start searching for the albums I wanted, I realize most of these are about $5 including shipping.

    So to beat the system, I've created a method in which I'll download the newly released songs off the net, wait for the used CD prices to go down and then buy & rip it so I own it legally. So instead of paying the fixed price of $9.99 for X&Y by Coldplay of iTunes, I'll buy a used CD off Amazon for $3.81 with shipping included. I figure this is a pretty good system and when I start getting a steady income of money, I'll just put aside $15 a month to rebuild my music library.

    However, not all the music I have are full albums; some are just singles that I like off albums. For those, I'll just download from iTunes or Amazon MP3 for $0.99 a pop. Total for my 1,180 songs is $247.10. That's A LOT cheaper than buying it on a fixed rate.

    Anyone have any other similar alternatives they use to save money on music?

    Also I just had a friend on Facebook basically "Like" everything I've ever done such as comments, statuses, and links within about a minute. What script/app did he use and how do I get him back?
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    I'm an idiot.

    So my dad snags an Canon MG6120 all-in-one printer for about $70 at Fry's Electronics and and brings it home. I'm thrilled so I dismantle my old printer. Take out the power cord and USB cord. Move the printer and clean off the dust. Dad puts the new one in it's place and I go under the desk to retrieve the two cords. Remove the old power cord and start tracking the USB cord. Assume that one of them is the right one, I unplug it. Windows makes a device disconnect sound. I know it's not that one since the printer was already removed, no sound should occur. I plug it back and all of a sudden the PSU glows and then the PC shuts off. We smell something burning. Shit.

    So we dismantle my PC and just leave it alone to cool down. Had dust on it so we blew it off. After a bit of cursing under his breath he opens the PC to find the burn on the bottom USB ports on the back panel. Weirdly enough, nothing was plugged into those ports... We removed the PSU and are assuming it's burned out but we'll test it later, definitely need a new motherboard though. Going to need one that's AM2/AM2+ with DDR2 memory and a DVI port. Any inexpensive one will do. My old one was top quality but considering my dad will have to pay for a new one and possibly a new PSU I'll settle with anything.

    It's also my fault. I have a nasty habit of not letting my computer shutdown very often, just sleep. Could have been a coincidence or my abuse that it burned out, dunno. Nothing was bein overclocked either.

    Hate myself now.
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    Saved by LogMeIn

    So I walked into AP Biology and my teacher says in his Spanish accent, "Okay, I'm collecting your labs. Please pass them up. :D" Then it hits me. I forgot to print out my answer to the last lab analysis question. So I started to freak out for all of about 10 seconds when I realize my computer is on and LogMeIn is running in the background. WOOT. I ask if I can borrow his printer, he says, "No but you print something." I laugh and run over to his computer. I go to LogMeIn.com and log in. My PC shows up and I enter its access code. I was worried it wasn't going to work due to the fact the computer was running an old version of IE. Nonetheless, LogMeIn accessed my desktop using some Java application and I uploaded my document to the school's grading system. I logged out of my desktop and moved back to the original's PC's desktop to download the document. Printed it out and I was home free.

    Anyone else use LogMeIn like this? Very helpful.

    homework* in the title.
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    Parents Rant

    So I have SAT Subject testing and AP testing in a week, so I'm extremely stressed. On top of that, I signed up for an engineering seminar that's on an academic acceptance-rejection policy. Unaware that it was a national thing, I got rejected. My cousin from Arizona decided to pop in expectantly last week right in the middle of my study time. So that adds to the stress meter.

    Today, my family decides to go see a movie. My sister asks me to look it up when I get home and I tell her its at 7:20PM. She comes back at 6PM and asks me again while I'm frantically studying because my mom doesn't believe her. I blow a fuse and yell at her. She complains to my parents which start yelling at me, saying that I don't have my priorities straight. Studying a lot everyday and somehow finding time for my girlfriend's piano recital tomorrow afternoon but not finding time to go see a movie with them. They claim that now they're not going to drive me, let alone allow me to go.

    So I yell back saying that it's unfair and whatnot. Eventually, I just walk away cursing under my breath and go back to studying. They left to the movie and I'm home alone now. Grabbed the spare key and went out for a walk around my neighbor for fresh air.

    I don't really know what the point of this thread is, just express it I guess.