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    Unknown Phsycotic girl calls me on my mobile 4 times

    So, my phone started ringing and it was from an unknown/ blocked caller. So, I answered, and the caller started breathing heavily. I said "hello?", but still no response. The caller was just breathing. So I ended the call and she called again after 10 minutes, but this time the caller said with a whispering voice: "Hello!". Of course I thought it was a prank so I asked "how are you doing?". She said "fine" in a whispering voice. I advised her to get a life and I ended the call... But then after 5 or so minutes she called again and spoke to me. She told me that she had my phone on her mobile but she didn't know who I was. I told her my true name and a fake school and she told me yours (I'm sure it's fake). I asked her where she got my number and she told be she found it on a bench! I was like wtf??? This was not possible because no more that 10 people that I really trust know my mobile phone number. I asked her if she was kidding and she said yes in an annoying manner. So she said she was happy to meet me, and I sarcastically said that I was too. We finished talking at around 1 am... So at around 2 am she called again just to tell me that "she asked a friend of hers and her friend that goes to the same school as my supposed one, does not know anyone with my name"... I mean what the hell? Who calls at 2am just to say that? I told her that there are many people with my name in that school and it is not possible for her friend to know anyone... Psychotic bitch! Why does she care so much? I wanted to tell her "erase my phone number already"! What are your thoughts on this? Did she really find my phone by chance, just pranked me or did a "friend" of mine tell her to call? I believe that the 3rd case is more likely to be true.
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    My thumb hurts after playing other m for 3 hours

    Ouch! After playing over 3 hours other m my thumb hurts. Actually a line has been created on my thumb! Oh that wii remote's d-pad... Ohhh why does joy have to be so painful?