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    gui710 As the title says I've found a 4Gb MicroSD on the subway, the question is, should I open it on a VM/separate PC, format it or just break it and toss it away?
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    gui710 Well, since everyone is posting their summer goals why not posting mines...

    S U M M E R G O A L S

    1. Gather some friends;
    2. Tell one of them to make music:

    3. Tell one of them to make story;

    4. Tell one of them to make characters;
    5. Learn to code and compile everything into one;

    6. Make a game (PC);
    7. Learn how to Lucid Dream;

    8. Get a GF;
    9. Read Attack on Titan's Manga;
    10. Buy a Bike;
    11. Ride my bike with no handlebars;
    12. Cry because I know that I'll never get a GF;
    13. Browse GBATemp, Reddit and 9GAG most of the time;
    14. Play osu! 12/7;
    15. Wonder why can't I get a GF;
    16. Tell myself that I'll do some exercise;
    17. Wake Up;

    18. Eat;
    19. Sleep;
    20. Look up my at friend's meme
    web page;
    21. Realize that I learned nothing about code and that I suck at life;
    22. Try to get my first summer job;
    23. Miserably fail because I'm shy af;

    24. Do Stuff;
    25. Finish Pokemon Fire Red for the 1000th Time;
    26. Do Stuff again;

    27. And more Stuff.

    Please notice that i'm not totally joking about this list...
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