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    grey72 It's really not, just that it's hard to hear stuff when you live next to a street. Even with good headphones. Now I wanna move to the quiet, peacful countryside. Or get bitchin headphones.

    Tinnitus is still a bummer tho.
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    grey72 I'm bored, and feeling dumb so it's time to share some dumb stuff I did when I was 12

    I was messing with candle wax, because I was dumb and 12; and was holding it over my stove. Yeah, it got too hot and caught fire. I had a cup full of molten wax on fire

    I moved it over to the sink and dumped water into it. While staring down at it.

    It made a massive fireball

    Thankfully I had glasses back then too and my eyes were safe from being burned off. And I never touched candle-wax aga-JK I still mess with candle wax every now and then.

    Then a few years later I saw that fried frozen turkey mythbusters episode where they had an actual oil fire and got a jolly good scare out of it
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    grey72 Any of you guys ever feel the need to just walk or travel or move about or something, else you don't feel right at the end of the day? Sort of like a walking/travel quota that you have to expend else you don't feel good? I've had to stay indoors because of some bullshit for a couple of days and I feel freaking horrible. People say running/walking is an "addiction" and was wondering if anyone feels similarly.
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    grey72 Usually it's towards the end of the exams when I begin to get wiped out, but with three weeks off before my exam, which is tomorrow, the show hasn't begun and I'm already dead
    grey72 What better way to wake up after a refreshing after-school nap than by jolting up scared as shit, and with the clock saying 7:50pm

    I feel nauseated as fuck right now. Never ever gonna stay up every again, schoolwork be damned. Never watching evangelion again either, that's what started this fucked up nightmare business.

    Okay maybe I'll watch the rebuilds.

    Fucking spooktober ass bullshit
    grey72 My school's decided to make my life a living hell it seems. Where to begin, Jesus

    The end of the semester, according to our school themselves is two months away. Why, oh why is the last class tomorrow?! It was announced today, one freaking day before it's gonna happen. What the actual crap's going on?!

    This messes up so many things, oh God. Our assignments are haven't been evaluated yet, and now all the teachers are demanding to see all of it on Monday; TWO DAYS FROM NOW!

    Also announced today was that 20% of syllabus is self-study, meaning they don't need to teach us shit. Hey guys, might wanna let's us know that a bit earlier next time, like oh I dunno, the start of the semester perhaps?!

    The freaking mid-sem exam's starting on Thursday till Saturday, no one has any assignments done and now we've got a bigger study load for the end-sem at December. I'm hoping against hope all the parents get involved in this because this is absolute lunacy, This isn't even a degree course, heck it's barely a college-level course.

    I'm sorry this blog isn't well written at all but I just wanna get a bit of this bullcrap off my chest ATM. This doesn't look like it's gonna end well. Wish me luck guys, I'mma need it
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    grey72 2014 was when I was starting to get familiar with online communities and the like. It seems like a lifetime ago now. I was much more naive back then, well more than I am now. My school and family were pretty much the extent of my world. I never gave thought to my life and what I was gonna do with it.

    2014 was when transistor came out. I was on a bit of edgy streak back then, and the trailer caught my eye. It was a announcement trailer dealy-o, without any gameplay. but something drew me in. I downloaded it, and after tinkering with it for a few minutes I started playing. Being almost exclusively a Nintendo gamer, transistor was something completely new and different. I didn't make much sense, but it felt cool and edgy, so I pushed on.

    The end game was when I got the first mindfuck of my life, and the ending was a solid kick in the chest. It was 4AM in the morning in my new, very own room, and I legitimately got scared. I couldn't take my mind off it for days one end; I couldn't even sleep the next night for a long time into the night. It scared the living daylight outta me.

    It was summer break. I had moved not long ago and had no internet for a couple of months. Those weeks were the first time I ever thought seriously about death. That death is perhaps more bearable than living on at times. It was the first time I thought about love, and how far people are willing to go for the ones they hold dear. I didn't get the it back then, and I don't think I get it today, but transistor made me feel its weight. It's the norm to either brush off or straight up ridicule sacrifice and suicide; A lack of luxory tends to turn people bitter, I know that now. I could no longer simply jeer at it though. I'd watched the road that led to it. I felt like I played a part in that story, I felt red's pain.

    Transistor made me think, made me WANT to think. About a lot of things. Death, people, empathy. It broadened my horizons. It played a big part in making me who I am now. I wanted you to know that. Transistor's a great story and you should play it. I think I can safely say that video games are most definitely art, and so much more.

    Thanks Red. Hope the country's treating you well.
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