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    My Dad is in the Hospital

    hey guys/gals. my dad thought he was having a heart attack yesterday, so my mom rushed him to the hospital. I don't think he had a heart attack, but we found out that he needs major surgery. they poured some dye in his veins to find where there was blockage. I'm very worried about him. I haven't slept worth a crap overnight. I'm trying to sleep now. :(
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    My babies

    check this out: my gba sp (best version with back light) and n3ds xl, both majora's mask. I also have an everdrive in the gba. it works great without save problems like the ez flash omega as I've tested it. I have a zelda pouch for the 3ds and I'm using the mario pouch for the gba (it fits perfectly). both systems hacked as much as possible. 20200229_155553_HDR.jpg