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    I'm not a Nintendo Fanboy. :P


    what do you think?
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    I Quit

    ...drinking over three years ago. :P
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    Man Enough For Pink

    here's my pink 360 hdd (took it off the system to take a picture of it). are you man enough for pink? ;)

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    So, I finally started playing a new game

    I haven't really played a new game in months, if not over a year. I started with 3d world on the switch. I only completed two stages, because I find it a bit frustrating to use the analog stick. even though the game is 3d, it plays more like a 2d game for the most part, and I find those hard as hell with the analog stick. I end up moving up instead of right or something like that.

    anyway, I finally started playing bravely default 2. I'm still at the beginning (about one hour played). I'm trying to buy everything in the first town, so I've been gaining experience and money (pg?). I can't play for too long before I start getting bored with a game, so I turned it off after an hour. the game is quite good, better than I thought it'd be. I did try to beat that newt guarding a chest along the shoreline, near the first town. he massacred my party. I got hit with a spell that inflicted thousands out of everyone. I'm only on like level 5, so it killed everyone. I guess I have to come back much later in the game. anyway, I'll try playing this game an hour or two each day. it might be slow going, but I think that's how best I can enjoy it. it's funny. when I was a kid, I could play games for many, many hours, but now, I get bored too easily, so it's like an hour or two at best.
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    My Valentine


    my puppy, named Harley. she passed away in October of 2019, but I still think about her. she would always hide away in my room when she was scared of thunder storms or loud noises.
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    So My Dad's Surgery Is Tomorrow

    for those keeping track, my dad had two heart attacks back in March. well, they recently found out he has cancer in one of his kidneys. I think this is all from drinking and smoking for decades. anyway, they're going to remove the kidney tomorrow. it's not a dire operation, but there's always a chance. the doctor told him not to smoke two days prior, yet he was smoking less than an hour ago. I really don't think he cares if he lives or dies. my mother said I should say something to him, but he and I don't ever talk unless it's about music or guitars, so this is a video dedicated to him. the dirty mac, a small group of who's who musicians in 1968, headed by John Lennon at the time he was with The Beatles. other notables are Clapton and Keith Richards.

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    Gaming Frenzy

    I'm on a gaming frenzy. I played through mega man x3 on the ps2 outfitted with a matrix infinity clone, mega man 4 on ps3 cfw, mega man 5 on a jtagged 360, mega man 6 on the switch (legit), dkc returns on the wii u through usb loader gx, super mario 3d world on the same system (legit though), and now new super mario bros. wii using cbhc. I was going to play dkc 3 on the retron, but I played that on the snes mini. :P
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    Thinking About Quitting

    I don't know if I should quit the scenes on all sites, but I'm starting to feel that way. I don't know how many people know me, but I'm also known as pinky as per my tutorials and psx place. a certain site, that shall remain nameless, has posted a couple of my emails in hopes of embarrassing me. it's basically me against the site. I don't want this anymore. if I'm to be alone, then fine, I can deal with that, but I wish more would tell that site and admin to fuck off. I try to help people, and I never try to get efame. if I did, then why did I give credit to everyone but me in my tutorials? I feel like I'm a good person, but they'd have you believe otherwise. I don't know what to do anymore really. I like temp and psx place, but I don't want to feel embarrassed by posting if you've read what they have to say.
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    My Dad is in the Hospital

    hey guys/gals. my dad thought he was having a heart attack yesterday, so my mom rushed him to the hospital. I don't think he had a heart attack, but we found out that he needs major surgery. they poured some dye in his veins to find where there was blockage. I'm very worried about him. I haven't slept worth a crap overnight. I'm trying to sleep now. :(
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    My babies

    check this out: my gba sp (best version with back light) and n3ds xl, both majora's mask. I also have an everdrive in the gba. it works great without save problems like the ez flash omega as I've tested it. I have a zelda pouch for the 3ds and I'm using the mario pouch for the gba (it fits perfectly). both systems hacked as much as possible. 20200229_155553_HDR.jpg
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