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    Oh. My. God. It's finally that time of the year, when it's 33 degrees in SPRINGTIME! OH YEAH BABY!

    So now I'm going to the beach with my friends today and we're gonna go make stupid skits and see if my friend can pick up any chicks. Hey that rhymes.... anyway... afterwards we're gonna be the Asians we are and we're gonna go to a net cafe, then I'm gonna go see the girl I like. Damn today's a good day...

    Any suggestions for what we could do in our skit(s)?
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    One year anniversary at GBATemp

    Yay, I've been here for one year now, and made a record low 300odd posts! :grog:
    Gee, things really haven't changed too much, except for the lack of BoneMonkey.

    Party time!!! :gba: :gba: :gba:
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    Having a bad cold...

    Gah, just as winter's about to desert us, a cold hits me. First time since late last year... just my luck... and I was meant to have a Latin test today with my faggot teacher (I was meant to do it last Friday but I was away watching the state debating finals for Year 12s. It was shit). What a great way to end a good week.

    So now I've been stuck at home unable to sleep, watching TVB dramas (dramas from HK) since I can't sleep. I'm so tired and slightly hungry, although at the same time I don't feel like eating food since I know I'd feel quite uncomfortable. My nose feels quite dry and it's running quite badly, and I've taken quite a bit of medication.

    Any suggestions as to how I could make life better (other than playing video games, I tried that and I got a bad headache)?
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    I got Rick Rolled by Scuber!!!

    Nah I'm not actually sad. I actually sorta like the song... the epic words...

    Never gonna give you up
    Never gonna let you down
    Never gonna run around and desert you

    Never gonna make you cry
    Never gonna say goodbye
    Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

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    Stupid teachers



    Gah, I'm having the worst time at school with Latin. My old teacher has left for the rest of the year and a new teacher whom we call "Mr. Stultus" (stultus meaning stupid in Latin), is now king of the jungle. He's a total piece of shit to put it lightly.

    Currently class is like this:
    -Sit down and unpack.
    -He shouts at us for just saying one word to another person.
    -He starts 'teaching', making mistakes along the way.
    -A classmate puts his hand up, while he's quietly discussing the mistake with the guy next to him.
    -Teacher shouts at him and the correction is never made.
    -Someone else puts their hand up in an effort to point out the mistake.
    -Teacher also shouts at him and tells him to put his hand down.
    -Everyone gets back to work.
    -Someone's whispering and he shouts at them.
    -Nothing gets done.

    So in the end, even asking a friend a question (because this teacher's so bloody unreliable) will end up with you being shouted at and you thirsting for blood. I'm at wits end (as well as every other Latin student)! Me and a lot of other classmates are considering petitioning against him because of his inability to teach properly. Our old teacher managed to get us through one chapter of the text book in 2-3 weeks, this new teacher has taken 4 weeks and counting.

    What annoys me most though is that I was doing very badly at Latin until recently, when I suddenly had an age of enlightenment and understood everything. Then I got 58/65 for my last test and did pretty well. Then this teacher comes along and I forget everything I've learnt and I've lost all will and interest in learning Latin.

    In fact, me and my friends have gotten so bored that they've decided to teach me some proper Chinese... which I guess is more beneficial than Latin (since I'm Chinese).


    I wonder if we should petition against him tomorrow or give him another week...
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    Wow cyberbullying is pretty damn bad... we had a police constable come to school today, take up one precious period of PE just to be lectured about how the internetz is dangerous. 'pparently 1 in 6 children are bullied in some form using electronic devices (in New South Wales I think...). The constable then went onto say about bullying in online games (I believe usually for justified reasons eg. the guy being flamed is a total dickhead or absolute n00b who thinks they're so damn good), Internet crime (hehe warez) and Limewire (who actually uses this?). Then she (the constable) went on to ramble on about spam and not giving out passwords...

    The thing that struck me about this lecture was that the powerpoint presentation was sponsored by Microsoft. The whole presentation was laden with advertisements! That was disgusting. One of the points, and I quote, was "Xbox, the only safe way to play games online. People who disrupt games can be reported to Microsoft and dealt with. Private games can also be set up." My ass the Xbox is the ONLY way to stay safe. Ever heard of Hamachi? PS3? Servers with passwords? *Sigh*

    The next advertisement I saw was about preventing trouble from the internet. Another point was "You can protect yourself using Windows Vistaâ„¢, Liveâ„¢ One Care and playing games online with the Xbox360."

    Wowee, Windows Vista can save you from phishing and spam automatically! I might as well ditch XP 'cos I'll be so unsafe all my passwords will be stolen! And if I wanna stay safe playing an online game, I MUST play using the Xbox360!

    Thank you Mr. John Della Bosca (New South Wales' Education Minister) for allowing us to be filled with Micro$oft propaganda and learn about how amazingly stupid many Australian teenagers are!

    Ok enough rant :)