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    gamesquest1 Considering my main goal is snes games it's been quite a while since I picked any up, I got a couple of crappy sports games last week, but seriously feeling that dry spell, but at least one title is a new addition so I guess that's something.......even if it is just ......shaq fu
    The rest are duplicates that will replace tatty or loose carts.....but seriously if anyone has some nice cheapy snes games it would be appreciated :P

    Next up are a few goodies that tide me over while waiting for snes stuff to crop up, I like limited edition consoles and pokemon games so it's a nice lil find


    And finally probably the most "unique" item, these were apparently only 1000 made and given out to celebrate 100,000,000 PlayStation games being made, I'm not much of a PlayStation collector but this one seemed like something I wouldn't stumble across again (short of running to ebay for crazy BIN prices) so this is probably the only *rare* PlayStation thing I will be bothering with....B-)


    So that's pretty much as much as I care to share this always thanks for reading and see you next time! those snes games if you have them :creep:
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    gamesquest1 Ok I kinda figured after the last one leaving a slightly bigger gap between posts would probably be better, so it's been about a month now so time to share what's been showing up
    There has been ap few good finds, after finally fixing a few game gears up I have been picking up quite a few game gear games as they are always super dirt cheap, what other system can you find decent boxed games for a few quid, I guess the fact 90%of game gears are dead might lower demand combined with not having Nintendo tax the game gear is a decent system to collect for if money is tight

    Then we have the master system, another system that is surprisingly cheap to collect for, this one happened to have sonic built in rather than the usual Alex the kid.but yeah anyone looking to collect who hasn't been bitten by the Nintendo bug, Sega systems are so much easier and cheaper to collect for it feels almost nice not bracing for impact when asking/checking prices for sega stuff

    Another thing I ended up buying a few games for was the 3do, with me having a bit of clearout to streamline my collection I realised I had a nice boxed 3do with no games, so getting in touch with a friend I picked up a handful so it's a little bundle if/when I do eventually end up selling it

    Next up we all the Nintendo stuff,with these things being harder to find due to more people hunting for them I just lump all Nintendo stuff together

    With one of my longterm goals being to get a full snes set I'm always happy to find a snes game at a reasonable price especially if it's one of the more pricey titles and in nice condition to boot, same with any boxed nes game, while nes isn't where my heart is, I do hold a fondness for it and like getting hold of them when I can, and I finally married the nice Pokemon ruby box I have been hanging onto with a cart I picked up for a pound, so I got a mint copy for £1 As I was given the box for free because the game was missing, and again a nice cheap sealed game is something to be snapped up if/when possible, funny enough I also got a box for Mario vs donkey Kong at the same time as the ruby box, but still don't have a loose cart to go in it

    And last but not least making a last minute addition a sealed player's choice Luigi's mansion, I do secretly try to avoid getting too many sealed games as that's a very expensive side to collecting that I have no desire to get hooked on, boxed snes games is bad enough,but if something comes my way, it's cheap and a noteworthy title then I am obliged and tbh Luigi's mansion is a game I really like so I liked the idea of having a sealed copy of it

    And that's it pretty much, hope you enjoyed the slightly more long winded blog post this time about, idk if people prefer more frequent small posts or if monthly big posts are better, opinions welcome
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    gamesquest1 ok, back with another little "crap I bought" blog post

    here we have todays goodies

    So not a bad day, there was actually a few other things (a few LEGO 360 games), but I swapped them towards the snes
    PS the earthbound ain't legit :P and its technically not mine I'm just fixing it for a friend
    oh and I got these too, which I think are cool

    as always, thanks for reading :)
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    gamesquest1 not been picking up too much recently, I have actually be getting rid of some of my spare systems etc to clear up some room as it got a bit ....well messy :P

    but I digress, I think its time for a lil update on the goings on, while I haven't had too much new stuff, I did recently finally get some box protectors for some of my SNES/N64/GB/A games, I have been putting this off for such a long time on the grounds that I really didn't feel like paying nearly £2 a protector for a "silly bit of plastic" but alas I finally got some at an acceptable price (worked out at about 80p per box protector which was fairer)


    so yeah, overall the quality was pretty good considering the much cheaper price than what most sellers are after, I had a few that a friend had given me from some of the £2 per box guys and quality wise, sure they are slightly thinner but I feel they are a nicer fit and still offer sufficient sturdiness and I plan to get some more soon™ as I quickly discovered its harder to cherry pick what games deserve a box between keeping game any games in really good condition in top condition and protecting the most expensive titles, but yeah I could do with some more.

    so there we have it, that's my "recent goings on" thanks for reading :)
    gamesquest1 so i kinda always wondered why people did those "haul" video's etc on youtube with games they found and never seen the appeal of seeing what other people have been finding, but after sharing a few finds with people it turns out that some people actually do like hearing about other people stuff (idk voyeurs or something i guess.......idk you tell me i suppose :unsure:)

    anyway, so i figured i might start sharing some of my finds see if i can make this a semi regular thing (assuming i actually find anything noteworthy)

    so to start things off i have a bunch of stuff i picked up today :yaysp:

    so what do you guys think, good idea, bad idea, should i share prices or not etc (ps most of the price labels are just old labels from when they were in shops previously)