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    gameboy why is it that more and more were seeing really high numbers when it comes to rating a game? And from everything ive seen, each game has a different scoring criteria to justify its really high score. there needs be some sort of 'unified rules for the scoring of video games'

    for instance there were lots of 10s for CELESTE because of this that and this yet none of them mentioned the 'graphics' which would clearly be a 1/10 or story which would be a 2/10... but overall its a 10... yet there are 3ds games that are much much better in all imaginary categories but being 240*2p make all 3ds games nothing higher than an 8...

    God of War gets a 10/10 for graphics, story and sound but The Order gets 6/10 and Uncharted 4 get s a 8/10. Even though I could argue The order and Uncharted had better stories, gameplay, and blahblahblah the ps4s control sticks suck balls and it results in very clunky gameplay for every single ps4 game yet that doesnt factor in?

    its biased fanboyism. even from the top metacritic sites and such. paid shills.

    for something like Monster Hunter it always gets something around a 8.5 across all consoles regardless of pixel count and i think those are accurate ratings. But when it comes to some games i hate when people try to justify score based solely on a books cover or in this instance, graphics.
    gameboy I've noticed that Pokemon is becoming a horrible game, I basically had to force myself to play Sun/Ultra just to collect and breed my old ones to get the generation + symbol, I noticed that I barely finished Sun and just got all the Pokemon through tgs and bred all of them then abruptly stopped. I did finish Ultra but that one is just as bad.I don't know what it is but they're messing up the formula.

    It's very reminiscent of the Final Fantasy series to me. Once Final Fantasy 9 was done the games were no longer the same, sure FF10 is a lot of people's favorite because of the cinematic style and full voice acting and emotions but as soon as that was done Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire took over as the king of rpgs. Again FFX changed the formula and it's been for the worse and has never recovered. To me i see Pokemon is headed down that path.

    maybe it's an oversimplification of things that's ruining it maybe it's something else, too much hand holding, too many tutorials, too many forced mini games that aren't fun. Did anyone notice that it takes nearly three hours to reach the first Pokemon center? It takes 3 hrs to get two badges in Pokemon silver... Maybe it's the 3d style or the narrow walking paths, the easy battle system etc. IDK what it is but it's getting worse. Pokemon Sun holds your hand through the entire game and after game.

    on to Pokemon Switch rumors, I believe there was a quote that said they don't want to go back to the old style of up and down and wanted to do the 3d style which is fine but integrating it with Pokemon go? that sounds like a disaster, ride Pokemon was friggen annoying too. Just give me my damn bike and skates or sneak mechanic and my item finder, I don't want to ride on a stupid Taurus or Lillipup, I don't mind them getting rid of of hm but they made it worse and far more annoying.. And for the catching mechanic they're gonna add a Pokemon go flicking mini game to it which spells disaster, either it's gonna be too easy or too hard. If anyone remembers the original red/blue you were lucky to catch mewtwo with less than 99 ultraballs and he was paralyzed and sleep... in Pokemon at with full powers capture you could catch meet so with a premiere ball in the first throw... Why hold your hands so much of the game is gonna be easy af, I know for a fact i didn't have to use a single potion or heal item in the sun moon series

    They're are also rumors of the battle system turning into a paper rock scissors type mini game. Again this is comparable to Final Fantasy that all complicated strategy gets lost for more simple better looking animations. In FF15 all I did was good down the warp button and everything for smashed to bits, it wasn't even a challenge, I suspect the same for Pokemon too.

    Hopefully when we get our hands on it the older players will be happy with it, and if not... Hopefully Square Enix can take back the mantle of making the most enjoyable rpgs with the release of Octopath Travel or coming out July 13.
    gameboy I played many a video game. Mosts game you play and finish boom its done, forget everything about it because beating the game was the accomplishment. Some games have segments that are incredibly memorable like beating Sephiroth the first time in Kingdom Hearts 1 or landing the stupid plane in Top Gun, beating Mike Tyson in Punchout etc.etc.etc. Been thinking it over for the past 5 minutes and I already know what mine is...


    I started to replay Pokemon when XY came out, previously I skipped all of them after Pokemon Crystal. It was weird when I found out about pokemon IVs and EV's and nature and base stats and abilities/secret abilites. I was blown away, I had no clue beforehand. although I already knew about the ditto breeding from the original johto game on GBC. Pokemon Bank was annnounced and I was all over it.

    Bought a DSlite, bought used pokemon games (which are rare) and got to work. To my surprise most of the gamecarts had the GameStop exclusives event pokemon which I transfered into my XY(although newer events gave them back eventually like deoxys mew etc) it was tough because I knew the pokeball from the mom parent transfered so I had to make sure none of them were ever in a great ball or ultraball and I had to catch a female in the correct ball with the correct nature and the hidden ability. This took the longest because I was very specific with Apricorn Balls. Transferring them was a jiff except for one generation where you had to play a mini game and recatch them in order for them to transfer.

    Breeding was made incredibly easy in XY and from there it was smooth sailing but the shiny blue powerful ones seem to take forever, I think I had to hatch 800+ just to get black charmander. The shiny blue ones are the best, vulpix, ponyta etc.

    I wrote this little blurb because I was thinking "what if pokemon gen8 completely changed the core game (like gen1+2 to gba) and the pokemon were no longer transferable, would I have to start all over?" I hope not, UNLESS... The pokemon company decides to do a complete reboot of the series and start from no1 in the pokedex and completely change the monster designs for better. Blastoise should not have two shoulder cannons and mega bastoise is stupid, but there are worse progression were the pokemon doesn't progress naturally like a charmander or sandshrew and goes from a little owl to a bowguy or a little chick to a four limb fighting Rito tribemans
    gameboy I get excited for every yoshi game. The upcoming Yoshi for switch has Goren me excited but Of course I still run on 1998 hardware and the processing power is very limited. Here are the games that I've bought(not pirated) or owned: Yoshis Island, cookie, Story, DS, 3ds, Wool wiiu. Yea that's all but the GBA one. The only one i didnt buy was Island, which was a gift, but i knew where i bought all the other ones. I've noticed that the only one I've finished was the first one for SNES.

    Its because of the music, there has been a change to the theme of Yoshi that has made it VERY BORING. I decided to research it and a name comes up, Koji Kondo. Koji kondo has only composed music for one of them, the very first one. Its the only one with heart and pizaz. Take a listen to the opening stage to Yoshis Island

    Its upstart, fun, and it sounds like the beginning of a great adventure. The yoshi games games made following it have had a very different change in tone, more a walk in the park, relaxed, easy breezy take a nap in the afternoon kind of tone

    As stated before the tone of it makes it sound like a boring walk in the park. These songs are well composer's but It makes the game less enjoyable. I've only shared one example from the last one, Wooley World, but each one has had the same tone starting with Yoshis Story which came out in 1998. Yup 1998, twenty years of boring music.

    I was hyped for the switch yoshi but I looked at the demo and... You listen to it

    Same ole walk in the park boring music. This disappoints me. When it comes to yoshi, the nastalgia from Yoshis Islands music is so grand and wonderful that I expect the same level of excitement, adventure, rhythm etc.. Not this walk in the park kinda weak music. Even in the first game yoshi could turn into a helicopter, train, mole, submarine. The gameplay is still enjoyable but I don't see any appeal to the music for anyone younger than 40yr.

    Nintendo needs to do something about Yoshis soundtrack and direction, at this point I'm just bored from all the old man stroll in the park music. Maybe one day I might enjoy the old man music but for the foreseeable future that won't be the case.

    I forgot how the music is more dynamic with the inclusion of baby Mario riding Yoshis back which also raises the stakes. Yoshis adventure without a baby just isn't as intriguing or as inspiring
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    gameboy Currently playing FF15 ($15 Target BlackFriday) just started playing it last week and it feels already like an incomplete, inconsistent disaster that is clearly still unfinished ten years later. But while riding in the car the only soundtrack I listen to is FF8. Brings back memories...

    I had played FF7 as a kid when it was new and when FF8 came out I was hyped, the game in former demo was the best demo every made too. I finally didn't get it until ff9 went for $20 and I grabbed ff tactics 7,8,9 and legend of dragoon. at the time the best graphics were square enix games gran turismo 2 and metal gear.

    The battle system and the junction system are a mess when it comes to ff8, but the character designs were better than f7 and ff9. I really really like 9 but I cant get past some of the weird chibi designs. Even the HD remasters ff8 is the best one of the ps1 era. But fuck the remasters they ruin a lot of the music and are shitty ports...

    I know people don't like this game but I've played it repeatedly many times and each time I've completed it I've liked it even more. KEEP IN MIND I HAD A GAMESHARK SO I DIDNT HAVE TO PLAY 60HRS, at its story heart ff8 is about a 12hr story. I don't know what it is but the colors are amazing compared to dragoon, 7,8 and tactics, the orchestral music really tied me in too and the game was basically FFXV where its set kinda in a fantasy present. And for the first time it was a love story, all final fantasy previous involved a power hungry man who was gonna set to destroy the world and each progression seemed very similar to me, ff8 for me is different.

    The story makes more sense each time the game is played, I feel that's its meant to be like that because of how everything finally ties together at the very end. The interactions and emotions in that game were at its most realist and some of the games now still can't capture relationships and emotions and human behavior that capture thoughts, when I saw Zelda leap into links arms in the Zelda trailer it reminded me of the ff8 trailer of rinoa and squall.

    Even though the story is about a power hungry person, this game its more about the story of squall and I really love it. The only other games that came close was 9 but it wasn't as good, 10 was alright too but again there wasn't much in comparison. So much more I want to say.

    But if any final fantasy were to be able to become a Four Season 22 ep Anime, Final Fantasy 8 is easily the best candidate for that one

    Again play the original one on espsxe emulator WITH gameshark as the new HD remaster does it no justice, especially with the music
    gameboy So I boot up Zelda Ocarina of Time 3d, there were no save files left, i deleted the saves but it seems that I play it once a year each time in October around the 20th since 2013 and 100% complete it, weird, I alternate between master quest and regular quest every year. I wonder if October is Zelda month for me and I wonder how far this predates. Pretty weird though, stupidly I didn't take a picture before deleting some files. Last year when I played it I encountered a glitch were I destroyed 100 gold skulltula but it only said 99, which sucks
    gameboy after seeing a few things during the aug 22 gamescom i realized that my worst fears about nintendo have come true. see the other day i wrote about how nintendo was gonna screw it up, and i wanted to write about it months ago but didn't until after that an exploit was announced and people started saying how i only wanted "whatever they thought i wanted (im not a mind reader)" ill try my best to explain it but im terrible with putting words on paper/forum.

    You know for months now all switch owners have been wondering "what will they bring out next after 2017" and i too have been wondering the same, However i always had a hunch that they were gonna lock stuff behind a paywall.

    You see, when Nintendo says they are working on content, they aren't talking about new games, theyre talking out trickling out updates to older games that are intentionally built incomplete. they wont charge a DLC fee, mostly.... they'll just charge a yearly fee. Are the days that Nintendo dares to make complete games gone? We see games like Xenoblade and Mario Odyssey and Rabbids Kingdom but we don't see anything else. The future for Nintendo games is clear, bring out Two complete games out a year, but have Two that are incomplete and need constant updates... See ive always hated incomplete games, its just me, i don't like going and buying a cartridge and its only a portion of the game.

    But i saw the future when they were really pushing Triforce Heroes and Metroid Federation and really trying to learn how to make games that were online friendly but they never solved how to keep it fresh... well they did now. The formula is simple, have a base game and sell it, and then build to it as it goes to keep people playing it. Is it the same as playing an incredible game? I dont know, When was the last time you picked up Zelda? It was a 10/10 game no? Even that game is incomplete too.

    There has been certain critcism about nintendo games that always point to them being fun, good replayability but lacking in content. the way nintendo plans on fixing it is by releasing very little content then adding more as time goes by to fool people into thinking that theres much more content ahead, instead of just putting it in the game.

    why give us the whole thing if they can just milk us for more money?
    gameboy (this is a response to the worst thread of the year in which i was asking fellow tempers on ns scalping LOL)

    It all starts with that thread that was started here awhile back "Baseless Nintendo Switch Speculation" (in which all of us were completely wrong about it)
    but that started all the hype of the Nintendo Switch for me, i waited for a good year to get one....

    stupid me, i thought you had to pay for preorders in full so i waited a day. Preorders opened up on a friday and my sister and i went to gamestop saturday morning with all my consoles (n3ds, wiiu, ps4) and there was a sign on the door "out of switch preorders"... my heart sunk, having polished all my stuff i decided to sell it anyway thinking that pre-orders for gamestop would open up before March 3rd.... THEY DIDNT... Here i sat with $695 in gamestop credit and no Nintendo Switch, as a matter of fact, no consoles for two months. (except pc, but pc it boring to me) just thinking about whether to buy a wiiu back(NO! im getting a SWITCH NO MATTER WHAT and im getting TWO from gamestop)

    The wait was dreadful to everyone who didnt secure a Switch preorder, "nowinstock" "reddit" and how to get a preorder. Some people even got there Pre-Orders cancelled and had to scramble to find one LOL. That lasted for Two whole months for some people, and I myself having sold all my stuff didnt even have games to play for two whole months (except for pc which is boring and i didnt play it) the wait was dreadful....

    Game Informer happened... Breath of the Wild magazine cover with a perfect 10... I been waiting for this game since 2014, i bought a wiiu after the e3 presentation. But reading on reddit and "how to get a switch without a preorder" threads. I read ALL of them. Gamestop had limited supply, Target was the best bet but Bestbuy was "the place to go". Looked at the weather for thursday.....

    The plan was settled, called gamestop to confirm limited stock, CHECK... Showed up to the store around 1:30pm and they got a line started for me. FIRST IN LINE BAYBAY!!!!
    View attachment 81661

    i asked to make sure gamestop had extra because none of them would say, i asked them the right question and they confirmed with me "THERE ARE ONLY 3 EXTRA UNITS". I sat down, i didnt have lunch and i didnt have anything to drink. The cold would make me need to use the bathroom so all i ate were daily vitamins. Another guy joined me, at 2:30... it was cold! the weather indeed was 2degrees with -20 windchills. Me and my new line buddy had three layers on and we started shivering around 4pm... Then 5pm came and a couple came and waited in line with us. There it was, 3 extra units already filled, only 7 hrs of harse cold to wait. Once it got dark it got warmer because the winds died down and we laughed and joked for hours that it went by so fast. None of us ate, none of us drank. Many people were turned away from the line because the units were taken. Word of mouth reached to us that the line for Bestbuy and Walmart stretched to the back of the store LOL we didnt care, we got the last three switch!

    the doors opened, we went in, people who preordered showed up, there were about 20 of them, all dressed in shorts and tshirts while we had multiple layers. We started warming up and our bodies started to fall apart, everything started to hurt.

    Then the manager started yelling "get in and get out as fast as possible so we can go home!" 10mins later, he yelled again at his minions "you guys fucked up! you guys sold switches we didnt have, you were supposed to cancel those preorders" (they go into the back for a good 15mins with muffled yelling)

    "OH SHIT" we said "They better have our Switches because we waited in line for 10 hours in -20 wind chills"
    (the gamestop employees were shameful but i couldnt blame them because the manager was at fault)

    Finally we get in the back of the line after 11hrs of waiting and WE ALL SECURE A SWITCH. They had to cancel the preorders of people who didnt show up for midnight release because we waited there and they had already promised it to us LOL.

    1 o'clock
    I get my switch FINALLY, "that was insane, i cant believe GS fucked up real bad"... Im driving and i think "well... i waited in line for this long i might as well do it again" (i go and i wait in line down the block where they didnt have a midnight launch at target) it was easier this time, it wasnt as cold, the pressure of securing a switch was gone and here i was waiting in line for another switch, for my sister this time, once morning came, people started flocking again, many many were turned away. The faces of pain for those who didnt line up for at least 5 hrs....

    Getting Home
    After a whole day and night waiting to secure two nintendo switch in NEGATIVE weather happened, my body started to warm down. My leg was hurting really bad. My whole body was busted up. MY FINGERS WERE SORE AND STIFF from shivering all night that i couldnt get to play my switch for two whole days... but that didnt matter because i had accomplished and sacrificed to get a Nintendo Switch, and a secret one for my sis LOL

    Two weeks later and my back is still a little achy. My sis didnt want the switch and i scalped it for $500(ns+zelda:botw a $400 value) but what is $100? is it worth it for some? how much is the wait worth?
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