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    An undying dream - Revealing of a Sight

    Hey this is Gwen Halbaida, and I am here because there's such things in the world that we cant see, but there's one that I like that out of it. We should think that everyone has a thing to figure out the reasons for the chaos in our mind, but we can't figure out for corruption in this world. And this time on my birthday I have t share of you.

    There is this world that we cant say about it, but five years in GBAtemp, I was intended to be the Radiant Successor, but I couldn't think what I'm going to say. It maybe a nonsense thing, it is not safe to use ability, but until on some unexpected time that Laris Borromeo - er Raylight Saga happened, but unknown belief that I would know that the GWH actually stood, but I know we can take over, It's been five years. yeah I know it's been five years, but I'm still going to return the favour, you think so? However, you cant tell when the supply chain comes in.

    Once I know its been a while, but I get there, I'll get to see the truth behind it, and see how its grown, if all we know., Some things like Mercury thermometer, is known to have dangerous materials enough to be banned in some countries due to how it is harmful to the environment. That leads to how it's banned in the pharmacy. I hate using those thermometers! Well, we are in a midst of chaos and I've seen that much, GBAtemp isn't actually my story as intended, but that is for another something like a fictionalized version of GBAtemp (Terseract) calling against something like Vanaterion. GBAtemp reviews are completely different from those like in Gamespot and IGN.

    Now after Halloween, the 9th Generation of gaming will begin, The PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X will compete, and with small returning players like the Atari VCS and the Intellivision Amico fighting back on the console stage, it's easy to realise how gaming has change and all of those who believe I may not think, they rely more on digital. I am still worrying about my dreams, that change the world and decline of project 17, which is actually the base for a fallen rom site. I have more else to say to you once I'm done, but to tell what's in your heart is all that even matters. It's weird to see how it will turn out, I know a lot but we'll change the world afterwards.

    I would have thought that the NCM would give iits code to something unfair, but I was seen bu Agancia Storm, that would keep everyone asking, not for everything, and there's 7-PCM channels, which Abandoned Heart is higher than the rest,but my wish for the future, in the next 27 years of the Growing Internet - is to bring back retrogaming and E3 2021, FIND A PIECE OF MY HEART, and fall in love, hehe! I don't want the world to die, but Lishana Pinkaret's worst heart isn't simple, I saw her dressed in black and we never knew I was praised by Lishana out of nowhere. It is going to be nowhere. I am not really that frail or such but we know that were crossing that bridge with lessons I've learned, playing with fire and not getting burned. You know what is going to happen.

    My birthday wish is to end the chances of killing everyone that's gone into me during the course of the Rayleigh Process, and that all of the lovely remnants change the idea, and my dream, to think it's going to believe the last remnant crest is such memory, so you see that I can believe where I was and what I am.

    To all vagrants care of me, thank you for supporting five years of my experience in GBAtemp - and I want HMAlice_McNeil unbanned, because I am going to leave somehow.I realise that the ADPCM sound chip works better than SX-Executer, ruining on a modified Switch - but now Team SX is dead. I remember the PSP era though. I really hope to see the real agenda, but gaming is my life.

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    Violent Dreaming of Walpurgis Night

    Violent Dreaming of Walpurgis Night
    -The side of Normylich-

    Do I think I almost know this?
    But of anything there is change
    Now this is the time I will
    The violent witchcraft will soon rise upon....

    At the end of April it begins
    The time before Halloween is near
    My parents used to be witches but now
    They are against the reality that lies behind

    This could mean terror and fear
    As the darkness spreads beyond the empire
    I hate being dead, and paralysed
    Melody Folsonym is a child of Walpurgis.

    I hope this could bring me back
    As my friends were lost before dawn
    This Walpurgis Night I will bring an end
    with the Abandoned Witch (TM) and GRM.

    The dream will be a reality
    The beginning of the NAW era comes
    If the infected and evil witches died
    All in the name of Melody Folsonym!!
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    GBAtemp Universer 01 - After Alliza Era

    (Note: This story is fictonal and may be updated if I have time before April 30th)

    This is the peaceful land of Terseract, a peaceful land of Switch modders and Console hackers living together in harmony. But something happened one day. They heard the news that two neighbouring states of Wicharissa and Melodiapublic and against the Gibathaenpa Tersaeract, and they want one of Terseract's good leaders dead, so in no way out of reason, they killed Chary and Prans. This incident has hard in the sense that there;s tiolent ways in side of its rights.

    3 days later after their deaths, the people aren't turning their back until their leader Chary is revived.. Two other facyions are also involved to attach the GbaTemp - they are the Anberians and the AMS Foundation. After this, in the reason of batranpol, one person was saddened after the loss of Chary, and asked costello abut the matters.
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    GW Halloween Poetry Memories

    This is GW Halloween and this is my first entry into the GBATemp blog.
    As you know In my free time when I'm not playing Dreamcast games (Dreamcast was my first console though) I started to write poetry, but I later got back on gaming until now. but now with the Walpurgisnacht season coming in April, I decided to go back and write more poems about my chronicle history and also the AMS project the mentioned Walpurgisnacht, and Hallowe'en. This is the first part. And more parts are coming, so I should prepare for this,apparently. I will not include any Chary-related stuff though, since I'm done with it.

    01 Revelation

    As we go on behind all times
    A memory of heart and life has came
    The memory of Halbaida has crossed
    And I know it is always stays the same.

    My thoughts lasted through years
    but the voices of the lost stream
    As time marches on the distance
    We share the luminary dreams

    I have to say with you
    the our love will never die
    As the Ashes of Memory vanish
    I think you knew, as I.

    My friends think I'm a weakling
    But with my varied fame
    I ignored those who are against me
    And with my strength I avoid them

    I hope I have to say
    With the revelations and fears
    A mess that is made
    will be revealed to the rear.

    02 Ainaril Ritmary

    Back in my day I see something
    A place where dreaming happens
    and the road to the new age
    is in this new world as I say.

    Aninaril Ritmary, the fallen angel
    In her time she knew the only resource
    The only chance for her to live is to say softly
    And to live again might not really happen.

    Ainaril knew that living on this world
    is a unknowingly mess of thoughts
    As anyone can see there's Melody in the world
    I see thar tomorrow could be a dream.​

    As she tries to get back she sets out
    to find the true meaning of her life
    The world seems to change a bit
    And on I see what is with you.

    After that Ainaril changed her life
    Because her friends came to her
    And then she escaped with her life
    In the end Ainaril was never seen there.

    03 I wish I was a Witch

    I see this ever changing world
    I see friendly faces and hear lovely tones
    But lately I see witches
    Now what wonder If Iwas one?

    They are longing for good magic
    And sometimes they use it
    Sometimes they are Halloween symbols
    And sometimes they are good friends.

    And so I say to you that
    If you want to be a witch listen to me
    There is a way to be one of them
    And just wait for Halloween, as I see.
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