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    Should I complete all the shrines in BotW? *POLL*

    So I'm guilty as charged, bashed other players for completing or trying to complete all the shrines as no life losers. However, I've played the game since 3 days after release and I find myself having complete 90 shrines. If there are only 120, I'm getting up there. Close enough to make me consider beating them all (I never thought I'd find this many but yeah I've got 15,000 rupies in the bank with all kinds of clothes, I've played a lot). Thing is, I think I have found most (but not all) of the fairly easy to find, out in the open or not too badly hidden shrines. It's probably mostly shrine quests and nasty hidden ones at this point. So the work to finish the last 30 is gonna be harder per shrine than the first 90 that came naturally to me with normal play. And I may need a guide to help me.

    So I gotta ask, should I complete them all, or not?

    (I've got like 100 korok seeds, and no way in hell am I going for 900, I just do the ones I bump into and also know how to solve)