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    Futurdreamz RCA Cambio W101 V2

    I wanted something cheap and hyperportable to complement my bigass desktop, and I wanted something that was at least capable of any random task I wanted to throw at it, even if it don't do it that quickly. Thus the W101. I figured if I really use it lots I'd evetually get a higher end system, but in the meantime I have something little I can just throw in a bag when i go somewhere and do random shit like download movies or browse the internet.

    It's a little bit better than the el-cheapo Windows tablets of two or more years ago. Windows 10 performs admirably on it considering my desktop can eat it for breakfast and still go hungry. There is the occasional slowdowns when I have too much going on, but otherwise it's been pretty responsive. I'll have to look further into file management if I fill up the drive (anyone can recommend a really good but cheap 32-64gb microSD card?), but it seems like it will be fine for when I just want something to mindllessly browse the internet or pull up porn on.