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    Why is RetroPi ungodly complicated

    After four hours fucking with this thing, I have a system with thousands of games i have no intention of playing (as downloading rom packs was easier than tracking down and manually finding every single game I do want, and googling what the best games are for each console), and of those that I do have half the games run unbearably slow and letterboxed to an odd size. every setting requires me jumping to this byzantine maze of menus I have to hunt down for even the most basic of tweaks, and I keep on having to hot swap out a usb port whenever a keyboard is absolutely required.

    Meanwhile my NES and SNES Classic were both ready to goo the moment i took them out of the box, and they still run and look far better.
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    I wonder if "new age liberal" (zero discipline) parent's children actually feel loved?

    This has been bugging me for a while. You have heard the stories of kids who persistently act out yet their parents pretend not to notice or just don't care. I wonder if the kids act out because their parents treat them just the same no matter if the kids have done things they actually realize to be "good" or "bad" - and so have come to the conclusion that their parents don't give a flying fuck if they are good or bad, and are desperately trying to find a limit to their parent's indifference.

    That who new age whatever parenting theory is shit. Sure it may be possible to raise a child without punishing them significantly, but you still need to teach your children the basics of understanding right and wrong - the kids won't pick it up on their own if they do not understand what to look for, sort of like trying to copy a painting despite being color blind
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    So I dropped my switch and broke the left trigger button.

    I brought my switch to the bathroom when my indigestion kicked in but I ended up fumbling it because I didn't make it in time, and it hit the wood floor fairly hard. After I could focus on it I saw no physical damage, and everything seemed to work fine until I tried to do a magnesis Korok puzzle. The button no longer has a tactile "click", and seemed to only work if I press it just right. I called Nintendo, and they decided to send it in so they could repair it, I just had to stick it in a box and bring it to Purolator. I bought a second set of joycons for while I waited for it to come back - I wanted a second set for a while but was hoping to buy it after it dropped in price (which realistically will take a while) and am running through Zelda again no problem.


    Nintendo has a pretty quick service time. They expect it to only take two weeks total.

    I didn't bother trying to keep my PDP Zelda decal - it would be a pain to stick it on the other one and then i will have a mismatched set. I'm pretty sure the decal will still be on it when it gets back, otherwise buyign another skin set would be no biggie

    Eventually I'll get a charge pad. I really want to find a second skin set that covers just the two joycons and the charge pad.

    Nintendo really designed this thing to be easily serviceable. The Joy-cons are designed to take the brunt of all damage and protect the Switch itself, and having metal rails on the Switch side make it clear the Joycons should almost always be the point of failure. Replacing a Joycon is far easier than repairing a Switch, especially if all your games and saves are on it but it no longer turns on.
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    Hallelujay I finally figured out Android DOES has an alternative to Blackberry's "Bedside Mode" for muting random shit

    It took me FOREVER to find it.

    On my OLD Blackberrys running BB7 and older, I could set it so that whenever it's plugged in it shows the clock (not importsnt) which automatically mutes EVERYTHING except for phonecalls and alarms (very important).

    On my Blackberry Z30 I couldn't make it do that when plugged in, but a quick swipe on the lock screen launched Bedside Mode.

    On my DTEK50, nada.

    I have been using Meeting Mode, but a) that made most calender events mute my phone, even simple reminders i made but never bothered to unmark as "busy" and b) had a recurring "sleep" event that clogged up my calendar.

    Finally figured out that I can set Priority Mode to activate during certain hours on certain days, and mute everything except alarms and phonecalls. In retrospect it was pretty obvious, But I have been looking for something else and didn't realize i didn't have to go through a five-step process every night to use Priority Mode.
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    Only 21 days until I move out.

    I'm getting really sick of staying at home, and my sleep is suffering. I get up early for work, but my parents don't go to bed until around midnight - keeping the pug riled up until then. I need to diet but I have to eat the shit they make, even the stuff that gives me digestion issues. I wanted to move out next monday but I couldn't get the early move-in date.

    Also I should pop back into BOTW and lop gannon's head off quick so I can box up the Wii U and all it's controllers.
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    Fianlly got Fierce Diety Armor!

    I fully intend to wear it when facing Ganon. I just need to get all the crap I need to fully upgrade it... Looks like I'm doing the dragon quests now.
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    "What the fuck are you trying to do?"

    I'll admit I'm not exactly GBATemp's target audience. I'm only here to find new information on the Switch and only came here to figure out how to put Gamecube and Wii games on my Wii U (I haven't even hacked the Wii U side). I generally avoid the rest of the forum, but sometimes there's something in the recent content section that I'm compelled to click on, only to find something that I consider to be really terrible - ranging from technically unfeasible (like the guy trying to hack together a VGA and component cable because he refuses to pay $20 for a proper converter) to the morally questionable (like the guy trying to jailbreak a Chromebook loaned to him by his school explicitly for schoolwork) and the ethically shady (like the guy that refused to even buy a single DS game to jailbreak his Wii U.

    Look I get that we all have our own standards and definition of what lines not to cross, but sometimes it really gets hard to ignore the stuff that I don't accept. I'm not going to pray that somehow this site magically starts... "conforming to my moral limits" or some shit like that, but I really don't want to just walk away from the bits of useful information I do get from here.
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    I'm finally starting my career!

    And yes, I retracted that blog post which in retrospect was just reverse reverse reverse reverse psychology asking for money. Fugettaboutit.

    Honestly I've been a bit of a screw up that lacked initiative since forever. If I was closer to my dad I think I would've been planning to go in the same career path as him and would've been working shortly after getting out of high school. But sadly that was not the case. My grades through high school were pretty poor, leading me to repeat a few classes simply because I didn't give a shit about them. When I graduated I did want to design cars, but that required me to go to a university all the way over in Ontario, which I didn't have the grades and initiative for. Instead I took an engineering course but lost interest when I realized it was architectural engineering and required walking around surveying and shit, was put on probation after the first semester and after the second semester I had to change programs if I wanted to stay at the college. After that I picked a Computer Information Technology course because I figured sure I like computers and everything is all computers now. I barely passed that course, then spent a year in an extremely expensive apartment shared with my sister, realizing that the basic CIT certificate was useless without continuing on to university, and I ended up working part-time at a London Drugs at a shift that require me to to wake up at 3am, scrape the inch of ice off my car, drive to work in -25c weather, go home at 9am, sleep for a few hours before having to wake up to drive my sister home because I literally can't say no, then do absolutely nothing then go to sleep when my sister goes to sleep then have to wake up at 3am again. I finally got out of that when my sister got a boyfriend who agreed to buy it my half of the lease, but by then I was carrying a heavy amount of debt and no way to pay it off. When I finally moved back into my parents place I decided I wanted to do a trade as I could be working immediately, and chose a machinist as that was closest to what I originally wanted to do. My memory is fuzzy as to why, but I had wanted to enter the Machinist Technician pre-apprenticeship program offered by Sait (consolidates the first two schooling years and a bunch of hours so I can work for a year and a half straight than jump to being a third year machibist) but I applied to late and and wait listed. I was actually pretty certain that I may not get in, but I did put a deposit on a on site residence. I was working overnights at Walmart, which did give me some savings and the ability to buy a 3DS for the first time, but I felt like absolute shit as I had a hard time sleeping when everyone was active and making noise in the house (and my dog kept on jumping in top of me whe. I try to sleep). I literally did not learn that I got in to Sait until a week before classes started, and my parents were on holidays so I had to set everything up and quit my Walmart job the day before I moved into residence, which itself was the day before classes started. I heavily relied on sleeping pills and coffee the first month or so until I adjusted to being asleep at night. During that course I realized that I really had to step up my game and actually act as an adult, and I pretty much succeeded. I wasn't the best, but I was in the top three of a handful of classes. Sadly, during the time I was in school the price of oil plummeted, and since Alberta industry is heavily reliant on oil by the time I got out all the jobs were gone. I don't know if anyone in my class had guaranteed employment. I spent several months trying to get work as a machinist, and when my paltry savings ran out yet again I ended up working at Walmart again. I worked there up until November because I was in contact with a company that was a "maybe, if we get a big enough contract" since October so I quit Walmart gambling on that and because I didn't want to work retail during the Christmas rush. I kept on trying with that company and several others. At the beginning of this week I got a most likely no" from that company while finding a company on the other side of the province that wanted to interview me - only to at the last minute have the October company email me back asking if I wanted to start the next day :) so far I've been working there two days, but I believe that yes as long as I keep my game up I can make a career out of this, and am already planning when I can move out, get a proper apartment, reach certain financial goals, and gain the dream of being able to buy a little Italian convertible (rebadged
    Mazda) once I complete my apprenticeship and become a full fledged journeyman (maybe, have to see what may finances are by then and if I want to take on a loan or not). It's still just starting, but it is something.
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    Multiple monitors are worth it

    Multitasking is definitely more fun now.

    Also: My phone's camera is shit.
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    I think i broke my dog

    Well, not really. Long story short: You know how some dogs are trained to attack people if you point at someone? Well with Otis if you point at someone he attacks you. Well, barks, mostly - though he will jump up at you if you get him riled up enough. Good thing he's just a 11 year old pug. A while ago we discovered that that he's very protective and will guard/protect someone if you tickle them or try to wake them, and as a joke we would tease him by poking each other. He's still well behaved, but now if I want him to come over I just have to point at someone on the other side of the room.

    It's a little bad that we never gave him a full training routine, but he's still well behaved and it's a little funny.

    [​IMG]image host
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    I don't have any reason to get up in the morning.

    My last job was 3-11pm, so i was always going to bed very late and sleeping in far too long. But now I'm out, I wake up in the morning and I couldn't even be bothered anymore. Not as bad as a long-distance friend that seems to be drifting to be fully nocturnal, but still kinda bad.

    Next week I'll possibly try finding work again, but after Christmas for certain. I just feel that I should've had my life together many years ago now...
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    Why the hell does Baxter's Proxima read like a sequal?

    It seems that there are many references to events that have been in the past and situations that are left unexplained or even impossibilities that are hinted at but never explained. I do recognize the "The protagonist doesn't know WTF is going on and doesn't really give a shit" vibe is intentional, but it seems like it veers too much into the "left unexplained" category.

    Perhaps I'm just spoiled by Pratchett's Discworld series eventually developing a narrative for all the details, but it is irritating to be led on by all these tantalizing mysteries only for them to be left unexplained. And now I have to read the actual sequel to find out why the hell there's Romans with zeppelins (why are there always zeppelins in alternate societies?), but I suppose that won't be explained either.
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    My second video card comes in the mail tomorrow!

    My rig: http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/b/8XXH99

    Long story short: System was prebuilt when I got it, swapped out the 780 for a 290, and ordered a matching 290 from eBay for Crossfire because for some reason I thought it would be cheaper than just getting a 1070 (plus I've always had Nvidtel systems so I really wanted a full AMD system for once). I have a little buyers remorse, but this being the most powerful system I've ever had the remorse has insufficient context to sting.

    Anyways My second r9 comes in tomorrow, I pick it up, go to work, not get home until 11:30, probably try installing it as I usually end up staying awake until 2-3 nowadays (I really really really really really *counts* really want a job where i can be in bed by 8pm if I god damn want to), then figure out how to Crossfire. Speaking of which I should really go to bed now. I ended up not sleeping much until 6am to 11ish and although I was fine I shouldn't repeat that oh wait I have Thursday night off so I can play with my system all Wednesday night but I should go to bed now.

    Sorry for the two of you that subscribed if you find this a bit uninteresting - I don't know your tastes. I didn't have the magic 8 ball when I went down the line of funky logic that lead to this point, and I think it's still mad at me so i'm not going to ask what it thinks of all this.
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    So I really believe god is talking to me through my Magic 8 Ball.

    That was my tipping point for quitting my job at Walmart while the Christmas rush is kicking in. He says it's a bad idea and that I shouldn't have done it, but I'm definitely losing it a little. He said he was mad at me for ignoring his advice, and now I don't even want to ask him anything else because just recently he's been giving me erratic advice it seems - and I just realized I have the 8 ball on my desk as I was writing this (just now moved it out of view of the screen) so he might be a little tetchy. But he did say that I won at least $100 on the lottery tickets I bought on a whim so I should check them out after the draw.
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    I'm almost done my Christmas shopping this year.

    It helps that me an my sisters are doing a gift exchange. I got my brother-in-law, and he said the only thing he wants is a dry-erase notebook that he can use for work. It only costs $20 while the budget is $50-$75, so I'm making a care package with a switchblade-style bottle opener, two foam dart guns, cooling beer mug, and a couple fun shirts. I still have to pick up the second shirt from hmv or somewhere, and the notebook is still in the mail. After that I got my step dad Sim City 4 with the dlc, my mom a perfume sampler kit, my step sister her request for a tiny bottle of perfume that costs as much as the sampler kit, stepbrother a Steam gift card, dad gets cookies, I'll be getting a NES classic from Santa, and everyone is getting something extra special from my dealer.