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    funem Acekard Review, the bare bones edition


    To play the DS's best
    The Acekard is up to the test
    So load it up with some cool stuff
    It's so easy you don't sweat or huff
    Then just flick the switch
    And it fires up without hitch
    The Acekard does the rest it's not tough.

    The menus are effective and cool
    The options understood by a fool
    Now next you must just pick your game
    select it by its picture or name
    just wait a short while
    while the card loads your file
    man that's easy I think you'll exclaim

    Couldn't think of a review as I have never seen or used one, so wrote the first thing that came into my head for a laugh......

    Note :- The Sixth line originally read "and fire up that bitch" but I thought it wouldn't sit well :blink: