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    What were your teenage years like, reader?
    Did you make the most of them? Do you have regrets?
    Or, perhaps you are about to embark on your own journey?

    Recent literature suggests that we now remain in adolescence until our early-to-mid-twenties, and today I certainly fit that profile. For those of you around a decade ago, this time I am approaching my mid-twenties for realzies.

    Back then I remember a brief obsession with Star-Trek comics and in particular a panel in a Voyager book where Seven-of-Nine reflected on her transition out of adolescence into adulthood and her occasional doubts but an overall sense of triumph. For some reason, this particular scene stuck with me, and it's only now, sitting in Euston station following a dinner, that I understand why.

    I wonder what the teenaged version of myself would think of who I am today? The things I have already accomplished. The things I now aspire to achieve.
    I hope he would be proud, and maybe even a little excited, but, I am not so sure.

    Like so many of my generation, my guardian was the internet, and in no small part, it was this particular community which helped shape who I am today.

    It was a tumultuous, hormonal time and balancing any of the true accomplishments, the friends and acquaintances made; there were many mistakes made. In particular, episodes which have resulted in valuable reflections over the years, but there's a part of me which profoundly regrets having learned crucial life-lessons this way.

    The internet is a poor surrogate for normal, human interaction, and there are zero chances I would have made some of the mistakes I made had I been experienced an internet more representative of reality. Perhaps then I may not have learned the same lessons. But perhaps recent efforts to reshape and censor parts of the net are for the best.

    My biggest mistakes, however, were those ultimately alienating those around me, leading to me leaving this community and burning many bridges. Actions I still regret.

    Seven-of-Nine's words echo in my head today because I experience the same doubts she did: Do I regret the transition from adolescence to adulthood?
    No. I am an entirely different person now, driven by a mission and personal goals, with incredibly deep technical skills and much improved social skills.

    Improved enough to see that without a doubt, I squandered my adolescence and so regret how I spent those days.
    Improved enough to see that without a doubt, I do not miss being that person.
    And improved enough to realize that I shouldn't care about what the teenaged version of myself might have thought of his future self after-all: Even if he didn't mean it, he was a complete asshole.

    I hope, dear Reader, you do not make the same mistakes.

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    Antoligy's Fables

    Hi. Apparently I wrote a story about Cesar, and so I've decided to turn into a series. Read it at your own peril, etc... Also, there will be updates so check back every now and then.

    The Spice Merchant

    <img style="float: left; margin: 5px;" src="http://i.imgur.com/OBQeX.jpg">
    [font=georgia,serif]Once upon a time, there was a spice merchant by the name of Steve Tryhard. [/font]
    [font=georgia,serif]He'd spent many years crusading the deserts, discovering obscure sources and making rare finds, and so had built up an extensive collection of assorted spices. Amongst this collection were rare fauna and liquids, the likes of which had never been seen before; a magnificent display of colour and flavour, the sight of which would make any rival merchant glow green with envy. Eventually, tired of the solitude and endless walking he decided to settle down, and with his new-found herbs and concoctions, start up a new business.[/font]
    [font=georgia,serif]He stumbled upon a small town, by the name of Temp, where he was initially welcomed with open arms. There, he quickly rose to popularity, before taking a seat within the highest echelons of their society. From this new-found position, our hero embarked upon the formidable task of [/font][font=georgia,serif]making his dreams a reality.[/font]
    [font=georgia,serif]Finally, after years of wandering and months of hard labour, his shop was ready for opening, and oh how the townsfolk did flock. Initially it seemed like a resounding success! His produce was being lapped up by all who'd attended. However, fortunes quickly turned for the worst shortly after he began peddling his spices. For you see, the residents of Temp didn't have a particularly high level of tolerance to spice, and as he'd made it readily available, he was quickly ostracised by all those too puny to correctly perceive the majesty of his mighty seasoning.[/font]
    [font=georgia,serif]Months passed by, and the situation gradually spiralled out of hand; Steve Tryhard's humble abode was now the victim of countless arson attacks. Quickly, they overcame it and despite attempting to retaliate he found himself engulfed by the onslaught. [/font]
    [font=georgia,serif]As the flames burnt through his residence, destroying what he'd worked so hard to achieve, Steve Tryhard wept.[/font]
    [font=georgia,serif]However these were not self-pitying tears of contempt, nor were they tears of fear. These were tears of pity; The denizens of Temp were enviably oblivious to the damage they had incurred. And so Steve Tryhard's feeble incarnation ceased to exist; burnt by savage flames, crushed by stampeding trolls. His miserable fate serves as a warning to us all.[/font]
    ...Or so we thought, HI FIBRIZO!​

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    If you can't take the heat, then get the fuck out of my kitchen.

    Nintendo, Apple, Microsoft and Sony all suck. They all have their shortcomings, and their weaknesses, but share one common weakness. Namely, their fanbases.
    Even within this community of Nintendo gamers there are distinct factions of fanboys, who cause petty arguments to break out in every thread.
    Why? What do you gain from it? If you can't face seeing someone saying something mean about a company's product, then you really need to sort your priorities out.
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    First, I'll advise you that screenshots and a copy of this are being sent to my attorney as have every single post that I personally have written over the past year. Many people use this computer and apparently many people also make posts. In the current situation anywhere between 2-8 people have posted under this username as it's automatically logged in when this URL is brought up. It's not my responsibility to monitor this. There are many posts here and I cannot regulate them. ​

    Second, your IP address has been captured through one of these idiotic posts over the last year. There is limited meaning to this, but it has resulted in identifying you. ​

    Third, someone using your username has contacted my work office as well as made phone calls to my family's home. The IP location matches the area code of the call and is now in the hands of our fraud department to research. As it relates to the call to my family's house and my older brother, those threats have been reported to the local police. ​

    Fourth, should you continue or make any more accusations, threats or reference anything from this website that was not written explicitly by me, I will immediately pursue legal action against this IP address, the company that houses this IP address and anyone that has been granted access to utilize this IP address by its owner. If you are under 18, I will pursue your parents or legal guardians. My work is in support of this and suggested it. ​

    The accusations and information that have been spread through these calls, texts and emails are not only false, but slanderous and include information and details that was not posted by the person whose work and family you contacted. This constitutes harrassment. This is no joke here and I will not be sitting around while it continues. My lawyer has confirmed this and told me to tell you this. ​

    In addition, I've been directed to advise you that any contact you make with my family, work, associates or anyone else that knows me personally, that the next contact will be through a court order which will include a civil lawsuit for any damages, potential damages or the threat of damages as it relates to my reputation, perceived reputation or any similar reputational risk of any co-workers, family or friends that might be connected to your or anyone under your IP's jurisdiction. ​

    The phone number that was used today to call my office(s) was logged and the call was recorded per standard operating procedures. I've been sent and have a recording of this call as does my attorney. ​

    I've already opened a case with my employer that ensures any future calls or communications will also be recorded and/or documented to ensure this does not continue and any future contacts are recorded appropriately. ​

    You might be some little kid....not sure. But, let me tell you, the fact that you have no money now is irrelevant when it comes to slander. I'm happy to take a portion of your salary and spread it amongst all affected for the next 20 years as you work to repay your debt. Not to mention my legal fees. Should that not exist and you are supported by someone else, they will be pursued for this expense. If you are still a minor your parents will pay for it, guaranteed. Google it. Welcome to the real world. ​

    I have not written a SINGLE NEGATIVE POST nor done anything to affect your reputation. I'd suggest you revisit your decisions or deal with the consequences should you attempt to do something inversely with me. ​

    In addition, if you repost, forward or distribute this PRIVATE MESSAGE to anyone outside of the authorized owner of this message box, you'll also be hearing from me as the content within this message is only meant to be read and understood by the owner of this username (look at the rules when you sign up if you disagree). The action of distributing this content, is in and of itself, an attempt to distribute contempt and slander beyond what you've already done. ​

    Realize I have spent the money and used my resources to identify who you are, where you live, etc etc but you don't see me posting anything about you, calling your work, etc. ​

    I already have every single post you make automatically sent to me and logged as of Sunday. You've been warned and there will be no second warnings. Violate the above and find out what it means.​