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    Snake Eater

    > Include an intricate system of hunting for sustinance and performing medical procedures to restore health in order to improve realism.
    > Bosses control electricity, hornets or use psychic powers.

    I'm still in a dream, Snake Eater! :creep:
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    Best Girlfriend Ever

    How come she always knows what to get me for our anniversary?


    That is all.
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    Fat Boys Slim

    to the family!
    Oh, Gaming Grotto...
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    Finished Operation Raccoon City, started Legend of Grimrock...

    Everything's in the title, really. Operation Raccoon City was... uhm... "Fun", I suppose. It was definitelly different, but there's a truckload of things that I think still require improvements in this game. Enemies sometimes act as if they were headless chickens - even Nemesis doesn't seem to be bothered by the fact that he's slightly taller then the average machine and the fact that he sees me doesn't mean that he's not shooting right into a crate standing infront of him. He's so carefree.

    And don't even get me started on the teammate AI - I can't even begin to explain how many times I wanted the medic to heal me and got completely ignored by her. On other occasions, she obviously healed me when I was close to full health or started healing just out of my reach, probably to tease me. Ugh.

    Overall it was a pleasant experience though, and that's what really matters.

    I'm currently on the 3rd level of the Grimrock dungeon and I must say... Legend of Grimrock is freaking awesome. It's exactly what you should expect from a dungeon crawler, it's lookin' good and it's a good value in my opinion. Definitelly try it if you liked games like The Dark Spire, Etrian Odyssey or Stonekeep.

    That's it for now, I guess. ;)
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    Rant #1 - Uninspired Nicks

    Welcome to the new addition to my blog - Random Rants. In these lovable publications I will mention all those things that make me cringe in life. We'll start with nicks that should've never been created - nicks that make me want to kill the people who use them.

    As you already know, I tend to engage myself in sometimes futile disputes about hardware or software, purely for sport. Sometimes a third party enters those relatively serious discussions - I mean those very special people who label themselves with very special nicks.

    I can understand that some people simply aren't creative - that's okay. I'm not asking anyone to create a breathtaking essay though, I'm simply asking people to choose names which are not making them look like complete douchebags, fanboys and heavy-weight idiots. I also understand how some people like to express their feelings connected to particular products... but don't You have signatures for that? Are Your lives so uneventful that the only identity You can assume is the identity that was created by someone else?

    You know I'm talking about You. You, the people who are so grey and boring that You cannot even choose a nick that's inventive in any way. You who blend in the masses of SonicTheHedgehog123's, LuigiFanNumber1's, SonyLover23's, XBoxDudez45, CoDGoD88's and other nicks of this sort. Who are You?

    Why am I asking? Because every single time I see Your nicks, I sincerely want to punch you all in the mouth. How is picking a name difficult? It's just a name. It's not like you're writing an elaborate backstory for imaginary characters, you just create a nickname for Internet use not to show off your real identity.

    How are you going to name your child? Will you do what Robin Williams and his wife did and just say "Ah, screw it, let's name her Zelda"?

    Think about it. Think about yourself and what you represent. Think about how people perceive you - the Human Banner rather than a person.

    I'll give you an example of how people react when they see your downright bad nicks. When I discuss for example hardware with knowledgable people on a forum dedicated to gaming, I expect educated opinions from people who actually have something to say. I do my best to compare competing consoles as objectively as I can and finish my post with a quick conclusion with a spice of personal opinion, as one should in a proper paragraph. It usually starts off pleasant but all of a sudden one of Your kind rolls in, let's call him Alvaro3DS for convinience sake. I see Your post, I even read it, but I don't see letters, I don't see the message. I don't want to reply to you at all... errata, I do want to reply. I want to tell you to f*ck off and hide in your fanboy cave. Your nick tells me all I need to know about your opinion, I immediately dismiss what you had to say, even if it made sense. You're not Alvaro anymore, You're a walking 3DS, why the hell would I want to talk with you?

    Another example. Let's imagine a discussion about shooters. People name their favourites and least favourite titles and give reasons as to why they like them, and then You roll in, MasterChief235 and nobody even reads what you had to say - they already know. Your post is completely pointless, you could just as well write "I like trains" and people are still going to understand that You probably like Halo.

    Do people really want to be percieved like this? Why, explain it to me, why do they sacrifice part of their personality to become a walking advert? Why do they choose to become less of a person and more of a franchise? Do they think it's cool? It's not cool. Stop it, please, before you lose all dignity.

    And all those who agree, do comment and thank you all for reading.
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    Syndicate and... something else.

    I started playing Syndicate and so-far I'm pretty pleased with it. The world looks just as I expected it to look, the atmosphere's there, the Agent augmentations are pretty cool and the shooter mechanics simply "work". This game is free from one of Deus Ex: Human Revolution's issues - you are badass from the start, you plow through hordes of enemies like a cyborg would and it's incredibly satisfying. Unfortunatelly the RPG aspect is non-existant - you can of course upgrade your powers but to be honest, not much changes - the upgrades seem trivial and insufficient.

    The game can be frustrating at times as it is not afraid to toss dozens of enemies at you - either it's me being crap at playing games on a laptop or it's just constructed in a way that will make you die. A lot.

    It's a fair challenge thought and you really want to carry on playing, for the sheer fun of shooting, for the story (which is one of the slow-developing ones, really) and for the gorgeous graphics. The game can be really breath-taking at times... and at other times, the designers REALLY overused bloom effects... So I guess it's a mixed bag.

    All in all, it's pretty damn fun!

    Other than that, my best friend and his gal hopped in last evening - we haven't seen each other for months, I was glad we finally had time to party a bit. Obviously we started up the Wii and after a few sessions of London Olympic Games, Mario Kart, Mario Sports Mix and other party games and some Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, we tried something that we never really thought of before - Just Dance 3.

    ...played 3 hours non-stop, every muscle in my body is aching and my kidneys feel like shutting down after filtering gratuitous amounts of alcohol. Fun was had... But damn, am I tired...
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    Life goes on...

    Finished playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

    It was awesome.

    Comming up next: Syndicate. I expect it to r*pe my memories of the franchise, but I'll keep my fingers crossed hoping it's a good game on its own merit.
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    Life temporarily postponed.

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

    That is all.
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    Just bought a 3DS, I am so happy with it!*

    So I bought myself a Portendo 3DS... (No I f*cking didn't)

    I have to say, I am positively suprised by the amount of wonderful games available for the system. (Not really)

    The first two titles I bought for it were Ocarina of Time 3D and Starfox64, and those two really met my expectations. I'm glad that Nintendo finally stepped up the game and released them as fully priced, new games rather than on Virtual Console - they completely validate a new release! I specifically like the jaggies - they remind me of the good old days. Connecting a Nintendo 64 to my TV and playing them in their original form would be too much of a bore for me, I would rather pay for those 14 or so year old games full price. What I didn't like was the fact that they were upres'ed - I wanted a retro experiance and I recieved some new-age shlock. What's gaming when you can't make your eyes bleed?

    That said, the gaming mechanics remained the same - same old (14 year old) obsolete mechanics that made the games beautiful when I was a child. It's not my nostalgia speaking right now - oh no! The games aged well, like a piece of cheese. When they were released, they were a tasty slice of Gouda - now both of them ascended to the smelly Limburger status.

    After playing those two, I was left hungry for more, so I asked mommy dearest to give me some pocket money to buy some more amazing games. I ran to the game store and immediately picked up Nintendogs+Cats. Mom never allowed me to have a real pet, like a cat or dog - she was afraid that they would die of filth and starvation like my hamsters did. The game is revolutionary and completely not a Tamagotchi-wannabe. It's a fantastic improvement from the last title, I'm quite happy with it.

    Right now I'm browsing through the E-Shop, I'm thinking of getting the Farmer Simulator, it seems to be the best title out there at the moment.

    I think I will wait with buying a Vita - the 3DS really gives me all I need right now. I mean, it even has Metal Gear Solid 3D, and that version is far superior! In moments when there are many enemies on screen, it's programmed to slow down so that I can keep up with them! I mean, bullet time is awesome, isn't it?

    I can't wait to play some other wonderful ports, remakes and shovelware for the system. The Portendo 3DS is just oozing originality, I have to say, I was wrong about it.

    First impressions? The Portendo 3DS is really a must-have for all those lazy gamers who don't feel like going aaaall the way to the attic to whip up their older consoles. It's also great for slowpokes who appreciate lower framerate when it's absolutely necessary. Not only that, the E-Store is filled to the brim with interesting apps that are totally not farted out by the developers in hopes of getting the odd buck from losers like us.

    Break out your wallet and buy a Portendo 3DS, unlike the Vita, it completely validates a purchase!

    *Everything you've just read is completely not true and posted in a satirical manner, just because I'm sick and tired of Valwin's blog edits.