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    Yet another dead console saved

    Black screen and power off after 10 seconds? Check. Paste so crusty you could use it as Play-doh? Check. X-clamp mounting screw so tight its thread was completely stripped? Check.

    A little TLC later and another console from the dumpster was rescued - woo-hoo! I was expecting the power delivery, APU or HDD to be buggered in some way, but no! Just poor assembly. It's always worth giving a faulty girl a look before you put it in the bin - big problems sometimes have small, easily rectifiable causes.

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    The Poll to End All Polls

    Tits or Ass? Answer below.
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    My local Mickey D's has introduced the Triple Cheeseburger. That's the end of the service announcement, see y'all in the diabetes clinic.
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    I am a 300 IQ genius

    Y'know how hot dog stands have those enormous sausages that stick out of each side of the bun? The ones that you can never find anywhere when doing groceries? Something dawned on me.

    I grabbed two sausages, unwound the casing between them, squeezed the filling together to form one long sausage, gave it a bit of a pre-boil before chucking it on the grill... Perfect.

    I am Gordon Ramsay.
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    Another Year, Another Anniversary

    Tomorrow marks the 11th anniversary of me joining GBAtemp, so before the clock ticks over past midnight, I figured it'd be a good time to celebrate. From a chance visitor to humble forum troll, to Reporter, all the way to Global Moderator, what a journey it was! I've dedicated years of my life to this site and I don't regret a single moment of it - I wouldn't have done anything any other way. I've met some great people here - some have stuck around, others have long since left, and GBAtemp lives on as one big family of nerds. Cheers to those who are still with us, cheers to those who have moved on, and cheers to another 11, bah! Another 100 years of GBA goodness! Keep on Tempin', and I'll keep on Tempin' with you! :grog:
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    Unexpected Upgrades

    Imagine a scenario - you're watching something on YouTube as you're dozing off on the couch, the cat snuggles into you, the dog is fast asleep and your eyelids eventually turn into lead. You fall asleep, blissfully unaware that the TV is still on since safe shutdown mode is for wimps, and it's now displaying a static image. Now, imagine you wake up hours later to your screen having odd lines across it, and you've only just bought the thing. Clearly not something that should happen one month from the initial purchase. Messing around with the settings and even a factory reset didn't solve the problem, so the issue was clear - factory defect of the panel, thank god it popped up so quickly.

    Oh-oh, spaghetti-o's...

    I packed the bugger up and returned it to the store, and I have to say, the experience was pretty painless. I have to compliment all of the staff at the establishment, they happily replaced it on the spot, but since they didn't have that exact model, I suddenly gained an extra five inches of display - I was happy to cover the difference, which admittedly wasn't much. I am now staring at the most beautiful behemoth of a TV I've ever owned and I couldn't be happier. 4K HDR naysh!
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    Today was a good day

    I spent the day with the missus celebrating our 11th anniversary by doing absolutely nothing at all, which was a welcome change from constantly being busy. Instead of working from early morning till late at night, we just sat on the couch, enjoyed each other's company and gorged on fast food without a care in the world. This was almost preferable to the usual song and dance, and the stress people associate with anniversaries. Most people try to recapture a magic moment from the past instead of realising that there's a magic moment happening right now, and they're running past it. Of course the current lockdowns sort of restricted our options in terms of celebrations, but all things considered... I can't complain! I'm feeling relaxed and reenergised.
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    The Adventures of a Dumpster PS4

    I work with hardware for a living and often times interesting things land on my desk. Some of them only need a little tune-up, others... are destined for the landfill. This saddens me - I don't like throwing hardware in the bin when it still has a spark of life in it, so I sit down with my tools and get to work - let's call it "ultra-recycling". Today was one of those days.

    IMG_20200821_202640_422.jpg IMG_20200821_202656_550.jpg

    From the moment I gazed upon this poor girl I knew she had a rough life. The shell was partially missing, the back end was twisted and the top was dented, so I suspect that it was thrown. Hard. Upon connecting it to a display I saw signs of life - good news, the motherboard seemed undamaged, but the fan was whirling like a hurricane and the system was stuck in Safe Mode. It was time to investigate.

    IMG_20200821_202659_355.jpg IMG_20200821_202702_256.jpg
    IMG_20200821_202707_536.jpg IMG_20200821_202705_183.jpg
    IMG_20200821_203504_645.jpg IMG_20200821_203414_653.jpg

    My god... Dust, rust, total carnage... but... the motherboard works. I remembered that I had a spare PS4 with the opposite problem - a nearly mint shell, innards that I've already cleaned, but with a bad motherboard. It was time for a transplant, and I got right to it. After much dusting and scrubbing I've removed the debris and as much oxidation as alcohol wipes could. Next it was time for a healthy helping of Noctua NT-H2, some assembly and a firmware reinstall...

    IMG_20200821_202710_807.jpg IMG_20200821_202712_810.jpg

    What a beauty. But... Does it work?


    Yes, yes it does. Another one saved.

    What's the point in sharing this? What's the moral of the story? One man's trash is another man's treasure. Before you get rid of your "junk" system, give it a look. It will serve you well, if you treat it right. A little TLC goes a long way.

    EDIT: Added a picture of a previous project, a PS3 Phat delid.

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    Play time is over! Let the #NoGaems begin! ;O;

    What the fuck...
    ...am I doing with my life?
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    Rant #3 - People who don't know what they're saying.

    This is going to be a quick rant, much unlike the previous ones... maybe even just a pet peeve of mine rather than a full-blown problem... but I always grit my teeth when it pops up, so in the best interest of my dentures I'm just going to say it.

    Stop saying "I could care less" unless you actually mean it.

    More often than not, people fail to write "I couldn't care less" and write "I could care less" instead for whatever reason. Something transpired in recent history, something that makes even native English users "brainfart" when they're trying (and failing miserably) to express that they are indifferent towards something. Use your brain for 5 seconds, people. Not only you're using a fixed phrase wrong, you're not even thinking about what you're actually writing.

    If you could care less about something, you're saying that you care about it to a certain extent and there is a possibility that you could care less about it.

    If you couldn't care less about something, you're saying that you care so little about it that you literally couldn't care less about it no matter what.

    Is that clear now? Can we please move on from this shameful chapter in human history and write this phrase proper again? Because I will start dispensing slaps across the face when I see it - end of the line, people. Damn, English isn't even my first language and it annoys me, I can't imagine what people who know the difference and are native English speakers and writers feel.

    Thank you for your attention.
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    I bought a Master System
    I laugh at your inferior "emulation"!

    "Gaming on the actual system" Master Race reporting in! :P
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    Temporary Difficulties

    I'm seeing an interesting trend on the Temp:
    • 3DS gets a port/remake of a 14 year old game, Tempers go pants-on-head retarded with joy
    • PSVita gets a port/remake of a critically-acclaimed, contemporary game, Tempers go "Boo!"
    So "Borderlands 2" is heading to the PSVita so that now you can take all your fun adventures on Pandora with you and it's not exactly meeting expectations from what I've noticed so far. Bet you million bucks that if Nintendo announced "Majora's Mask 3DS" we'd be drowning in Nintenyearold jizz by now.
    I don't get people. :unsure:
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    Easter comes, Easter goes and this Easter I got the best gift I could possibly wish for - my girlfriend hopped in for 2 weeks and we had truckloads of fun (hence my decreased activity on the forums - sorry lads, I've got priorities).

    Apparently the Easter Bunny sent her a fax saying that I was a "Good Boy" this year, which is great. We've decided to buy a PS3 together and I'm now a happy owner of a PS3 Slim.


    You're probably wondering what's the blacked out game box there... Ah, y'see... there were some April Fools conditions I had to agree to...


    This blogpost was sponsored by Butthurt Inc. ;O;
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    Rant #2 - Opinions

    Welcome to the second installment of Foxi's Rants. My first rant about usernames was popular beyond my wildest expectations, but since then, I couldn't find a good subject for a sequel. The one I'll write about now has been on my mind for quite some time, but I never had the time to sit by the keyboard and write something about it... That time is now, and I hope that it'll be an enjoyable read.

    Today we're going to tackle something especially relevant on GBATemp, which happens to be a community practically based on debating video game related issues, namely opinions. I've noticed that many members use this word in an inappropriate fashion, and I'm not the first one to notice it. What I mean specifically are so-called "Personal Opinions".

    A "Personal Opinion" is an opinion that a given person has on a given subject, but it is bound by the same logical constraints as any other opinion. Why am I saying this? Because some people think that having a "Personal Opinion" validates their statement, regardless of whether or not it is false. You are entitled to believe that 2+2=5 - that is indeed your "Personal Opinion". but that doesn't change the fact that you're an idiot and you're wrong.

    We've all read threads along the lines of "PS3 has no gaems" or "Wii is a better console because it sold more units" - we all know what those threads entail.

    Let me give you my "Personal Opinion" about sales and about game libraries - your tastes as far as games are concerned or sales of a given console have f*ck all to do with whether a given piece of hardware is good or not because they're not a part of said hardware, nor are they qualities of said hardware. What does that entail? Let me elaborate.

    I, for example, enjoy eating apples. I like their flavour and texture - qualities of the actual fruit. I think that there's a lot of recipies I can use apples in, meaning that apples are very versatile fruits - they have a lot of features, per se. I can safetly say that I like apples without any repercussions.

    If you're one of those people who like pears better because pears sell better, you're being a pear fanboy. If after I said that, you're going to say that this is your "Personal Opinion" - punch yourself in the mouth. Your personal opinion is wrong - you're liking pears not because they have qualities you personally enjoy - you like pears for a superficial reason.

    If your "Personal Opinion" is based on superficial reasons, if it's based on false arugments or if it can be easily proven wrong, you're still entitled to have it, but you have to understand that it's a s*it opinion and it makes you look like a moron.

    Please, be careful about this term and be true to yourself. Start looking at objects for what said objects are, not through the prism of their manufacturer, the prism of their sales which do not concern you in the slightest or through any other fanboy prisms, and if you refuse to do so, at the very least don't inform the community about your "Personal Opinions", as you are risking being called an idiot and a fanboy.

    Thank you, and please discuss.
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    Snake Eater

    > Include an intricate system of hunting for sustinance and performing medical procedures to restore health in order to improve realism.
    > Bosses control electricity, hornets or use psychic powers.

    I'm still in a dream, Snake Eater! :creep:
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    Best Girlfriend Ever

    How come she always knows what to get me for our anniversary?


    That is all.