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    For no reason (which is best reason of course); I made a top 10 list of personal best tunes.

    Surprisingly, they were very easy to pick out of about 600 tunes, some were just too memorable and most of them were not at all :3 I think only probably like 2 people here are familiar with all my tunes, but if you feel like it it would be fun to hear if you agree or disagree with this list :3 I would have fun seeing yours as well :3

    1. The Herd and Nest System

    2. My Time as Castellan

    3. Sampler's Song

    4. Brewery

    5. Frutti di Bosco

    6. Yanya's Theme

    7. Town of Müklük

    8. In Castaldy

    9. Hayden's Theme

    10. The Ancient Library

    Honourable mentions:
    1st rate:

    Any collab with VinsCool (but I didn't want to include collabs here, most of them are better than any tune on this list though!)

    2nd rate:

    Snow Theme


    Escape the S.S. Hekhmemmut

    and a lot of others that are merely pretty good but then its not much of a top 10 anymore . . .