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    Flaya As some may know, I've been running a halfway home for less fortunate kids and teenagers, to give them a place to gather and enjoy some things that many of us take for granted.

    These things include videogames, holiday celebrations and help with education etc etc..

    This morning at arrival I found the front door smashed in and the place ransacked. :(

    We suffered a hard blow as someone had stolen everything we built up for the last 5 years.

    After filing a report and waiting for the police to finish their scene investigation, I'm now in the process of rebuilding what I can.

    I've decided to take everything I own from my apartment except my bed and have this place up and running again before sunset. All my personal furniture and decorations, including my game consoles and whatever food I can gather will be transported to the halfway home today.

    This has been a hard lesson in the human ways of disrespect against its fellow man.

    Thanks for letting me vent it all out in here.
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