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    When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

    i joined in 2008 but didn't become active to 2009.

    check this thread out to understand why i became active in gbatemp


    so when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

    when you fall. dust yourself; get up and start skipping again and enjoy life.
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    I'm starting to feel old now that I've lived in 5 decades

    im 31 years old ive lived in 5 decades. 80's 90's 00's 10's 20's. time just fly's by

    i remember in the 90's people were like you know this thing called a internet?

    things change fast before you know it you are the oldest person in a room.

    so make the most of your time on earth before you become soil and part of mother nature again.

    love your friends and family. respect your elders. teach your younger's about new stuff or new ideas.

    no matter what gender, religion, race, sexual orientation or what type of disability they have.

    respect one another.
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    You lose some you win some.

    I've been trying to "hack" my 360 with xkey for the last few days with no success, with @DinohScene being very patient with me. but it has been crazying me mad.


    today i learned that you can use RetroArch XMB on Wii U now. which doesn't crash when opened with RetroArch Channel. and it is super fancy stuff. which pretty makes the Wii U gaming power house.

    with a hacked Wii U you can play:-

    Wii U

    Plus all the RetroArch cores.

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    Eggs in one Linux OS basket

    Today i had the thought if Microsoft goes bankrupt what would happen to all this windows OS's... after a second of thought... i laughed and laughed and laughed. nobody going to cut the golden egg laying Goose.

    but then i had the thought of what happens if Linux Mint devs go bankrupt or just stop updating/supporting the OS.

    no other Linux meets my needs much as Linux mint. cinnamon. based on ubuntu, good support. just works out of the box. many good features.

    all my laptops, and PC's have Linux mint. one of them which is loaded with stuff.. will take about a month to backup and restore.

    so if Linux mint go the way of the dodo, damn. im done for. not really. but i would need to learn how gentoo linux works.
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