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    Felek666 Due to them, I mostly have to stay up night after night, because one idiot decides to fucking scream and smash random stuff making a shockwave near my bed.
    Then there's his woman which proceeds to fuel that shitstorm even further, increasing it's lenght to a whoopin 2h of endless screaming, jumping and mental crying.

    Like seriously, I'm about to go insane due to them. Imagine, lying in bed and then something bangs so loudly that you think asteroid hit the earth but then you hear "YOU FUCKING CUNT, STOP LOOKING AT RANDOM ASS ON INTERNET". Literally, it's the same everyday, expect it's either her or him starting up stuff.

    The worst part? That dude is retarded, why A 28 YEAR OLD MAN JUMPS WHEN HE'S ANGRY.

    Now, i'm walking like a zombie without 1,4d of sleep, somehow still keeping my balance but...
    I feel dizzy and I have a damn headache + eye pain. Yes, I'm pissed, can't even sleep properly.

    But hey, exactly at 6:20 i beated a Oni map. Still, not worth anything.
    Also, I created thingy which hides folder completely and to show it back, you need to have a .bat application which
    calls back for it.

    Anyways, see ya in the next blog post!
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    Felek666 What the hell happened here?
    *scrolls through blog post*

    Sweet jesus riding a pineapple pizza, what the fuck is this shit.
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    Felek666 Curiosity kills the cat. Well anyways, I want to know in what way do you guys see me.
    Like sneklord said "death threat sender" or something else?

    And yes, I'm jumping on this dumb train of this type of blog post.
    Yeah, be honest, no matter how cruel the reality is.

    And to end that, love y'all.
    No categories 'cause it doesn't belong to any category.
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    Felek666 Well, we see useless bitching, "i'm back" threads and other meme crap in blog section so why not cool down atmosphere a little bit?

    I don't know if i should or shouldn't write anyways but meh, I live once.
    Well, we were in the same school. She was also in the same class.
    Anyways. The whole time i was dismissed, bullied by class in years of 0-4, she was my only friend. Later i learned to be more social and to tell people what i'm thinking.

    I essentialy just talked a few words to her everyday when i was bored and no one wanted to even talk with me.
    Later we became friends.
    She was looking more like a tomboy, short hair, not-so cute clothes and other crap. Class had hard time accepting her, but when she was gone, everyone regretted it.
    Well, onto some backstory of it, shall we?

    Basically, I loved to hang out with her. We could talk about school and all that jazz. Even joke.
    I felt more alive when she was still in school. After that, everyone forgot about her but I still know her as the best friend in the world. Her name was "Nikola" (Such a uncommon name here)
    We were riding bicycles together. (Actually i scrapped that idea since i was going too fast and she got pissed at me, lol) walking around, mostly talking and chilling in the playground.
    I used to visit her to play ball or climb and stuff. This was mostly when I was 8-10 years old.
    Her family wasn't as rich as everyone's else. She was living in a [in my opinion] not very good environement.

    Furnace. Sometimes her parents haven't got money for food. Old CRT Black/White TV. Analog TV. No internet. Broken furniture. No consoles or phone or PC. She was fine with that.
    She also told me that she's not that rich and her family is poor. I didn't mind that but i still felt bad for her.

    Well.... Last time I saw her was back in 2011/2012. She told me that she's going to another family since that's how goverment forced upon her parents. Nothing changed since back then so she was forced.
    She gave everyone in our class a chance of hope. She said she will be back in 6th class.

    Was she back? No. Did I find new friends? Yes. Thankfully, year after she left, I found a new friend which i talked about tech and stuff. Later it evolved into a bigger circle then final goodbye. [Which was sad since everyone was so connected at the end]
    I went to her old place, her mother just ignored me.
    It's kinda sad, but that's how life works, I guess?

    It's 2017 and I still haven't meet her. Would love to, but I don't even know where she lifes. No one knows. She didn't even visit us once. I'm not mad at her but it's sad.
    Maybe someday I will meet her.

    Since I got this out of my chest and it was kinda too personal... Thanks for reading this till the very end.
    Not many people care to read a story about a man moaning about losing his childhood friend.

    See ya in the next blog post.
    Felek666 Well, I was bored so I decided to screw around with my tablet. Installed some custom themes like Penumbra, but at the end i stayed with Arc. (And Installed Arc-Regular Icon Pack) it basically looks now like this:
    Amazing, right?

    On other hand, I did nothing regarding to coding in past 2 days since my brain refuses to cooperate with me and i do dumb mistakes like doing typos in code. Mostly because someone keeps waking me up at 6:00 for no reason.

    If you want really boring stuff: I went to a shop to buy myself a Fanta and drank it. (Is that boring to you?)
    Also, I played Tera together with my friend today and we discovered emotes. Guess how that went, I couldn't stop laughing with him.
    Featuring me saying "Hey, press F2 with me! We will be closer to our quest!" and we wasted 40 minutes walking around Valkyria and trying not to die from deadly bears surrounding it. (Yes, I though that it would be cool to kill it, meanwhile it just slapped me to death)

    And that's all. I'm tired as hell.
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    Felek666 Well, I always wanted to create a nice community.
    Others did it and it always worked for them, but never for me.

    My every attempt ended up with either, dead channel or dead Discord. There was some interest but at the end, people left and I just got demotivated and deleted my Discord channel.
    Alright, I always wanted to record on YouTube. Not for money, not for fame. Just for fun. Just to show people that you can play for fun, no matter what it is. Mobile games or PC games.
    The limitation I had was obviously: My PC. No matter what I wanted to record, it would lag like hell.
    No capture card either but my pc would render that footage for 32h straight.

    So, all i did was record mobile games. Some liked it, some videos were a hit or a miss but one thing people don't understand is, these videos look simple, yet it took me 5h to even try to record a decent footage. There's some idiots from my class who all do is jump onto my videos and dislike it, I could say that I don't care but that's not true. It's just sad and it's pissing me off.
    My YouTube channel is dead because my phone is dead and i can't afford anything new since my family ism't so rich and I don't have money.

    You wouldn't realize how happy I was when my first video hit 1k views. It was simple video showing a mobile game called "Beat Tower". Subs don't matter for me since it's only my class subbing me and they don't ever bother watching me.

    I also get pretty excited and I went as far as creating a Steam group for my Discord but everyone ignored it and some random dude got his little feelings hurt due to one group inv he got.
    I don't understand since people join shitty groups like "I fuck lolicons" (Yes, group like that exists) but if i invite somebody, they either decline or "rape" my chat by sending 5000 messages about how shit i'm.

    *sigh* I guess YT isn't for me since I can't afford a decent PC and i'm still playing with 2009 CPU and 2011 low-end gpu. Trying to create a community isn't for me either.
    Guess, i'll just go back to being no-one and just playing alone. My friends never want to play with me. They only text me when they feel like it and I like an idiot go play with them.
    This blog is mostly complaining about how my life is shit, no it's not that. I love to live the way I currently do but no one understands that not everyone is rich.

    Okay, I wanted to end it here but: You see, people only follow people on steam who are above level +100 and keep giving away games. That's like, sucking OP dick just to get a free game. They have discords full of people, thousands of groups and leechers. @-@
    Well anyways, I'm done leaking my feelings about all this stuff. I might sound like a hypocrite but at the end, I'm just another teenager on internet.

    See ya.
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    Felek666 Felt like writing a small story...
    It might not make any sense but pls dont critize it too hard?

    Once, when dark times were present and whole world has been seperated in two pieces, the hero was born to withstand the darkness and bring holy light to Earth. The power he was wielding, the spells he could cast, made everyone sure that he IS the one.
    At first, hero wasn't really believing in himself. He couldn't cast any magic spell or do any sword tricks. He was like every other human on Earth, before he meet Dark Necromancer named "Narumi".
    She at first, tried to cast a curse on him but failed, she also tried to slash him up but to no avail. That's because, Hero is welding an ability called "Angel's Protection" which blocks every hit in cost of losing stamina with each blow.
    Exhausted Hero, falled down. He couldn't stand anymore... Necromancer used it to his advantage and ran to deal a final blow. Hero pulled his Sword and blocked her attack, then he dealt a blow to her back which broke her armor, revealing her neutral clothes, and also her gorgeous body. Embarrased Narumi admitted defeat.

    That's how Narumi became Hero's servant. She could heal in cost of feeling pain and manipulate shadows to help her in battle. She also could spawn or bribe various monsters to listen to her.
    Narumi and Hero created a deathly combo but however one person didn't like it.

    And what do you guys think about it? I'm good/bad at writing stuff? Should I continue this?
    See ya in next blog post!
    Felek666 upload_2017-8-4_18-13-7.png
    That code is pretty simple but hey, i'm just slowly going onto the "advanced" track.
    scanf commands allows for keyboard reading and stuff.
    printf displays commands on screen.
    if and else commands.
    chars, float, unsigned char etc.

    Well, overally it's fun.
    I'm following a book and so far i coded: Simple Hello World, your age in 420 months and stuff i forgot.
    And yeah, C is fun. Everything which isn't javascript is fun.
    See ya in next blog post!
    Felek666 Well. I'm running Win10 so let's go:
    I wanted to test some of my simple c language programs.
    Installed mingw32 and downloaded gcc-compiler and it's library's.
    The problem i'm running in, how tf do I execute it?

    I mean, everything is okay but that crap gives me problems! I'm really lost so help would be appreaciated @_@

    [I don't want to modify environement path for reasons, last time i tried that it didn't go well]
    And before you get too excited: No, i'm not able to code shit in C. I'm just a small, starting user. I downloaded a book off internet which is very user friendly so far so...

    Also, self-motivation is cool! I want to code at all cost.
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    Felek666 Vega has been announced, right?
    Guess what companies can get for just $7k.
    AMD Radeon Pro S-something. 2. fucking. terabytes. of. video. memory. Vega architecture. Lightweight 8k, quickest rendering possibly on Earth. Imagine playing games with it. Even CEMU will run at full speed combined with Threadripper.
    This is intended for creators but HOLY SATANYA, THIS IS INSANE.

    Other than that, AMD Threadripped for just +$399. Preorder before scalpers get it.
    That's all.
    Felek666 You can guess. It's a PC game featuring a Kangooro named Kao.
    Kao the Kangooro 3: The volcano secret. (In Polish: Kangurek Kao: Sekret Wulkanu)
    I played demo as a kid. I feel in love with it. Good graphics (2005 game), amazing platforming, nice story.
    The fact i couldn't afford it at the time made me heart broken. I beated the demo as fast as I could and I couldn't stop replaying it.

    Time passed, I forgot that this game existed. Today when I went to the shop, I saw a copy of it. Without even thinking, i instantly grabbed it and bought it. Now as i'm typing this, I can easily say...
    that my childhood dream became a real thing. I'm so happy, this game brings so many memories!
    Every second, every minute, I just can't believe! I can excuse wanky platforming because i love this game... It's me, it's part of my good memory.

    You can already tell that i'm excited. "It's a kids game!" It doesn't mean anything for me. It's a brand new adventure for me.

    Question to you guys: What's your favorite childhood game of all time? Do you still playy it and live the moment like it's just brand new? Tell me in comments.
    See ya in next blog post!
    Felek666 upload_2017-7-30_18-16-14.png
    You can either be bad as me or you can be stuck doing Kantan difficulty over and over again.
    [tbh everything below 90pp means nothing...]

    Here's some [pro] tips I suggest doing if you can't get anything right/ or your muscle memory is fuk'd.
    First of all: Play Taiko everyday. You will not get good just from reading these tips! If you will play everyday for atleast 2h, then you will develop a muscle memory.

    Second tip: Find a perfect osu! skin which suits your needs. I suggest Yugen for everyone because it's simplistic and doesn't rape your eyes like default osu skin.

    Third tip: Map buttons so you can feel comfortable. It's up to you, I mapped mine as Red drum: Z, X and Blue drum: [Keypad 1, 2]

    Fourth tip: Focus. If your eyes can't take some Taiko madness then turn leave background brightness at 50% seriously, it helps alot. If you still can't get reading right, focus on middle center and watch as circles appear. If you developed muscle memory then you will easily tap them. You will have decent contrast between circles and background itself.

    Fifth tip: Don't get easily "angered". If you fail, try again. No matter how shit your score is, you will learn the map more and more. And you will also improve.

    Kinda last tip: Listen to the damn music. Don't mash buttons as soon as you see circles appearing. Mash them to the RHYTHM. That means you have to go with the flow, not with the gun.

    Last tip: You don't get Taiko at all? Try playing some games from Taiko no Tatsujin series. No one will laugh at your scores. No one will call you a noob. Just you, and a keyboard. [or TaTaCon drum]
    Especially if you have Wii U. Change HIDtoVPAD config and play with your keyboard. This way you will develop your muscle memory even faster.

    Very last tip: Watch someone play Taiko. You will watch his every burst, every drum hit and overally, you will learn from him. Even if it's just a YouTube video. [Don't instantly watch someone beat a Onii diff map, like seriously, you will be confused af]

    I wasn't perfect either, some Kantan maps were hard for me. The more i wasted my life playing TnT, the better i became. [I still suck but whatever] osu!Taiko is has different elements than TnT [Ex. Appearing circle, requiring you to mash Red and Blue drum, otherwise it doesn't count] and also, Sliders. Those thing only work when you either tap to rhythm or burst to rhythm, otherwise they will not count anything.

    I hope my tips helped some people, if it didn't then... play till you will learn?
    You will know amazing feeling when you beat a very hard map. It might not be hard for others but you're still proud of yourself.
    Question to you: Have you ever played a(n) Taiko game? If yes, did it go well?

    See ya in next blog post!
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    Felek666 If you don't know what AMI means: American Megatrends Inc. Yes, this specific team creates BIOS'es for your PC and other stuff.

    If you didn't know, they also developed a Android emulator. It's not like Andy that it comes with VMWare player and that's all. Unlike these, this one has 100% app support. (But like always... graphical errors and slight stability issues)
    And this Android emu will work on everything that runs Windows. Seriously. (It runs on my shitty tablet so why wouldn't it run on your Pentium?)

    My views? Smooth, but hogs RAM drastically (Atleast AMIDuOS Lite) and will kinda nuke your PC.
    Games like Voez (My version is 1.0.15 afaik so i can't really complain) have graphical errors. (Black bars, black notes etc.)

    There are two versions: Pro (£13) or Lite (£9) (You can try out Lite for free for 30 days)
    Pro comes with Lollipop, Lite comes with Jellybean. Pro requires atleast 2GB of RAM to run smoothly or else it will restart apps and you will be unable to complete first-setup process.
    Lite is very lightweight, will run on 512mb of RAM easily. Lite is kinda outdated so it has issues. But hey, this version works on everything. Tablet PCs to toasters.

    They both have "Send to DuOS" option so you can easily apply updates/necessary packages to it. Really nice! Also, folder sharing is a thing.

    I recommend grabbing this emulator for touchscreen devices only because it doesn't have keyboard mapping or anything like that.

    Runs on TabletPCs just fine, Fast, Doesn't stutter too much like other emulators, Reads every touch/input, Lightweight, It's not another VMWare redirector, Hardware keyboard etc. support.
    Send to DuOS option, rootable.

    Graphical errors, incompatibility issues, sometimes can crash Windows (If you allocated too much RAM), CPU heavy (Normal for Android emulators)

    If you want to test it, then google that name. First result should be from them.
    If you don't have touchscreen, don't really bother unless you have native Xbox controller. This emulator can read inputs from external devices currently connected to your PC.

    My rating on this thing? 9/10. Perfect if you don't want to risk bricking your Tablet device by overwriting system partition/formatting or just want some android goodness.
    See ya in next blog post!
    Felek666 [​IMG]
    Hey wanna post some threads?

    Anyways, i'm kinda bored. Nothing to do. I already have everything i wanted. eh....
    Felek666 You can grill food on AMD. You can cook food on Intel.
    Seriously, this thing overheats so badly that you can't even hold it in your hands.
    This reminds me of one thing... my friend tried cooking food on xbox one. What an idiot.

    Well, anyways... I did more gaming tests. Yes, it almost catched fire due to the amount of shit being displayed. (Archos 90 Cesium, Z3735F, 2GBDDR3L, BayTrail GPU)
    The first game I tested on this thing was obviously, osu!.
    Stable 120fps however it can't reach 240fps (Asus Transformer T100 can)
    The worst part would be stuttering or intense thermal throttling. (Basically circle appears and suddenly backs out, wrong combo calculation etc.)

    Second? Half-Life 3 (Read: 2)
    Apparently it set itself to High which made this poor thing die in pits of hell. Lowering every setting pushed the framerate to min.60fps in small enviroments and 30-25fps in big. Neat.

    Third? CS1.6 and Half-Life
    Guess it. Smooth as hell. No lags, no nags.

    Last one? CoD:MW4. God have mercy on this device. 25fps with drops to 1-2fps. Kinda playable. (Everything set to Low)
    And ofc, Stardew Valley works smoothly. Another game which runs on anything.
    Games below 2006 year work fine. Above is a gamble.
    It's fun to play on something different for once. But still, I plan to upgrade to better tablet soon.
    See ya in next blog post!
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