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    Felek666 You started the meme, now y'all killin' it.
    Felek666 You spin me round..right round round like a record baby, round round round round....
    Obviously a song reference. A very old song reference.

    But meh, GBATemp is fine I guess. That's all?
    Felek666 *TL;DR warning*
    Well, I kinda would love this service unless everyone did use it the right way. Not necessarily 'pay me monthly and you will get rewards' but even a simple interaction would change everything. I don't mind getting into raffles or stuff but atleast that's something, right?
    Also if i made typo (Is it Parteon or Patreon) then meh, just read.

    At first glance, Patreon is just your usual 'Hey, i want your money so donate!' type of site. Expect that you pay your favourite person, community etc. etc. a amount of money monthly. Is it good for those that hardly even have money in their pockets? No.. $2 isn't enough for some patreons and this is really sad.

    People create their Patreon. It can be anything, a gamer, a big company [but why?] or a simple lone-working dev which makes his damn revenue by distributing Beta's of emulators via Patreon and awaits feedback. [Which imo, could be done differently but if he's the only one working on it or it's a small team then, hey why not?] Hell, even if you're that type of person who draws doujins [hentai comics] you can also have patreon and bless your fans! [See what I did there? No? I also don't see it.]

    Like, you just created a amazing software and your fans want to support you. Technically, you could go with PayPal but fuck paypal! It creates too much problems and you might end up getting $5 from 2 fans instead of $100 from 15 fans. So, Patreon is your option. Everyone can join in. Pay monthly to support such amazing dev and his software. Cool beans and you can always get a nice, warm thank you from such a small dev. [Really, pay a small, very small dev $50 and he will thank you endlessly, unless he's a cunt which will only tell you 'remember to pay next month too bby']

    What i don't really understand is, why those big YouTubers create a damn Patreon? Like, fucking hell, you earn a whoopin' $150k from a single DAMN video! You want more? HUH? [Sorry, got triggered here...] Small contents creator, medium content creators, i understand. But A 5+MIL SUB YOUTUBE CHANNEL? Okay, let me end this topic here, jesus christ.

    I'm not against Patreon and overally everyone who creates their Patreon on their site but... atleast give something in return. People might love you but as soon as they will see no actual stuff from you, then they will probably stop giving their money to you. [Some can't give anything so for me, thank you is enough! Literally, it makes my heart warm seeing somebody happy. But of course, some will want more... e.e]
    I would already support many Patreon's but looking at my family, I would rather not. Even though, we kinda earn alot, bills take most of it.

    And no, this isn't directed to Temp's patreon at all. It's just my overall feelings about this service (Can we even call it that? It's more of a subscription service...)

    Ending this with a question to you temp: Would you really support Temp's Patreon if you had money? No lying here. (I actually would but honestly, i'm still kinda sceptical about how GBATemp will handle everything...)
    Second question: Did you support somebody's else Patreon?
    See ya in another blog posts!
    Felek666 [Warning: sarcasm overdose below]
    So, you wanted to develop a cross-wide console hack which would allow custom OS injection and recovery on boot?
    Ever wanted to become a proud member of Team Omnibreak but you know shit about coding?
    Well, Felek has you covered!

    Presenting you: How to hax in 2 days (In detailed steps)
    This is totally true, trust me, i'm a dolphin.

    1) Learning to co- Ain't nobody got time to do that, learn simple python instead
    We will be mainly using print and if(shit) then(hax) commands. This is very important step so pay attention...
    With this code, you will be able to DOX your cat! [Actually, leave your cat alone you sic-]

    print('I'm the biggest haxor and my D:// directory is expaning.')
    wait 5000
    if(nothing) do(nothing)

    Save your .py file. weight, you need to name it... uhm, name it 'cross-widehax'
    BAM, you're able to hack every console now! But weight, there's more!

    2) Releasing your honebrew [Typo on purrpose]
    It's time to create a false group name. Unsure hao2name your 'group'? Think about 3 words, now write them down.
    This is your group name. [Nekoyazawamanequein <-- something i made up in 3 seconds]
    Time to create a account on a known forum... GBATemp? Nah fam, NeoGAF is the shit.
    Create a thread titled 'I managed to haxx my microwave and it created a storm' linking to your .py file.

    3) Collecting hate
    Look at that sweet hate! You know that your shit is fake but you're proud of it anyways!
    Time to milk it even more! Create the false hype! MORE STATUS UPDATES, YEAH BOY. Post a video of Switch displaying a webpage? YUSH, NOT ENOUGH PROOF, POST MOAR....
    Bonus points for 'It will be released soon(tm)'

    That's all, you're a certified honebrewer nao! Be careful not to haxx your microwave or toaster!

    [seee ya in more serious blog post next time]
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    1. Try not to die
    2. Eat
    3. Sleep
    4. Game
    'nuff said. Yes, that's my blog post.
    Felek666 Well, I used to pull all-nighters which is basically, staying up for 24hrs and playing video games during that time (or even longer if you enjoy even more intense eye pain).
    To already clarify: I don't have bad eye sight due to this. It's actually a different case and not related to gaming anyways.
    Also if you're intense gamer, then you would pull out a all-nighter several times. [Which i don't suggest unless you're no-lifing a MMO game like me :d, Also you don't need to pull all-nighters to be intense gamer btw]

    I pulled 2 all-nighters successfully, other ended up with me passing out or falling asleep while grinding dungeons in MMO games or while playing osu. Well, if you're sleepy, you don't know what you're doing. [I scratched my eye yesterday and i'm left with a nice red dot on my eyeball. It's not small either and it hurts :<]
    Well, my schedule hasn't changed much. It's the following:
    • MMO game grinding session [3-4h]
    • Rhythm game session [2h]
    • [A somewhat, chillout session] Destroy your VM 101 & Anime session [3h, sometimes less]
    • FPS game session [5h]
    • Console session [2-5h]
    • Casually playing games & Anime session [5h]
    (I only added anime since 2016)
    Pro's of doing these? Nice in-game armor and sthuff. Also, unlimited supply of snacks.
    Cons [so called 'drawbacks'?] Back pain, intense eye pain, rigged sleep schedule, fatigue, teeth ache (or teeth pain) and headache.
    Technically, it's okay to do these once in awhile but don't be dumb like me and do it twice in one week. Believe me, it's not fun to walk, interact and study like a zombie. [Literally, you feel like a walking trash or shit.]
    Like i mentioned in my blog post about how i forget about stuff, that's why i'm sometimes insane with all-nighters.

    Question to temp: Did you pull out a all-nighter? If yes, why? If no, why you never did that?
    And as always, see ya in another blog post(add tm and copyright here)
    Felek666 This time, I'm not complaining about weebs but about new theme itself.

    New theme, refered as "Tempstyle v6" mixes beauty between Material and Semi-Simplistic design. The finishing touchs are added with high-quality Retina icons. This is a big jump from tempstyle v2 since the site looks... too cartoony. I mean, it looks more like a social media now rather than forum.
    Theme itself doesn't look bad but contrast on light-blue burns into my PC monitor making it almost impossible to read anything, even though I have glasses. [On devices with lower resolution than 1080p, everything is readable]

    Other issues are with notification panel and message panel. On mobile, it's impossible to even keep it open. [It keeps sliding back, thus making it a even harder experience] You will probably experience this problem if you're trying to forum on ex. Wii U which has output of 480p on Gamepad. It will not slide. It will not allow you to interact. etc.
    [This problem persist on touchscreen devices with 480p image]

    No black theme. This means that I will feel intense eye pain after 1h of foruming since white just "rapes" my eyes. Especially when you have a very bright monitor.

    Theme is overally, okay. [Also pointing it out: That chaos site has the same theme as this new one, atleast it feels like it's the same]
    Does it fit? I don't know. It looks gorgeous, but it still feels a little bit too off.
    Thank you @shaunj66 for this theme.
    And that's all.

    See you in another blog post!
    Felek666 I found this phone few years ago on street while it was raining. Sony Ericsson W100i, a very good brick which has walkman features.
    I took it home, dried battery and components, charged it up and fired it up.
    The phone had a simlock from Orange, I'm going to figure out later how to take it out. It also had a Orange SIM card that i needed to break since people kept calling me.
    Later, phone stopped displaying image on screen.

    Today, I finally took it apart [sort of]
    Found out that Main PCB is ripped so I need to order a new one. I also need a new screwdriver since mine snapped when i tried to unscrew those damn screws near PCB [They just don't want to move, but i will not give up.]
    The fact that this phone survived in a giant pond of water without even turning off surprises me. Not even a single part has been touched from water damage. Number pad also works, battery didn't explode yet so I'm fine. I also need to order a new charger since I don't have a charger for this thing.

    I'll report back in 2 weeks when i will get my Main PCB shipped.
    Question to Temp: Have you ever found a phone on a street?
    And as always, see you in a next blog post.
    Felek666 Because I don't want "worth it?" to become a meme.
    Well, anyways, I'm trying to snipe a cheap laptop that could play videos just fine. It doesn't have to be a demon because i will install Linux on it anyways.

    I'm looking at these "damaged" ones. They sell them for really cheap, most of them work but don't include a HDD/SSD storage. The other ones are due to faulty main board. [150pln isn't that bad for a replacement] And obviously, the other one with LCD broken, missing LCD, missing everything and god knows what else is it missing.
    The other ones are with dying GPU, Destroyed LED, Keyboards ripped out [what the fuck], Touchpad looks like it's been fingered regularly. etc.

    Well, is it worth getting one? It seems ancient [Intel Dual Core 2] but if it can play anime smoothly, then i will not complain. I'm not a dumb kid which doesn't know how to fix his tools and i even improvise so i can get my stuff working. [Awful example being that i managed to fix a broken table with a piece of plank i found on street, later it was thrown out with table itself]
    I still have some shit to fix and learning even more stuff related to electronics doesn't hurt. It's my hobby tbh.

    Is it worth going for these, Temp? They might come in handy and they will sure be useful if i install Linux on them.
    And as always, See you in a yet another boring and damaged blog posts(tm)
    Felek666 People are selling damaged Wii Us here for really cheap [100pln for plain console]
    Some just doesn't output video to TV [Probably broken HDMI cord but something else could be at fault]
    Some blink blue/red when powered on [Corrupted NAND or probably it needs rebailing]
    And some just don't power at all [Faulty charging port or dead motherboard due to power surge]

    I'm directly looking at these which don't output video to TV. They're in most cases, easy to fix. It just requires soldering a new HDMI port or just checking solder points to see if it's not screwed up.

    But to these blinking red/blue ones, it's a whole different story. NAND might be faulty, motherboard might have shitty solder points, MLC chip died etc. I mean, taking it apart sometimes makes it work since logical board might be crushing everything inside. Fans might not work.... Faulty NAND [This was a case in some Wii Us] Blergh, too much work for a single Wii U.

    Non-powering ones. Now, this is a mystery, it could be due to power surge which means that it's completely fried inside or due to broken power port. But it's a gamble, they might never work in the end because a critical component fried itself or isn't present.

    It's probably worth getting those which doesn't output video but still work. The other two are just... If you're feeling lucky. You never know what happened to them and in most cases, they just work for 2-3 days then they shit itself again making you do it again. I mean, second option might be still worth a shot but non-powering ones...
    Well, ending this blog post with a question: Did you ever bought and repaired a damaged console?
    See ya in another blog post!
    Felek666 "Oh crap, my Nintendo Wii U stopped working, call ambulance!"
    "Wii U Wii U Wii U Wii U" - Forgive me for this pun but anyways....

    Wii U is a fragile console, yet some people don't understand that and keep doing stuff which is guaranteed to brick it.
    You know what's worse? Wii U is getting even more expensive as time passes.
    Nah, not that... that people do most obvious shit that is guaranteed to brick it.

    Very common bricks which are idiotic as hell:
    • Formatting Wii U without uninstalling CBHC
    • Removing CBHC'd game
    • I felt like installing a Brain Age using Wup Installer. Oh look, my console doesn't boot anymore! Oh noooo!
    • Let me modify that one file in FTPiiU and.... it doesn't boot anymore.
    • Ravioli Ravioli, Let me fill that NANDeroni. [500MB left on NAND = Ultimate corruption]
    • I love to life in danger AKA. No NAND dump
    • I installed SysConfigTool [System app version] on sysNAND and guess what! A-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y nothing! [System Error message on boot because system apps can't be fake signed afaik]
    • I sail the seas of darkness, found that wup installer, time to install illegitimate DS VC so i can install CBHC over it!

    Wii U Soft-bricks:
    • My Wii U became a Portable Brain Age player [Aka. I reinstalled CBHC'd game and my Wii U became a damn mini-game]
    • Typo while doing a RegionHax and now nothing works
    • I tried to rewrite my SEEPROM... Hey, Wii U.... boot.... um... what is even happening? [Hard-brick]
    Common vWii bricks:
    • Priiload it to the death! Crap, it corrupted my vWii...
    • Wii and vWii? That's the same thing! Let me install couple of Wii cIOSe-Blackscreen? Where i'm?
    • This theme is so hot that it bricked my vWii menu!
    • I don't need to dump NAND! I'm an expert! Trust me, i'm a dolphin! [And that's how people screw up their vWii afterwards]
    • I wuphaxxed my Mii Channel 500 times and now it doesn't work. [Pro tip: Press A once, not 5000 times]
    • vWii doesn't work? Delete contents off it in slccmtp01 folder! It will recreate itself, totally! /s
    And that's how basically people brick. Tell them not to do it, they will do it anyways. Ya know, 'I know better!' then there's that one user which will make a post about 'So i followed this guide and um i brick'd'
    Think. Before. You. Do. Shit. Seriously, Wii U is a fragile console and any heavy modifications can even hard-brick it.
    And that's all i had to say.

    Brick and you're going to be on that list: wiiubru.com/rip
    See ya in another blog post!
    Felek666 Well, what can you expect from literal fuckboys which go around spamming in my fb 'Give me your address bitch' and then kick you out of conversation?

    The fact that 5 idiots were in that convo and all of them just jumped on me. Including that one fucking asshole which turned 70% class against me because i told him that he's a fucking playboy shithead. [I actually talked with my friend about him and he just sneaked in and heard something and he just ran away with a broken smile, seriously?]
    Then he cried in class that i named him that. lmao, absolute garbage.

    Now all they do is defend that playboy fuckboy. While others are on my side because they been harassed by that pack full of morons and empty bitches before.

    And yes, i know i'm writing alot of swear words but i'm literally pissed that stuff like this happens.
    But, whatever, i want to enjoy my life and threats like 'I'll beat you up you fat shit' don't work on me since i'm way stronger than them. Goodluck with that, increase your e-penis more. They can't even say that to my face alone.

    Question to temp: Did you get bullied/harassed before? Comment below!
    And see ya in another blog post if i'm still alive at some point. [Nah, they can't even swing their arm properly]
    Felek666 Well... I have some problems too.
    Some will just point out at my age and say "You don't have anything to think about like me." but basically they don't understand. I sometimes experience mental breakdowns, I sometimes just feel suicidal. Yet, I try to show that nothing is wrong with me, being falsely cheerful.

    Gaming makes me forget about these things. Anime also. Spending good time with my friends. Visiting new places.
    Stuff like that just makes me happy. That's why I'm finding new things to spend my time on like for example: My Raspberry Pi project.
    Gaming = Bad Grades, yup... Running away from reality helps me relax a bit... but it also has consequences.

    Yet some people love to point out flaws in me. That I'm too mean, or that I'm being too self-centered. It's mostly because... I keep everything in myself. It's not probably due to my character? Or is it? I was cheerful when I was 8. But now, I literally want to end myself. That's not being a edgy 14 year old. That's about having a fucking depression!

    I wish I could go back to my old self. Cheerful, Social kid which didn't think too much about life. Had alot of dumb and cool ideas with my friends. [I only had one friend which later just decided to stop being my friend...]
    Everything got ruined, I feel like everything is failing apart sometimes. I have help of specialist, it kinda helps me. Yet, nothing will really help me.

    I'm trying to stay positive, sometimes posting dumb shit and making shitty arguments. Mostly so I can atleast interact with somebody.

    Ending this blog post... No questions.
    See ya in another blog post.
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    Felek666 I used to be one of those guys which used to post 'Anime is shit' and 'Anime is for furry faggots' type of comments.
    But after some time I though... 'Is anime really that bad? I never tried it, so I'm not 100% allowed to hate it.'

    Summer, 2016.
    After browsing endless Steam Community posts about how anime is shit, I decided to try and see if it's really that bad like other's say. Also my PC broke in Summer so I was left with my tablet which stopped working after some time.

    I created a post in Off-topic. A post which would suggest me anime because I want to 'give it a shot'. My Steam Profile was something like this but it had Kashima there instead of Hifumi.
    Obviously, some posts were useless shitposts like 'Cory in the house', 'boku no pico' etc. other recommended me Ecchi and finally some normal people which gave me real recommendation.

    One of these recommendations were: Cowboy bepop, Nichijou, K-on! etc. etc.
    If you haven't guessed by now, I went with Nichijou since he said it's a great anime for 'beginners' to anime.
    Alright, i researched if he didn't recommend me hentai. Nope.
    'Where do I watch it?' - me trying to find where to watch it. That's where I spammed my friend on Steam. He recommended me a streaming site.
    Cool beans, let's get right into it. First episode, second, third and... last episode! I never laughed so hard in my life and kudos to him for recommending me this masterpiece.
    Nichijou was my first anime and I don't regret watching it. It stayed in my memory and I still remember it's ending.

    Then I went with Angel Beats! Well... 'Comedy' tag doesn't apply here. It's depressing as hell but It's my second favorite anime. Why? It played strong role on my feels. I never cried while watching your typical 'The Walking Dead' or random romance/drama films. Yes, I cried waterfall at the end and I'm not scared to admit it.

    Third one: Ecchi about a zombie boy which can change into magical fairy [Which made me cringe] (Kore wa zombie desu ka?)
    Fourth one was K-on! Another anime I abolutely love!

    And... that's basically how I got into anime. I used to hate it but now I absolutely love to watch it when I'm sad.
    Question to you: What was your first anime you watched? Mine personally was Pokemon but I don't count it.
    Answer it in comment section down below!
    Felek666 I was always interested into 'Micro' or 'Mini' technology. These tend to add extra portability for things that you normally wouldn't bring to a friend's house [You don't want to grab your PC, Monitor and other crap and bring it to your friend's house, do you?]
    They have good sides and bad sides. Usually they have more bad sides but what do you want from a HDMI Stick PC, or a Mini Computer? If you didn't know, they're also knows as 'Steam box' but unlike your usual Mini PC, they atleast have decent processors in them.

    Let's look into cons & pros of these:
    • Usually high price for a piece full of old technology
    Most expensive ones tend to go even for $700 and all they include is i3 Mobile processor or Junior Processors.
    Most companies especially put Android Dual-boot just to increase price [There's a Android Installer for x86 devices and they just use x86 port of Android like recent 6.0 port]
    They also sometimes put Cherry Trail/Bay Trail CPU's [Z83xx/Z37xx] and that's your typical Windows tablet you can see and buy for $200 on eBay or BangGood.
    • No cooling [Mini HDMI Sticks]
    No cooling means decreased performance and it actually shortens life of your HDMI sticks due to it overheating itself. Most of these include atleast one Radiator to keep performance at atleast usable state.
    • No swappable eMMC/SSD [Some Mini PCs/Every HDMI Stick]
    Big minus. Some Mini PCs include HDD and that's what mostly kills them! If you want a Mini PC, you want your system to boot quicker so you can get your stuff done and shut it down! HDMI Sticks tend to have 32GB min. so that's not an issue unless you're working on word or in a company and alot of storage space is needed then you're out of luck. Better just go to your workplace and say you didn't do x project and get fired for that.

    I would list more cons but I forgot most of these so... Let's jump right into Pro's
    • Portability [Take it anywhere, plug it and play]
    Those who travel alot value options like that. You could just go to your nearest Hotel and watch your favorite movies there [Yeah, i know what you sick perverts watch at night] or you can plug it and play some games on it, many possibility's!
    • Multitasking at small cost [Yeah i don't need to explain it unless it has 2GB of RAM]
    • Easy data transfering [Plug in Pendrive, copy whatever you want to it and plug it in another PC!]
    • Mini Gaming Device which can play games from 2008
    Now onto that real question: Is it worth it?
    Personally, i think yes/no.
    Yes being that it has extreme portability and you can carry it anywhere, play movies, music in just 3 steps [Plug-in power cord, plug in HDMI, turn on TV] This can enchance your experience by 100% and make your life easier.
    No being that If you plan to game on stuff like these, then you will be out of luck. Performance these give are worse than your Dual-core Intel Pentium processor. [Not that bad but you can get what i'm saying right?] If you're looking to game, then just get a Laptop instead. These are cheaper and you can run more games than you can on slightly outdated Mini PC. [osu! runs on everything so you can play osu! but you can't play Stardew Valley for example on these] They also defeat the whole purpose of performance since they heavily overheat, decreasing performance even more over time.

    I will probably buy one of these and check if they atleast can run simple programs.
    Usual Question to you Temp: Did you buy one of these and enjoyed using it and for what did you use it? [HDMI Stick/Mini PC]
    And like always, see you in another boring blog post!
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