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    Felek666 A small chapter list: Why not to use it, creation of my own guide, why it's a complete disaster.
    Also Plaitect & FlimFlam, don't get angry but i think that you should let more informed people to do their job. You're just confusing majority of users with your guide. It's also my views and opinion, i got tired of this wiiu.guide stuff already.
    Also this looks like a hate blog on wiiu.guide but tbh, i think most of people can agree that it's just bad. If not, awful.

    Everyone knows great, amazing and perfect 3ds.guide, right?
    That one guide which was very helpful when you were hacking your 3DS.
    Well guess what... it's not the same case for Wii U scene.

    Why? Just read it.
    No, it's not good. It's awful. A guide should allow people to choose, not to force it down everyone's throat. Also it should explain everything
    And? If somebody trusted from another scene made it, it doesn't instantly make it good.
    Oh and also, it doesn't include NAND Dumping part. If you screwed up your Wii U from using this guide then all i can say is *ahem* Rest In Peace Wii U. You got killed in a dirty manner.

    Let's get into that disaster it created:
    First it was created as a simple copypasta from 3ds.guide. Obviously included redNAND which wasn't intended for playing games. It was intended for one purpose: Brick protection for developers which develop various homebrew apps for Wii U. To add a strawberry to the cake, redNAND is completely useless when it comes to redNAND backups. [Now, all you need is OTP.bin+MLC.bin and you're pretty much safe from bricks]
    Also it made people use CBHC+Mocha CFW->redNAND. You're running CFW inside a CFW from another CFW. This is idiotic!

    Sad part? People actually followed it, and believe me, everyone just started to get tired of this wiiu.guide stuff. [Guess what, alot of threads were related to redNAND corrupting itself and people just panicking in Wii U Hacking & Backup loaders section]
    Lately it was edited to include sysNAND steps instead of redNAND. Did anything change? No.
    People are still coming, because they don't know what the hell they're doing.
    This guide doesn't explain anything and in most cases, they brick in process because of how awful it is. If you don't know, don't proceed any further. Just follow other guides.

    wiiu.guide is a plague of Wii U's guides. It does it's best it can to actually make it even worse with each edit.
    A good guide? Look at Kafluke's Noob Guide, WiiUBrU guide, hell even my guide and then look at your guide again.

    Your guide is also a reason why i got tired of this redNAND fiasco and bullshit it included. That's when i decided to just say "No" and create my redNAND-free guide so less people would follow your guide! Also, through making of my redNAND-free guide, i took alot of inspiration from Kafluke's noob guide. [<3] Well, anyways i tried to do my best to make it a good guide.
    Believe it or not, i only followed FlimFlam's CBHC section of his guide. Otherwise, i just looked at temp and learned many things, i also did most of things by myself. [Haxchi, Mocha CFW set up etc.] :P

    Now whenever somebody mentions "wiiu.guide" in Wii U section, it just kinda gets me angry, i don't blame anyone following it since it's written by famous guy from 3DS scene.

    Why wiiu.guide is a complete disaster?
    Just get your friend, place him and make him follow that guide. He will probably just scratch his head and then he will just give you a confused look. It doesn't explain anything. It's just "Do what we want you to do then complain" way. Something a guide shouldn't do. How a noob user which never meet with NAND, MLC, SLC, SLCMTTP, OTP and SEEPROM + HBL/CFW/HBAS/DDD/NNU/TCP and many more shortcuts is going to understand ANYTHING?!

    Homebrewing your Wii U? Avoid wiiu.guide at all cost. It's not worth it, really. Unless you want to have quintillion of questions while following it, in worst case, you will just get confused. Our guides are 100% better and explain everything. (Well, almost everything.)

    Instead of wiiu.guide, ask us and follow our guides. Most of us will be happy to help, no matter what issue you're having. [With Wii U & vWii ofc]

    Well, that was a long train of though.
    Now question to tempers: What do you think about wiiu.guide?

    See ya in another boring blog post.
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    Felek666 Well... *sigh* I have trouble adapting to a new environment. This includes schools, academics and work places etc.
    Mostly because i can't hold my mouth and not call anyone a moron or make sometimes uncomfortable jokes around people so i just keep my mouth shut. [I'm also sarcastic so most people can't understand that i'm joking sometimes]

    That's why almost 90% of my class hates me. (I wonder why... oh, right.) Some people just ignore me because i'm your average tank which obviously eats too much food and is overally, fat. <-- typical stereotype obv.

    Back to that moron part... well, it's not like i was called "Typical anime tsundere" because i just can't tell anything directly without hiding it behind insults. Only my friend understands that it seems... he also knows what i mean sometimes because i'm overusing sarcasm alot. [If you would be my rl friend, you would know :P]
    Well, let's end this blog post here. Also a small question to you guys: Do people hate you because you have weird/uncommon personality/character?

    See ya in another boring™ as hell™ blog post.
    Felek666 So i'm finally over with my house trip. (Basically going from old home to a new one) That took like 3 days, packing, lifting and traveling across city's.
    You're probably wondering "Hey, why did you do a house trip?". Well i got kicked out of my house [I'm renting] for a dumb reason. Owners just told me that they want to sell it and that i have one month to get out. [What the-]
    I rented that house for 2 months, what the fuck man :/

    Also in that old house, i couldn't have my own internet [UPC doesn't allow for 2 contracts in one place, owners refused to "hang" that contract] Now since i'm in my new house, i can have my own internet and TV. [Thanks, owner]

    But obviously he said that he is going to "test" us by renting this new house for 2 months, if everything is going to be ok then he will make our contract 3 years longer.
    I'm living in a very silent place somewhere in Poland and it's just perfect. I can relax, listen to music in peace and even sleep in peace. [Unlike my old house with neighbours that blasted disco-polo and techno music all night long.]

    I hope for the best because i'm getting tired of those house trips...
    Uh... I also need to know my place. I got lost while walking to my local shop, luckily i remembered my path so i just returned back to my house. [Then i found a local shop in process, lol]

    Anyways, see ya temp in my another blog post which will be even more boring™ than usual™.
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    Felek666 Before anyone comments it: 7/10 blog

    It's a long talk which i explain why Wii U feels more like a multimedia console and i wrote too much so eh... read it if you're on toilet or something?

    Year 2014:

    The day i bought my Wii U. It was something around 2013-2014.
    Bought used NSMB.U+NSL.U bundle which oddly enough, was never updated. Literally, it was on 1.0.0E.
    [I wonder for what previous owner used it?]

    It was my 2nd home console to get on my birthday. [Woohoo!]
    Unboxing.mp4, basic Wii U setup, updated it, completed NSMB.U and NSL.U 100%. [4.1.0E was most recent FW back then]
    Discovered Miiverse [I had a very awful grammar back then] shitposted alot, landed my first perm.
    [It was before Miiverse bans were applied console-wide] then created another account and repeato.
    After i was done shitposting on Miiverse, i decided to check out eShop. Bought 2 cheap Indie games [Master Reboot, EDGE] there and Minish Cap VC. [Completed it, Mirror Shield and all that fancy stuff]
    Fun fact: One of my "friends" from Wii U Friends was playing SysConfigTool everyday. I don't know how, if he knew how to hack his Wii U early or he managed to have custom SysConfigTool disc. [2014, keep in mind that most our exploits were born around 2015/2016]

    Somewhere near 2014
    Oh they added Quick Menu feature, how nice of them! It would be good if it wouldn't update my system without me noticing anything. One day i decided to play Wii U when suddenly i see a Updating screen. Not cool, Nintendo. [Yup, my installation failed 3 times before it decided to install.]
    *le gasp* Nintendo TVii? *boots it up* "This application isn't available in your country" -> Disappointment.

    Year 2015/2016
    Then i had nothing to do. So i "gave" my mother my Wii U so she can watch movies [Ugh, bad decision]
    So she wouldn't bother me while i'm gaming on my PC. But after i got my Wii U back in 2016, i looked at Gamepad and... Jesus Christ IT LOOKS LIKE IT SURVIVED WWII. [I still have some screen scratches on touchscreen >.>]
    Cleaned it, it looks better now. I decided to watch some movies because why the hell not? No games to play, nothing to do... So i just fired up a random site and started watching anything that catches my attention.
    Smash4 hype.
    Nintendo annouced Smash4Wii U. I'm not a big fan of fighting games but man... Nintendo knows how to promote it's stuff. Pre-ordered it, got it for Christmas. Played for 200h then stopped.
    Then from time to time i played Smash4. Tried multiplayer [Oh god, i regret it to today] got my ass beaten up 15 times by the same guy. Alright, i'm annoyed from that match. What do i do? Fire up twitch.tv to watch my favourite streamer: thiefbug. Majora Mask speedruns, cool stuff.

    Then obviously i started using my Wii U to listen to music, watch movies, frequently play games on it and even watch livestreams. I love Wii U Gamepad's TV feature, it's really helpful. Now i can sit and relax without walking to my TV to turn it on.

    2016/Present (2017)
    Rumors and sights of potential Wii U exploit, sounds fun. Me: Broke, no money to buy games, i was interested in it.
    Then i looked at Youtube videos. "Block updates using Tubehax!" - Very useless since my mother learned how to change my DNS settings which updated me from 5.3.2E to 5.5.0E.
    Then i saw Loadiine [A method to play backup games from SDCard], redNAND [It was released later] and Homebrew Launcher. [Which i couldn't use] Pretty amazing, they achieved impossible back then.
    If redNAND exist, then why not create Wup Installer? [That's how literally it became a thing, allowing you to install only LEGIT games]

    Then everything evolved into IOSUHax, later Mocha CFW - First small CFW to remove sigpatches and make Wii U region-free, then Haxchi and finally CBHC.
    Still, even after i soft-modded my Wii U, i still treat it as a multimedia device. I enjoy browsing web with it even though it's sometimes annoying as hell. [This page is too big, refresh? Yes or Yes] I enjoy watching movies, listening to music and playing games on it. It's something very rare which Wii U does right. That's why i love this console. Even if it's so bad that everyone hates it, i will still love it.

    How do you treat your Wii U? [Multimedia box, Gaming machine etc.]
    Felek666 In other words, "How i got my PS3 on a launch date and it was already unhackable"
    TL;DR warning: It's too long so if you don't want to read then don't.

    So, it was my typical day [In other words, PS3 Launch Date in Poland] i didn't expect anything when suddenly my parents brought me a fresh Day-One PS3 with PS Move and PS Camera. It was weird since it costed alot back in 2012 [Around ~2k i believe?] and seeing them buy something especially for me (and very expensive) was very nice of them.
    Decided to set it up. Unboxing 101. "Hey look, they included a fitness game" - Actually, all you had to do is swing in speed of light your PS Move and game would register that as "Great".
    PS3 set up, Internet connection, cool beans. Time to play my favourite tennis game which was also included with PS3 - Virtua Tennis 200-something. I wasted 300 hours of my life playing this game, i unlocked every tennis champion out there and every available accessory for my character out there. [Sadly had to format my PS3 to factory settings because it didn't want to update past 4.01]

    Then i had nothing to play until a system update finally introduced "PlayStation Home" [RIP, it was shutdown 2 years ago] i really liked the concept, but seeing people sextalk each other made me uncomfortable af. I had most of items there. Also, Japanese PS Home had Hatsune Miku event, if you didn't know. Anyways, i had most of cool stuff there, even those promotional ones such as Golden Couch. I also managed to go out-of-bounds in apartament by creating weird structures from chairs and tables. (It was patched sadly)

    Next game on the list? EyePet! Also got it on launch day. Fun game, i also had 100% save which was also lost because my PS3 decided to fuck itself over with "Software couldn't be launched" and various error messages.

    Then the CFW craziness started somewhere near 2013-2015. But guess what, '3.55FW only'. I was so hyped, grabbed my USB drive to check my max downgradable firmware. Man, this one message destroyed my heart.
    "The max downgradable firmware is: 3.56FW". Damn you, Sony!
    I was stuck with demos for like what, rest of my life gaming on PS3?
    But anyways, you could register a Japanese PS3 account and grab Project Diva demo from there [Which wasn't available in Polish PS Store until Q2 2016, yes i'm serious]
    Then i had to buy Project Diva F digitally from PS Store. [110pln down the water...]
    And that's how i'm stuck with unhackable PS3. I'm planning on buying a PS3 with 3.55FW tho, so i can play most games i wanted when i first got it.

    Still, some people got lucky and bought PS3 with 3.55FW installed. I was one of the many unlucky guys.... that doesn't make me happy either. Well, that's story of my life. Still, PS3 gave me nice memories. See ya in a next blog i guess.
    Felek666 Well, everyone knows that Sony fans are toxic as hell when it comes to other hardware than Sony.
    This sadly doesn't apply only to them. It also applies to (obviously) PC MasterRace, Microsoft and Nintendo fans.

    Although we can dismiss PC MasterRace because they will jump on me and scream "4k60fps or gtfo" when i have PC build from roughly 2008 that can play most games on 1080p max settings just fine.

    Anyways, back on-topic.
    Fanboys. Everyone knows them (If you don't, then you must be new in place we call "Internet").
    They can go as far as creating useless threads bashing everything out there, even PCs.

    How they affect everyone? Well, they make x console fanbase look like toxic idiots or dumb trolls which look to feed off everyone. They also ruin x console reputation. Here's after some years of reading comments on some Polish game news website, my experience with mostly Sony fanboys. [Keep in mind that i only saw it on Nintendo news, Sony news didn't had a single bit of hate]
    • They're usually toxic as hell
    • They tend to attack anything if their game doesn't get 10/10 but other game gets it
    • Nothing is superior than x hardware
    • Usually make shitty arguments regarding quality of their own games [Great graphics, god awful gameplay, yet they will still say it's GOTY]
    • Tend to shit talk hardware they never owned/or game they never played. If proven wrong, they will attack you with childish arguments such as "But your console doesn't play games in 4k"
    • Instantly attacks anyone which agrees that x game/ or console is superior than his own console
    • And if you want more, then i suggest going on IGN boards. or even better, GameFAQs.
    Yup, my country apparently is overfilled with those skids. Maybe it's just me, but i see those hate comments on Nintendo news section of any Polish gaming website. [Mainly CDAction, god it's really overfilled with Sony fanboys]

    Anyways, to put my lecture to the end.
    What do you think about Fanboys? Should these type of people even exist? Let me know in comment section.
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    Felek666 To add to this title: as often as i used to.

    I don't use platforms like Facebook, Instagram or useless Snapchat. Why? Why would i even need them?
    I mostly use Twitter but man, this place is overfilled with political stuff.

    Here's what i dislike about social media platforms:
    • Friend invites from unknown people, because i want a guy named "Blackened Crab" on my friend list.
    • Censoring/Muting certain people for speaking out truth
    • Useless banning for something dumb as "Fake" [I had many accounts taken down by Facebook for "Fake" even though i had my own picture (of myself) and my own real life name, what the f...]
    • I'm still going to include this... Facebook, stop recommending me those "Ecchi heaven" pages, i don't want to buy "anime body pillow" or "booby mousepad"
    • Instagram, i dislike it with passion. Recycled memes, jokes and stolen videos/art.
    • I still don't understand the point of Snapchat. I only used it to record simple stuff such as filling cup with water. Um, was i doing something wrong?
    Do you use any sort of social media platforms? If so, do you even enjoy content you find there?
    So far, i had very awful experience with Facebook, yet i still have to use it because my teacher forces it down my throat. Anyways, cheers!