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    Felek666 well, there ya go bois. I got tired of this place tbh.

    I wanted to leave temp like month ago or so. I don't see anything good in temp anymore.
    It's like blatant posts and that's all also occassional forced LGBT drama and shit.

    Ya don't need to say goodbye here or anything, ya can as well just type something like "finally that faggot leaves" since i'm a worthless trash /shrug

    Also, I'm leaving due to personal reasons. Will probably not come back.
    I'm always available at discord so if you need something then it's best to ask me there rather than here.

    See ya space cowboys
    *looks down*
    Oh boy, the salt...
    Felek666 I don't really have anything to write but I lately been thinking about stuff.
    A stuff which can't be even said here because people will hang me on "witch" pole for no reason. [or with a reason, hehe... he....]

    At least I'm not complaining about anything, right?
    Well anyways.... let me think....
    Something that will make this blog interesting....
    Cute... cats? Scrap that.

    Sometimes I'm about to go insane. Not lying, pure facts!
    I don't know anymore.
    I seriously don't know what to write here.
    It's like I want to write something but I don't want to. I'm literally forcing myself to post here.

    Oh I know now... Halloween is coming!
    Did ya guys get any nice costumes for it or you're just a boring dude which says that "going to halloween equals your own way to hell" - Oh so I can die while doing Trick'n'Treat? neato /s
    And yeah apparently I need to put /s tags now since people don't get my sarcasm, tsk-tsk.

    I myself will just be wearing some pairs of sweatpants since I can't even afford a costume but why think about it when you can have fun with your friends? :thinking:
    Also why is this in small text?
    Is this some kind of secret message?
    Maybe... no actually it's not.
    How are you even reading this, mate?

    I also been playing Undertale lately, fun game if you ask me.
    Anyways, see ya guys.
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    Felek666 Things that we researched in our discord:
    • Probably every encrypted BASE64 message. [ch30 and poems.rpy]
    • Third-Eye ending blah-blah, yada-yada.
    • Datamined the living crap out of this game
    • Console [basically, just to enable it so we can revert with ease]
    • poemwords.txt takes priority when in /game/ folder
    • my broken mentality because i shouldn't be even playing this game
    • and other stuff which i'm too lazy to list
    Already 10 hours in this game, I feel bad about myself.

    Actually, I take it back. We did way too much, reddit is nothing compared to what we did - https://www.reddit.com/r/ARG/comments/71z2pt/doki_doki_literature_club_has_more_to_it_than_we/
    Going to update it with new findings!
    So, we already have sayori* solved. It turned to be a .ogg file with a QR Code which redirects to this:
    [not yuri you retard... - a quick notice to stop mistaking sayori as yuri for me]

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    I decided to try monika.chr and holy fuck, it turned out to be a .png file
    This is some creepy shit.

    sayori.chr [.ogg]
    [QR Code]
    This one points to that site

    natsuki.chr [.jpeg]

    The same line of code is included in scripts.rpa. Scripts.rpa also includes something very interesting [/game/]
    Line: 20095 - Matches yuri.chr
    What it honestly leads to? I don't really know.

    hxppy thxughts.png

    <This screen appears when you try to load save files from backup again>

    Unsolved characters:
    natsuki.chr [.jpeg]
    [To be more researched: yuri.chr, natsuki.chr]

    Solved characters:
    sayori.ogg [QR Code sound wave, site]
    yuri.chr [Kinda, a weird story about a killer killing Linda Watson?]
    monika.png [Let's be fucking heroes!, 8-bit ASCII converted to BASE64 encoding then to text]
    natsuki.jpeg [Inverted, flipped, Face texture?]
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    Felek666 I kinda started progressing, not so fast but atleast I'm not rushing through anything.
    I added Quake III Arena secretly to my list since I really wanted to play Quake lately and I was really hungry for a good old FPS game which wasn't just simple walk'n'fire like Doom.
    Also i'm on Tier 6 "Master", Tier 7 is the final boss.

    I really enjoy using railgun but it requires so much precision... well anyways onto other games.
    I haven't really tried any NES/SNES game. I just re-completed Minish Cap again [And honestly, I had trouble with Final boss again. It still is so damn hard] and M&L:Superstar Saga for GBA. [Bruh, this time i went for POW only and I was down in 2 hits]

    It's not really a month anymore but I kinda want to take my time and explore stuff casually.
    TLoZ: OoT is kinda on hold, I mistakenly deleted my save [After I left Deku tree, how clever i'm] and I'll rerun it in like two weeks from now.
    I also completed SMB for NES [Gee, who would have guessed?]

    Previously, I just completed Doom so atleast that's something. [I have Doom 2 and 3 BFG left]
    I'll also try to complete Quake saga since I really love playstyle of Quake. It's somewhat unique to what we have now.

    Well, off to see ya in one week from now!
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    Felek666 So like always, my sister give me the most obnoxious stuff to do.
    This time: Her friend's laptop.

    Dell Inspirion 17r. When I saw Dell, I tried not to get a heart attack. [i3 3th gen, 6GB of RAM]
    What she did? Her mother turned off her PC when partition was being formatted

    Okay. After buying a new pendrive [and verifying that my old pendrive is dying] and doing some heavy testing, I can already tell that HDD needs to be swapped. [80% of HDD has unfixable bad blocks, 15% works, the rest is just corrupted]
    My dad was actually negotiating with me that "I/O" related errors and "Read-only" errors were only due to corrupted partition table and that formatting would fix it but after further inspection [ft. Failed Grub installation] I diagnosed that HDD is done for good.

    I contacted my "client" [Oh, how professional] and she's probably willing to shell out for HDD.

    To put it simply, user has been abusing formats, repartitioning and probably other stuff which I don't recall.
    The HDD is done for good and nothing can save it other than it's own death.
    Felek666 This is just my pure views but:
    Some people don't want to see it.
    Some people have enough of this drama. Some experience it in their own house so please, spare the drama.

    Keep everything in PMs or where it originally started.
    It's really annoying. You visit temp from a day where everyone only shouted at you for no reason and you see more drama. Like seriously, guys.

    If you idgaf about this blog, that's fine. I don't expect anyone to care at this point.
    Once in awhile, it doesn't hurt anyone.

    No, this blog post is not directed at the "Sorry" blog post certain person made. It's mostly directed at the useless 3DS and other section dramas which make absolutely no sense.
    But here's satanya [Another excuse to post her]:

    That's all, see ya.
    Felek666 You love when you randomly receive emails from "shipping companies" and actually, they're fake e-mails just to make you visit phishing website or download a script which completely destroys your PC or steals your information?

    Yeah, I get alot of these and sometimes when I come back tired from school, I get scared. Then I look at e-mail address. Whew, what a relief!
    If you buy from auction websites then you will get alot of them. Even if you have a bank account, they will still send you a phishing e-mail.
    Purpose of these e-mails is to scare user, make him download or click a link and open downloaded attachment it downloads or just to simply, convince him that x thing has happened and steal his information in process

    Here's what can happen from these attachments:

    Attachment tricks [Scripts/.infected files included]:
    1. Scripts which inject to your browser and then secretly grabs your passwords and sends to these fuckers
    2. Scripts which searches for every password stored on your device and sends it to their shitty database
    3. Malware, Trojans, RATs and other glorious remote script installers
    Fake store/bank/auction websites/Trying to trick users into thinking that their account is locked and tricks user into typing his own information into boxes:
    1. Account being stolen [Fake Phishing websites]
    2. Your data being compromised [Stolen credit card/heavy charges on your account/Credit rent]
    3. Stolen identity [Someone can make ID as you and other stuff]
    So, how do you verify it if that's really x bank or person who's sending you that e-mail?
    • Check it's e-mail address
    You know, they usually have x company as their name and surname. This is a example screenshot showing you what I mean
    This is from official Geek Fuel thingy where they send you offers and what new stuff they have, you know how that goes already.
    Highlighted Blue is company's name. Red color is their e-mail.
    You need to pay enough attention to their e-mail. If x e-mail looks fishy as hell, don't believe it.
    For example, there's a shipping company called DHL. I just got a phishing e-mail which just seemed extremely fishy.
    According to that e-mail, I bought something.
    The email was faked (dhl@info-bbc.com) Notice what was wrong. Free e-mail, bbc at the end. This is a red flag already, something you shouldn't trust. These companies use their own e-mails, not free inboxes.

    In gmail, you need to click to show someone's e-mail. Do that. Everytime. Seriously.
    • Check their grammar
    Something that scammer can't do? Type correctly. There will be grammar mistakes everywhere. Especially if your country has some special symbols like that fancy "e" and other stuff.
    • Fishy attachments
    But without useless irony, these attachments aren't added by companies. They wouldn't even be added by your local police. If you see something like this then please for the love of god, don't open it. If you downloaded it, delete it. Just remember not to double-click by mistake.
    • Fake sites
    Alot of clickable images which instantly want to be saved to your PC? No cleared out boxes while trying to login?
    [Banks have "Password" system which only requires you to give one or three letters of your password, rest is hidden/blanked out]
    Any info goes through? No error messages? Site seems fishy?
    A BANK DOESN'T ASK YOU FOR YOUR CREDIT CARD CVV/CARD NUMBER. They have it in database and so they don't require it to activate your account. Also, they won't ask you for global billing number.

    Pressing any image on such phishing sites will result in a "Save as..." dialog to popup allowing you to save whole site. Most of these sites are just .png image stretched out to look as real as possible
    No grammar or partially broken.
    Mistyped url/fake url. Like we have Millenium Bank here, you can visit it via bankmilllenium.pl, not barkmillenium.pl. The first url is real, the other one [bark one] is fake. Pay attention to URLs!

    And I think that's enough of "Safety 101" on Internet. You probably know by now not to click random shit you see on internet but still, it may be useful for some. Don't be a victim of phishing!

    See ya in the next blog post!
    Felek666 Oh boi, what this blog will turn into.
    Also, spoilers and spoilers. Tons. of. spoilers.

    The particular anime we will talk about is: Tenshi no 3P.
    School, Slice of Life, Music [Why this doesn't have a comedy tag?]
    If you look at memes, you can already guess what I mean.
    [Basically that meme where she asks if he wants dinner or her and police breaks in, pretty funny if you ask me]

    The fact I started watching it when first episode was released with human-made subs and not crappy google translate level subs and haven't made any other progress than that.
    This anime in particular, involves MC who's your typical "Fuck school, i'd spend time alone in my room and avoid reality" type of dude. He creates vocaloid songs and releases them to the public. One day, a unknown user hits him up via e-mail and asks him if he has time. MC for once had guts to e-mail back.
    Well, that user only said to meet at the park.
    [MC was thinking that it would be some random old dude which respects his works]

    We have that "typical tsun" girl which of course, says the most fucked up stuff on earth.
    Second, "idc what happens, let me sleep" girl which obviously sleeps everywhere
    Third, "a white haired pure girl" It was so long ago that I forgot what she was about. meh, screw her

    One plays drums [that sleeping one], One plays bass and third one... [that white haired kid] guitar.
    MC started making speculations of how he's going to get jailed. [Oh the irony...]

    Nothing wrong right? Wrong. This is just the beginning of the "I'm going to jail!" train.
    *We also have that Blonde curly-hair girl which is kinda hungry for MC but screw her*

    That white haired kid [I don't care about their names, okay?] takes him to their church. It's supposed to be demolished so she wants to hold last concert there. Nice right?
    It also has secret enternance there which leads to their vintage instrument room.
    *Talking and showing how they can play, blah blah blah*

    The "idc" girl has a idea how to grab crowd's attention and goes to dress. Now here's what happens.
    She comes back in a swimsuit.
    Guess what, apparently she didn't wear her panties. That's literally what that girl said, don't quote me on this.
    The other two though it was unfair and went to change.
    The one stole other's panties and started running around that secret room and they feel on MC.
    *MC once again had though of going to prison*

    Their dad came there and looked at these girls lying on him and just took him to talk.
    *This is the scene where they talk and MC has flashbacks of him being in prison*
    He was sorry for his girls [Which call him master btw] and basically, he wanted him to stop these girls from doing that concert
    *Which later MC just ignored and still wants to make that concert with them*

    Oh boy, what the hell i'm watching. It's like they lewd them on purpose then make a plot twist to make you feel stupid. [Literally, that's their point.]

    This is only the first episode [or Ep1-3 to be exact]
    As I wrote this stuff, this anime isn't trashy or dumb. It's actually pretty nice and excluding those "on purrpose" pervert scenes, It's really enjoyable.
    It also makes it funny which is important because a dull anime isn't enjoyable to watch.
    /rant over

    See ya in the next blog post!
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    Felek666 ..on my windows tablet. Yeah, I'm that retarded. The only downsides are: Kinda High RAM usage and Power eating is okayish.

    Here's how my desktop looks now:
    [by mistake i deleted wrong thing :)]
    I have Fountain of Colors, minimo, MiniPlayer, ForceX System Monitor and Simple Media Battery installed.
    For me, it already looks amazing. Expect that my battery life got decreased by one hour, that's not amazing.
    Does it lag? Not really, everything works like it should. No lags, no nags!
    I might add more stuff since HEY, IT'S RAINMETER

    Download it here: www.rainmeter.net

    It sounds like advert but it's not, lel. Also, I kinda used different shit to make it look nicer than before

    Attached Files:

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    Felek666 Uh-huh it's that thread where Felek will talk about his thoughts and feelings again.
    Prepare your popcorn and relax as i'm going to say something so out of place that even god himself doesn't know how to answer it. [Not that dramatic actually]

    Sometimes I just feel plain weird, out of place. Like I stand on bus stop and suddenly I have weird thoughts like "I'm dreaming? I'm a puppet doll in this world, why I do still exist? Why people believe in fictional character (Me thinking about god)".
    It just makes me feel.... odd. It's like I'm in different planet. Different universe. It just doesn't feel right...
    Why people believe in something so fictional? Why people believe in legends, stories? (Alright, before I keep riding more thoughts than i should)

    That feeling in-fact makes me feel like nothing. I'm nothing. Just a small fart in the universe.
    To add to that: I look dead when i begin to feel like this

    I don't know if it's depression or anxiety kicking in, but it's not a really nice feeling.... At this rate i'll go insane.
    Felek666 Well, this has been surpassing between thousands of social medias online.
    The rumor [By that dude with also rumored that Lo Naire game is coming to Switch] about GTA V getting released on Switch.

    True or not, I think that's kinda... rather fishy. Tegra could handle this game easily but still, it's highly unlikely. Who knows, maybe it's true?
    Oh and if you have beef to NeoGAF, don't read it. Seriously. [Although there were some successful leaks in NeoGAF before like the Switch ones]
    https://nintendoswitchers.blogspot.hu/2017/09/gta-v-could-be-on-switch-guy-leaked-la.html - Here's for those which are interested.

    Rockstar is apparently official third party supporter for Switch [Which is nice btw] so let's see if this is real or no...

    Far into that neogaf post, that leakor posted: "Been sitting on this cuz I'm not sure it's really worthy of a post (because I lack the most important details) but fuck it, why not...heard awhile back more from R* is in development, from my most reliable source, but wouldn't confirm what or when. Essentially was told it shouldn't be a surprise what title it is. I personally fully expect a GTA title (whatever it may be) because it makes sense since you see everyone clamoring for it in every damn thread, and it's the biggest game on Earth. It's probably Table Tennis lol Now watch this post get turned into Youtube videos and GoNintendo news articles again, when I said nothing at all of actual substance. For real this is in no way confirming a GTAV port is coming, it's just my solid as fuck source giving me some info and my own educated guessing. Probably shouldn't have said anything because I have nothing, and in 6 months or a year when another R* title gets announced I can claim I was right. So just ignore what I said somehow. I blew it. "
    tl;dr There's no way to confirm it's coming to Switch and it was just a bait to make news sites to post it
    See ya!
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    Felek666 Oh and also, it will run custom-made AMD processor apparently.
    The price though is way too high $300 - for a mini-pc which is incapable of running other games[?]

    It will be out due Spring 2018.
    Here you can view the PCGamer post on it: http://www.pcgamer.com/ataribox-will-run-linux-and-amd-custom-processor-will-cost-300/

    What do you think of that price? Way too high, right?
    Felek666 Hopefully last part of this set of guides. Oh and god save me for this terrible joke i just did...
    This time we'll tweak Windows 10 using WinAero Tweaker

    Part of Windows 10 customization guides:
    -Custom Themes
    -Using CustomizerGod
    -Custom shells
    -Tweaking Windows 10, disabling useless features etc. *

    You shouldn't play around with this tool way too much, like for example changing border size to make it look like you're using a 2008 tablet.
    Also, you might need to reboot/relog to your PC after applying tweaks.
    This also works on Windows 7 although some features are present on Windows 8+. [In other words, 90% of features]
    Also, this part is really simple, you can play around with it in free time.

    1. Downloading WinAero Tweaker
    You only want to download it from here. Not from some random shady website.

    Installation is pretty simple, you can either install it as a "Portable" version or as a program.
    Select what you like and install it. [If you selected Portable, head to that folder and just double-click WinAeroTweaker.exe]
    Requires Admin privaleges. If you don't have these, ask your PC administrator to give you admin rights. Otherwise, collect for a new PC

    2. Using WinAero Tweaker
    You can basically tweak this stuff: Appearance, fonts, Windows behavior and many more. Tweaks are explained so I don't need to explain these to you.

    Here's my suggested tweaks:
    |Colored Title Bars [If you liked Windows 8 colored title bars then this is for you]
    |Ads and Unwanted Apps
    -Disable Ads in Windows 10
    -Stop unwanted apps that Windows 10 installs automatically
    -Start menu suggestions [This gets turned on by default anyways]

    |Disable "Look for an app in the Store" Notification
    -Disable "Look for an app in the Store"

    |Disable Malicious Software Removal Tool From Installing
    -Same stuff, just check it [Only do it when you use different antivirus and want to get rid off MSRT [Built-in Windows Defender]

    |Disable Reboot After Updates
    -Stop Windows 10 reboots after installing updates [Why? Windows 10 is known for bootloops after updating to the newest OS version, this is really annoying and can happen on any hardware. Disable it to stop it from rebooting after updating your Windows copy]

    |Disable Error Reporting
    -Disable Error Reporting [It helps Microsoft but annoys you. In reality, it doesn't fix anything so why overflow them with more information?]

    |Show BSOD, Disable Smiley [Optional]
    -Show BSOD details instead of sad smiley [Useful if your computer crashes for no reason, this can give you the classic BSOD screen which has way more information than sad smiley]
    ->Boot and Logon
    |Boot Options
    You can tweak anything you want here, if you feel like so.

    |Disable Lock Screen
    -Disable Lock Screen [You don't want it on your server, neither on your main PC unless you're hiding your hentai stash on 1TB HDD]
    The rest options in this sections are up to you if you want to tweak them or not
    ->Desktop and Taskbar
    This section is mostly up to you if you want to disable stuff or not. However, the end result usually makes it looks gorgeous

    |Disable Action Center
    -Disable Action Center [Disables it completely and gives you more space on taskbar!]

    |Disable Live Tiles
    -Disable Live Tiles [Wastes less CPU]

    |Increase Taskbar Transparency Level [Optional]
    -Increase taskbar transparency level [Not really suggested for old PCs running W10]

    |Wallpaper Quality
    -Slide that to 100 for uncompressed quality of wallpaper. Reapply your wallpaper and it should be 100% untouched.
    ->File Explorer
    |Navigation Pane - Default Items
    -I suggest getting rid off Quick Access. Just untick it. It's not useful at all in most cases.

    |Customize Shortcut Arrow
    -I prefer No Arrow one. It makes icons look nicer!
    ->Windows Apps
    |Disable Cortana
    -Disable Cortana [You don't really need it, it also collects your information behind your back]

    |Disable Windows Ink Workspace
    -Disable Windows Ink Workspace [Only suggested for PCs and Laptops without touchscreen or tablets which don't support Wacom styluses]

    |Enable Classic Paint
    -Enable Classic Paint [Seriously, who doesn't love old school paint?]
    |Disable Telemetry [Suggested]
    -Disable Telemetry [It collects information and wastes your resources...]

    Whoa and that's all. Here's how my tablet is tweaked!
    [Notice how there's not Action Bar, now it looks like Vanilla Windows, also no Quick Access]
    A simple, yet powerful tool from our boys at Winaero. Props for them for creating this awesome app!
    And this is the end of our guides for now! If i find anything interesting, i'll add it to collection of Win10 customization guide.

    In other words: Yes, you can make locked OS yours. See ya in the next blog post!
    Felek666 Overwatch free weekend... I decided to play it with my friend who already bought Overwatch like somewhere around 2016/2017.

    To make this clear: my main pc has 4GB of RAM.

    It was fun, needless to say kinda repetitive. The amount of competitive maps is smaller than TF2's for example.
    The amount of deathmatch maps is also pretty small... It seems to repeat after some time, even in quick play.
    While I was playing with my friend, it was not this noticeable but If i tried to play alone, it was pretty boring after one hour or so.

    What character I liked the most during this "test play" of mine? Mercy and Genji. Genji works more like a flank and Mercy works like a TF2 medic, oh and McCree even though my aim is completely shit.
    I played Overwatch at my friend's house so i got used to mechanics.

    Believe me or not, his cousin has 264lvl and yet I, as level 4, rekt him 7 times with my friend. Oh boy, the power of teamwork. [hint hint: doesn't exist on quick play since everyone either goes DMG or hanzo /shrug]

    Did that free weekend make me want to buy this game? Yeah, but not at this state. As fun as this game is, it lacks maps and simply, more character reworks. This game got out of beta way too fast and it looks like they rushed for no reason. [Features useless nerfs, yay!]
    Also, the game doesn't explain the price tag. As gorgeous as this game looks, there's no way i'll spend +$40. [$60 without sales]

    The other issue I experienced is the JESUS CHRIST HIGH AS F-memory usage. This game was first to cap 2GB of my RAM memory and then it just began to increase and what does it bring is that my GPU would completely lose focus and just crash Overwatch. This was fixed by enabling that option related to buffering but still, jesus christ...

    Currently, I would give this game a strong 6.2/10. As promising as it looks, it simply lacks the most stuff.
    Now, if you'll excuse me, i'll go play as medic in TF2. See ya in the next blog post!
    [Oh and also, last chapter of Win10 guide will be out tomorrow. I'm in middle of writing it so uh, yeah.]
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    Felek666 You remember that hoax in 2012? World is going to end? Asteroid going to hit it? Jesus going to suddenly appear out of nowhere and kill everyone? [Believe me or not, it was a thing]
    Well guess what, christians are trying way too hard to predict the arrival "of their only god".

    Which is really annoying. Not only it creates a huge pile of useless panic among sensitive people but also keeps filling their shitty religious propaganda.

    Like today, it was supposed to end. Did it happen? No. Apparently, they disguised priest guys to be "professional researchers" and spreaded fake news via Facebook and Youtube.
    "I saw a girl in dream walking down the sky, it was in bible!!!!!!!!!!" Yeah, the same way as i see flying kids and my waifu when I sleep.
    "*Researcher speaking* This is confirmed to happen today and this event has been confirmed by our researchers (read priests) this will indeed happen(inaudible speaking)"

    Hypocrism is real. Why? They say that only god knows the exact date, yet they play the "god" card.
    Not only this makes this religion look dumb, but it's fucking idiotic. I can't put it in other words.

    Like hell, sometimes I really want asteroid to finally hit this planet...
    But I guess that only makes me say one thing: People will keep guessing till they will finally get it. Then it will be too late to say No.
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