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    Fates-Blade-900 (I've beaten the entire MMBN series and want to mention some interesting things about it, so I decided to blog about those things, so without further ado I hope you enjoy!)

    So you might know that there is a Pink Squirrel at ACDC Park from MMBN 1-2, but if you play MMBN 3 Blue (Black in the Japanese version), 4 Blue Moon, and 5 Team Colonel, the squirrel will be Gold! (For the record Battle Chip Challenge uses Lan's MMBN 3 White house, which means it's squirrel is pink.) The idea to me seemed to mean the gold squirrel games aren't "canon" (don't quote me on that, just an idea of mine), and are an alternate universe which is a really cool idea to me, as it adds a good reason to play the other games, however in both Gregar and Falzar the squirrel is pink, which might have been in oversight, I believe Falzar was supposed to have a golden one since its story seems to flow from MMBN 3 Blue/Black, that wouldn't be the only oversight I noticed with version differences, MMBN 3 White's train station sign might have been meant to be red, instead its blue, I say that because it and the ACDC playground dome is blue in Blue/Black, in White it's red like it is in MMBN1-2, but the train station sign is not, UNLIKE MMBN 1-2. That's all for this trivia blog, I hope you enjoyed it.
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    Fates-Blade-900 Realizing that life only gives us one chance to do our best, we should put our best foot forward, or at least try to each and every day, most of the time we might end up exhausted from trying to study, clean-up, hack, the list goes on, but knowing that at the end of the day you gave it your very best, that's what we should all want, because a day not wasted, is a day well spent, and putting your best foot forward, will never leave you with regret, that's just what I believe, and I wanted to share that with everyone reading this, good day.
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