1. hello all..... today i opened my nintendo dsi x land i got a r4i kung fu for it and put it in my cartridge slot.... it showed me that it was spider man whatever and i booted it up and it told me an error had occured plz close your dsi system so i just want help cause i want to get past that...
  2. so this question has been asked to me A LOT and that is can you get the big key in loz tp gerudo valleys dungeon which is idk but its the gerudo dungeon and yeah you can you need to put the spinner on the get in the quick sand then turn into a wolf on the edge of it and you will get it so yeah
  3. hello all guess what i am playing loz tp on my wii the second time and im trying to finish it now!! yay
  4. hello guys so this is my first blog entery emm so i opened my ds and transferred all data to my 3ds i know im dumb but i just figured that out... so yeah thats an update and yeah bye peeps!