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    Depression came to visit today

    I was setting up the projector to play a movie. Tomorrow is my daughter's birthday. As I was tinkering with the sound system, I was overwhelmed with a sensation of uselessness, like if I am a defective part that has to be discarded and all of a sudden there I was again. There.

    I hate myself sometimes. Mostly always, anyway.

    Take notice. Depression never goes away. Either if you take medication or not, it is a life long battle. Who wins is anyone's guess.

    Stay healthy, guys.
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    After being a daddy, time is of the essence...

    Well, then, what would you know? I managed to beat a game from start to finish, no cheats, playing a bit after dark.

    You see, family comes first always. And when one steps up to play the part (in this case, a family man), some things must become secondary. One of such things is gaming.

    Not a hard bargain. Being a father is possibly the most rewarding thing life world has to offer. But if something is part of you, you can't let it go, and phone/tablet gaming just doesn't cut it.

    So, after having my Wii back from the possible abyss of an ex-sister in law (it was hard work, believe me), I decided to clear some backlog. The first one was Knights of the Temple: Infernal Crusade, a game I made to the last fight but at the time (2003/2004) never completed. Fast forward to the present day, and in a week, give or take, with the power of the Wii, I managed to beat that evil bishop. I felt really good, and the game really deserves way more attention.

    It is a great, simplistic, hack and slash a genre revived by Dark Souls. This game has it all. You versus an unrelenting posse of evil creatures, varied levels and settings (the Hell level is specially well designed) and a very small bit of puzzle elements in the form of "get key to open that gate out there".
    The hardshipt come in the form of combat, almost at all times unfair, but our character is a Templar Knight (why the plural on the title is something I don't know) and can defend almost everything.

    It looks and plays really well, is not that long from start to finish, has a decent learning curve and the combat is satisfactory. I'd like a bit more variation in the enemies, and a few more bosses wouldn't hurt a bit. The last bittle can be a bit nerve wrecking but after a few tries and well placed blows to the bisho, he will eventually fall. Sometimes, combat is complicated because our character seems to go where he pleases or gets stuch in an invisible wall, preventing him to escape a tighter situation, but it's not that frequent.

    I give it a solid 8 out of 10.
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