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    "Nerding" in public places...

    So... Often I and my friends go out in the evening, we're usually 4 or 5, we go walking around, then we go to the comic book store to play yugioh or the town park, to play Foosball (That's google translation for Table-soccer) or we sit on a bench and play together with our (obviously hacked) 3DSes, mainly smash but also other games, then we go eating something and at the end we go back home.
    Yesterday, while we were playing in the park, a group of boys that were walking nearby, came closer teasing us, saying stuff like "How old are you ?" (we're all 17), "Who's winning ?", "Aren't you too old for playing with Nintendo ?", "Get a girl" , "are you gay ?" (So if i'm gay i can't play on a PS4 ? :/) and so on... We didn't answer since if we answer they won't go away, also we're not looking for troubles (they were our same age anyway)
    That's very irritating, later i guess they will be playing a "serious" game like fifa,pes or some fps on their serious console like a PS4 or a PC.
    I mentioned those games because i don't like them, but if i go to a video game store and i see someone playing fifa on a demo station i don't tell him "this game sucks, go watch a real football match or play with your friends" nor "do you like this fps ?, go fighting a real war".

    The thing is, not only other boys do this, a while ago two parents (they were something like 40/50 years old) with a baby,they were walking by, and told us "Are you going out only to play with your Ipads ? How old are you ?", like we were doing something forbidden, in this case we answered, "Don't you see ? This is the new apple watch !" :rofl2: and they went away.
    But those are not the only times it happened that random people come to make fun of us because we're playing, like it's illegal playing with a handled or a Nintendo console (well, maybe if the game is pirated), anyway not i nor my friends care that much, but's pretty annoying.

    (I'm generally a really shy person i would never have made this mini-rant post if it didn't get so much annoying especially when the KIDS come saying this stuff :/ the same kids that where running in the grass catching Pokemon with their Iphones)
    Anyway, has this ever happened to you ? How do you react ? Are you more "social" and don't play games when you're out ? it's really so strange going around to meet with your friends and play together ? Have you ever done this ? WHY ?

    The moral is, nothing can stop us from nerding outside :yaysp::yaynds::yay3ds::yaypsp:

    Now sorry i'm going out, i hope the 3ds battery is charged, let me know what do you think, Bye !
    Also sorry if there are some mistakes, i'm still learning English :)
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