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    Ev1l0rd Yadayadayada. I'm bisexual, although I haven't come out to my parents or really anyone irl aside from an ex-coworker, but am open about it on the internet. Whoop de fucking doo.

    If you didn't suspect or know at this point you probably haven't spoken to me very much, I really don't make it a secret.

    Happy pride month to all of you out there and remember, even if you're not accepted irl, don't let that discourage you from being who you want to be and most importantly make sure you can be yourself online alright <3.

    Image fully relevant, also skeletons are cool as shit and you ain't gonna convince me otherwise.

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    Wasn't sure where to put this otherwise, but uh... yeah this ain't good.

    Personal thoughts: This was intentional. There's no way you can hold an interview on that site without being fully aware of what it is and where it stands in relation to the rest of the communication platforms. In addition, the entire demeanor of the THQ staff in the AMA indicated that they were fully aware of the type of discourse that goes on in there.
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    Ev1l0rd Yay.

    Heppy 2k19 to the lot of you.

    Don't feel like saying much else here. Enjoy 2k19, lets make it better than 2k18.
    Ev1l0rd Yeah, woop woop. 18. Adult now.

    Actually happened last month. Had a pretty good birthday, was fun enough. My parents are gonna buy me the Solaire amiibo as a birthday gift, my sister made me a drawing and my brother bought me a gift card. Grandparents also came over for cake 'n tea.

    Now I can legally drink alcohol, vote, smoke weed and visit hookers. Not necessarily in that order.
    Ev1l0rd Needed to get this out of my system.

    It's pretty much me arguing all the major points that have been made over and over again, with some additional things to note from yours truly.

    Summary: Fuck Team Xecuter and their defenders.

    As far as I am aware this does not go against the Terms and Rules.

    I'm open to amendments and/or discussion of all points but the final one, since that one will only lead to pointless yay/nay namecalling.
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    Ev1l0rd And a happy new year!

    Sup GBATemp? How are yall doing. I'm doing great, thanks for asking.

    Nothing much I wanted to talk about, just... have a merry christmas/happy holidays. Spend an excellent time with your family/friends/online folks and most importantly, have a good one. What having a good one means is up to you, but really... best wishes.

    As I'm writing this I am on my last day of school, tomorrow the holidays start. I'm already mentally steeling myself for the absolute mental damage I'm going to receive next saturday... (I have a cashier job in a supermarket... around christmas. F U N.)

    Anyway before I'll let you off from reading this little blogpost, have a link to my GOTY 2017: .
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    Ev1l0rd Haven't really got much to say here except for the fact that... well, have this node_module:

    What it does
    In case you aren't familiar: I am the maintainer of the DiscordJS bot known as Pedro. One of the bots commands is xdicey. xdicey basically allows you to throw an x sided dice y amount of times and then gives you the total sum of the dice. This particular module/function is the backend for xdicey.

    Since the code for this program could be useful for other programs, I have made it available as a node module. Usage should be simple, just check the Examples part in the readme. Here's a little example on how you could use it:

    Ev1l0rd Sup GBATemp. How are things?

    So, since school has finally begun I decided it might be worth to talk a little about my life since it's finally a bit on the interesting side.

    So yes school. About that. I've begun my student years. Fresh out of high school, onto a study. I choose Software Engineering for HBO-ICT (HBO is higher level education but it's not university grade). So far it seems I've made the right choice. Classmates are friendly (quite a change from how it was in the past, I always had at least one person who either I despised or they despised me), classes feel like they actually have a point (important to me, a lot of classes in high school always gave the feeling of "...why? why would I need this?". I don't have that feeling wtih the study I chose).

    Privately speaking, well... I haven't had much time to dedicate to my private life (school hours are from early in the morning to dinner) but I've mostly been playing Darkest Dungeon (great game, definitely worth picking up) in my free hours. I've also started watching an actual anime (which is better than before where the most anime thing I watched were the Pokey Man movies), Gurren Lagann, which I do quite like. Currently at Episode 8.

    Anyway, weekend has gone by peacefully. Didn't really do much on Saturday except play Darkest Dungeon and later Terraria with my brother (he wanted to play something together and Terraria is the only game I know that doesn't result in either of us getting punished for fighting over stuff). Today was my grandfathers birthday (74!) so we went over there for lunch. Nice food, and it's always nice to have contact with family. If you don't have contact with your grandparents, and it isn't because of some infighting between you and them, make sure to try and stay in contact with them! Grandparents aren't forever and keeping a close bond with them is important.

    Oh yeah, LOFAM 4 came out yesterday. Listened to the release stream as well yesterday. Good tracks. Even if you don't especially like Homestuck I would recommend listening to it. It's got some good stuff.

    Anyway, solid week, 9/10 would relive again.
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    Ev1l0rd Let's jump on the shitty bandtrain of repeated posts. How does the Temp in general view me? I know that this blog post trend is currently reaching EoF material of garbage, but here I am, being genuinely curious.
    Ev1l0rd 17 years ago, at this time, I was born. Today is my birthday, and I'd like to celebrate it on the 'Temp here.

    Almost 3 of those years I have spend here on the Temp. It's been an enjoyable 3 years! Here's to another 3!

    17 years. It's been a while. In a few weeks I'll start my study. Only 365 days until the 18th one (when I shall be an adult and will be able to enjoy alcoholics, vote and get a drivers license.)

    Happy Birthday to me!
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    Ev1l0rd So um.. yeah, Nintendo's latest behavior regarding Samus Returns and it's amiibo managed to enrage me enough to write an article about it. Fuckin hell Nintendo, when will you stop fucking things up and just make fun games.
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    Ev1l0rd Warning, drama inside.

    My thoughts and the like, since the thing itself got locked and I made a pretty extensive comment the first time it happened and I feel I need to give my thoughts on it a second time now that the tables have turned again.
    Ev1l0rd And I'm awesome, and you guys can all suck it.

    (am I doing this right?)
    Ev1l0rd Because I'm indecisive as fuck, and have two devices but only had the cash to buy one right now, I'm stuck with a decision. And since I can't figure it out, let's ask the internet!

    The situation:
    - I bought a 32GB microSD card at a local store (store is part of a larger chain, so it isn't fake).
    - I have the following devices that would really like a 32GB microSD card:
    - A RPI Gen. 3. I use this as a headless webserver/image booru (shimmie)//dumpstore. It currently has 16GB of storage and around 2GB available.
    - My New 3DS. You know what this is used for. Same size of storage, but is almost always filled to the limit of usage due to me hoarding files.

    The question: What do I use it for? Do realize that I plan on buying a second 32GB card in the near future for the other device.