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    Ethan34 hi as you can read in the title i write quiet the big assumption of not innocence.
    however: i have a theory that holds up and sounds plausible.
    as we all know: team executor has done the announce of their modchip for the nintendo switch console, released last year in march. however, it generated the whole tons of dramas because hackers plutoos and hedgeberges said "fuck team execute,".
    but why?
    listen to my story:
    on the ccc34 in germanys mr plutoo was the nice hacker that contributes to open source projects and doesnt do the piracy because very bad.
    however when back to his nice home in europe he actually created the gateway romz launcher with said bootroms exploit that he invented at ccc34.
    BUT THEN!!!!! the team executes announce: "first switch modchips that bypasses firmwares".
    obviously plutoos gets very anger because ruins his perfect plan.
    but he wants to counter attack: renaming the git project to "homebrew launcher", he announces a release two days today the day of the announcement. (never find it weird how modchip announces = homebrew announces??)
    HOWEVER!!!!!! removing every rom codes of .nro loading takes time, which is why mr plutoo execute two birds with the single stone: by pushing deadline, he not only has more time to remove roms code, but also gets the free ad because featured as "men of no promises" on websites such as and and which is actually the trick to get more ads for twitter account.
    know what this means? well you know that it means his twitter account has the fame when actually release the homebrew launcher in two weeks. means more people are aware of homebrew launcher: that more people with switches on the hackables firmware will download the homebrew launcher and install it: and since price will be 0, while price of modchips will be more than 200000 kyats.
    then mr team execute will go komplett bankrupt and disable by cease and desist of Nintendo.
    and then what mr plutoos do? he updates the homebrew launcher, but that will be the very first version: the one with rom loading!!!!!
    so everyone will click on the nice "update now button".
    HOWEVER!!!!!!! the update will require a gateway cartridges to works properly with the .nro files for fast transfer speeds (because cartridges of the switch are certified class 10 minimums).
    then mr plutoos will sell cartridges on his official website, because hacks neccesitates the 3.0.0 switch by nintendo console, which is approximatively an amount of seven hundreds of dollars. and isn't free, do he needs the refund.
    but what do we know??? that the gateway on 3ds was made by gateway.
    who was the one who hacked the 3ds and discovered the bootroms exploit: plutoo.
    i think is safe assumption to say that mr plutoo has tides or shares with the gateway 3ds team and planned to release a gateway 3ds for switch edition.
    thanks for reading.
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