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    eriol33 It feels like an earthquake (not really) but I wish I could have seen it coming. I have been working at this american multinational company for two years, and in fact, they saved me when I was fired from my last job in 2015. I really like the company and the people, and this is the first time ever I had an experience working at a Jewish-American culture.

    Unfortunately, the last CEO of the company had rocked some scandals: he allegedly siphoned money to his own company for months, and he committed an adultery with one of employee. It prompted the regional HR to audit his misconduct and we have been losing clients since february. I noticed that there were so many idle days when I was LITERALLY DOING NOTHING, and just waiting days to be over. After that, one by one my co-worker left the company, and the longest co-workers were starting to leave the company too. That's when I started to notice there was something wrong. However I was overconfident with myself. In the past 7 months, I have been applying overseas jobs only, and not local jobs. When shit hits the fan, I was about to find local jobs since I am about to move from my parent's house to an apartment which will not be covered with my current salary.

    But I learned something from the last two years: build your network before you need them. As I was informed that I would be axed, I immediately asked help from my friends, people whom I met on facebook, linkedin and internal network at my company. I know too it's far-fetched to ask your network far away there hoping them to sponsor a work visa, but at least you tried. I also learn how to build "network" really is.

    If I could get a job in a month or two, I probably will be lucky since the severance package is quite fair. Already I am fantasizing to visit the Netherlands or Israel to visit my family members or my friends. But last time I was unemployed, it was 7 months, so I am trying to be emotionally numb now, since I don't know yet whether it's an opportunity or a misery.

    This year is a tough year for everyone. I hope you don't experience this.
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    eriol33 I have been getting 18 hours in this game and just reached chapter 9, already I want to give up this game and just resort to let's play. As a long time final fantasy fan, I could understand now why everyone was angry when this game was released. The experience was so incomplete and fragmented. Prior playing this game I re-watched the movie, anime, trailers, and the drama CD just to make sense of everything. I can tell FF XV is one messed up victim of corporate greed. Tabata said the game has 200+ subquests, and basically fillers. The story of each chapter itself feels very short and unsatisfying. Worse, there are a lot of references of events that happened outside of the game. People who haven't consumed the media would think "WTF just happened?". While I understand the context of the story, I think it's a poor storytelling. FF XIII maybe a controversial entry, but at least the experience was complete.

    While I am grateful we have FF XV, but the game just feels so incomplete. Locking up stories into DLCs is a bad practice.


    I enjoyed the game in the first 10 hours, until I realize I only need to do the quests to get money and buy potions. If I could buy the PC version, I would just cheat and play the game without doing any of those useless quests.