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    What I learned from learning Data Science with R and Python during this quarantine

    I concluded that Python sucks for data wrangling and visualization. Oh boy, where do I start? Maybe my usual venting that python's integer starts from zero? or pandas syntax is pretty much like the worse version of base R? The only thing why I invested my time learning python is, because it's simply popular and pretty much used everywhere. However if I have to recommend whether you should start your data science journey: pick R.

    The experience of data wrangling with dplyr is much better and intuitive and it's capable for machine learning too. The only catch? R is considered as a niche language and mostly used by academics. I didn't learn R during my grad school (which I think, was surprising because Hadley Wickham, the founder of R studio was from new zealand), however I picked R last year and have been using it for almost daily basis to the point I am confident I have an intermediate skills in R.


    One thing I haven't explored in R though: creating maps and making web-based apps (you can use shiny for that). It's just that I am also fairly proficient in Power BI and I could just create a dashboard with power BI whenever necessary. Shiny requires me to learn a skill of being a web developer which I am not really interested in.

    At the moment I am still on my progress completing my Python machine learning course . So far I already finished simple linear regression, multiple linear regression, polynomial regression, and support vector regression. Before I continue further, I think I want to understand how to apply the last two in real-life scenarios. Since I am learning ML in python, honestly, the experience is less pleasant, but I force myself to focus myself in python to ensure I maintain my python proficiency, given that 80% of time I code with R.
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    I just finished Spider-man (2018)

    After approximately 40 hours (the game doesn't track your playtime), finally I finished spiderman on PS4! I remember the first time I played this, I died like a lot lot lot of times because I was rewiring my brain from Arkham series to this game which has a familiar system but with a different control. It took me maybe 15 hours (And a lot of of deaths) before I gained a muscle memory and master the combat system of this game.

    After finished it, I do admit this game is an improvement of the superhero action game invented by the arkham series. The battle is very fluid and fun, the open world environment is a nice sandbox where you can webswing, fulfilling your childhood dream being a spiderman, the story is quite good too, but most importantly, the VAs are top-notch. Yuri Lowenthal did a terrific job to voice spider-man, and I think this is probably my most favorite spider-man ever.

    That being said, there is only one rotten apple of the game: Screwball. The extra side missions help you to gain more tokens to complete your power-ups, but Screwball's challenges are among the worst I ever played in any action games ever. I couldn't finish the final challenge because I need to chase the SOB, while throwing explosives to designated area while at the same time, keeping the distance with her not or the mission failed. I thought Batman's underground battle with arkham knight was the absolute worst, well I was wrong. This one is much even worse as you will restart your game for how many times. I won't be able to unlock a costume, but that's fine, since the costume is just a cosmetic and doesn't give any added value to the gameplay other than aesthetics, plus I have my own favorite costume.

    Next, I am still pondering whether I should play FF7 remake immediately or try resuming the Evil Within. I haven't passed the first level of evil within because the fat monster keeps killing my character. I like stealth game, but unfortunately the stealth elements of this game is closer to trial and error game rather than a design that allow you to play strategically. Anyway, stay safe and healthy everyone!
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    Fire Emblen Conquest doesn't disappoint

    After a week of binge playing, I finally finished Fire Emblem Conquest. I gotta say this is probably my 2nd most favorite FE in the series (the 1st being Path of Radiance in GameCube). I began playing Fire emblem with Fire Emblem Blazing Sword in GBA, and I totally love the simplistic gameplay and the medieval drama presented in the game. While FE series is a medieval fantasy series, but the story is very anime-ish, with anime tropes here and there, and the formula works.

    Before playing the game I had a doubt that I would enjoy playing it since I was disappointed with Fire Emblem Awakening. The game took Fire Emblem into a weaboo path with its marriage system and different art style compared to the classic series, but at the same time it saved the series and made FE more popular than ever. Maybe I should give it a revisit at some point.

    Anyway what I like from the new FE series is the introduction of casual made. Back then when playing the classic FE series, I needed to restart my game over and over again just to prevent my characters from dying. It's really ruining the fun. To this date I have played all the modern FE games except the DS shadow dragon remake, because the story seems very boring.

    I finished Fire Emblem conquest about 24 hours, but I think it's actually more than that because I needed to restart my games over and over despite being in casual mode (as my tactics didn't work out and I screwed up in the next turns). The marriage system in this game is really creepy. I mean, you can make two characters marry each other and there will be a child who magically grows up to an adult thanks to a plot device, and in the next gameplay, the character can be married to your main character, or maybe in the another gameplay, can be married with the main character's, and it has no impact with the main story (maybe a good thing).

    The worst part of this game is probably the DLCs, sadly, Nintendo is obviously milking this game for various features that should been a base game. I don't care most of them since you could just finish the game just fine, but some of them are quite important since money is hard to get in this game, so you will need to pay for a map that allows you to grind money.

    I still have birthright and revelation to play. After I finished them, I am going to buy a switch and play the three houses. Oh the soundtrack is also fantastic.
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    Why coding is kinda... addicting?

    I currently work as a data analyst, at first I was hired to do reporting using excel. It was incredibly tedious as I needed to copy paste various excel files into one big spreadsheet and call it a database, and it's prone to error. After 6 months or so, I taught myself programming in R and python (pandas) and automated all my data transformation. Now I work like less than 10 hours in a month, and I used the rest of my free time to learn coding. It's something like this news: https://interestingengineering.com/programmer-automates-job-6-years-boss-fires-finds/ but it's the reverse, because I actually started without any programming knowledge and ended up liking to code. I have to admit there is some sense of an accomplishment when your code works and your problem is solved.

    R is my first programming language and it's probably one of the most intuitive language ever. I am currently rewriting my R script into python script as an exercise before I am starting to consume those machine learning stuff. I hope this year I could begin my transition to data scientist role as it seems a natural progress of being a data analyst.
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    Ducktales Reboot is amazing

    When I heard about Ducktales getting a reboot in 2017 I was not that excited, especially with the art direction and sadness that Alan Young was no longer with us. I grew up with Ducktales and Scrooge McDuck is probably my most favorite Disney character ever (sorry Donald!) and when Disney announced they picked a new direction to the show I was not enthusiastic. Will they ruin the show? Will it live up with the classic?

    After watching the pilot episode, the Ducktales reboot totally exceeded my expectation. I liked it that they reinvented the wheel and give a new depth to the characters we knew and love, so the two shows are totally distinct to each other and you cannot just compare them. The classic Ducktales was a product of the 90s, and I really doubt the storytelling and characterization of the old cast would work in the 21st century.

    Scrooge McDuck largely has the same personality, however maybe because David Tenant is still young and full of life, this Scrooge just reflects the dynamic of Tennant's voice that revitalizes his character. It feels so different compared to Alan Young's Scrooge where Scrooge feels more grandfather-ly (Alan Young was around 60s when he voiced Ducktales and 90s when he voiced Scrooge in BBS and Ducktales remake). Both of the interpretation is quite distinct, and Alan Young would be proud.

    Next we have Huey Louie Dewey, who finally have a distinct personality. Huey (the red) is the brain, Louie (the green) is the smooth talker, and Dewey (the blue) is the insecure middle child.

    The most interesting change was probably Webbigail Vanderquack. The original character in Ducktales was like to soften the all-boys adventure and her role was basically to show Scrooge's soft side, being the "heart" of the team. In this show, Webby is a psychotic kid who has been living in an isolation trained with ninja skills thanks to her rebooted grandmother (mrs Beakley) who was a former James Bond. Webby seems the audience surrogate since she's the outsider of the duck family, and her hobby is to investigate Scrooge's family (which ducktales fanboys probably have done to understand the complicated family tree).

    Donald has more depth in the show as well. He is shown to be the surrogate father of the triplet (as it always will be) but his personality given a more backstory. His temper seems rooted from post-traumatic stress after her sister was gone during the timeline of Ducktales. This is quite different compared to the original Ducktales where Donald was just there to be an occasional guest character and a comic relief.

    However the cream of the top of the show is probably the debut of Della Duck, Donald's twin sister. The existence of the triplet's parents has been the subject of speculations among duckverse fans for decades, because for some reason, Della's existence has never been shown outside very very few artist's interpretation of her wherebouts. One of the few instance I read like a decade ago was when I read Don Rosa's Life and Times of Scrooge McDucks, I was like, "what, Donald has a twin??"

    Unfortunately Della's whereabouts was never explained by any of Duckverse's canon, and she's just gone to justify the boys living with Donald.

    However, a few years ago, a Donald Duck comic published in the Netherlands in 2014 actually published a comic about Della's whereabouts:

    source: https://decider.com/2017/08/16/ducktales-reboot-huey-dewey-louie-mother-della-duck/

    so apparently Della Duck was an astronaut and she got stuck in some space limbo where time seems pass slower than the earth. So there, we finally got an explanation about Della in the general duckverse comic!

    the Ducktales reboot seems taking an inspiration of this backstory, and Della Duck also has a similar background, only she crashed in the moon, and the show started with a mystery surrounded by her disappearance.

    Now, unfortunately this is where Ducktales became problematic. Instead of focusing the show solely to Della Duck's disappearance, only few episodes actually focused on this plot and the rest is kinda filler-ish, aka "adventure of the week" which you probably can skip if you are impatient with the pacing.

    If you haven't watched this show, I really recommend you to do so. This show has a lot of comedic moment, but also a lot of "awwww" moments. It's amazing and magical, and just remind me how much I love Ducktales.
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    Time to move on from Dishonored series (and waiting for the new game)

    Last night I finally finished Dishonored Death of the outsider. I am a big fan of Dishonored series, I personally find Dishonored 2 is the best stealth game ever, and I have replayed the game like 5 times already in both PS4 and Steam, I decided to finally purchase Dishonored death of the outsider during steam sale so that I could know how they wrapped out the series.

    Dishonored death of the outsider is probably the easiest game of all the three, and basically a stand alone dlc game. I finished game in 10 hours (without doing the side missions). The game is easier because in this game, your mana will regenerate, so you don't need to hold back your power.

    The story also has an interesting twist. The Outsider, the mysterious figure who gave supernatural powers to the dishonored protagonists actually had a very tragic background, and it's quite refreshing such an enigmatic figure has a tragic twist that made you wondering whether he's a victim or a villain.

    That being said, I cannot wait for the next Dishonored game, I hope the series is not dead because we haven't seen any news about the series for a while.
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 is the most magical game I played this year

    When KH3 trailer was released in 2013, I was quite excited with the game given that it has been over a decade since the main game was released. I have been trying to keep up with the interquel games, but none of them ever beat KH1 and KH2 in the terms of gameplay, and when KH3 was released early this year, I already gave up the franchise. I expected KH3 would incorporate the elements of KH's portables games which were so different compared to the main series. Unfortunately, it was not the case. KH3 retains the main series' gameplay, and took the best from the portable versions, which made the game probably even a better experience compared to KH2, and I am currently enjoying the joys when I played KH1 for the first time.

    Gameplay aside, the game is BEAUTIFUL. I couldn't express with words how wonderful the in-game render of the game is. Every world, every disney character is designed with the most astonishing details as possible.

    The story is... well, I think Squenix is actually aware how convoluted the game's plot is, as it introduced so many many terms and new subplots during the last 14 years, and not everyone understands what's going on. I noticed that the characters tend to say "blah blah blah plot blah blah", and then another character will speak "blah blah blah old plot blah blah" as a narrative device to explain the plot. Honestly sometimes I have no clue what the characters are discussing about, but carry on, oh the enemies also explain their scheme to Sora, how nice they are!

    That being said, if you haven't played KH3, I really recommend you to play it. I just bought the game for $19.79 at psn. There's also a complete KH packages priced for 32 bucks. Although it was tempting, I don't think I have any energy to replay all the KH games from start to finish without cheating, so I passed that deal.

    This game and Control are basically my GOTY.
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    So, finally I am back to OFW and playing Insomniac Games' Spider-Man

    The game reminds me of Arkham series, the battle is very fluid, but it sure has a lot of QTEs. I feel my hand got so much strain from the button mashing. Anyway, I have a high expectations of this game since the series itself topping the three arkham games. It's sold as many as 13.2 copies! That's saying something.

    That being said, I read that The amazing Spider-man 1 and 2 got a bad review, are they really bad? Unfortunately the game delisted on steam, so I don't think I could try the games myself.

    Aside of spending my two weeks vacation with my fresh PS4 OFW, I am also planning to buy RE2 deluxe edition on steam as the game is cheap enough during this winter sale. I peeked RE 7 gameplay, and... for some reason I don't really like it since it features a character who doesn't tie directly with the old cast. I am very bad at playing RE games, but I keep playing the series since I am interested with the game's lore.

    What are you playing during this holiday?
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    What do you use your Wii console for?

    I bought a Wii machine in 2015 because it's one of those Wii with gamecube ports so my intention has always been to play gamecube game (which I think has one of the most amazing library ever). However, skip 4 years later, I finally bought myself a good gaming laptop that finally can run most GC and Wii games in 1080p 60 fps full speed. As much as I love to play the games in the original hardware, it's kinda painful to see games run on 480p when you can run the games with 1080p on dolphin.

    I have been trying to sell my Wii for years, but no one ever made an offer. I think it will stay with me a very long time. So in what occasion do you usually use your Wii?
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    Vertigo and first person view games

    I had another vertigo attack this night when replaying dishonored 2. For some reason I felt uncomfortably dizzy and I just couldn't continue playing the game anymore, which is weird because I had been playing this game yesterday and today. I ate my betahistine pill just incase it's getting worse. I have had episodes of vertigo when playing first person view games, especially when the camera rotated a bit too fast. the first time I experienced this was when playing alien isolation. After awhile I kinda got used to it and I didn't get any more dizziness until well, today.

    I wonder if it had something to do of playing the game in a sleeping position.

    Have you ever had a similar episode like me?
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    So I bought these games during Steam sale

    So apparently steam sale is happening, and I bought a new gaming laptop, and I just got my pay check, what a timing to go back to PC gaming! About 17 games from my wishlist have been discounted but I will be crazy if I buy them compulsively. For today, I bought: Mass Effect 1, Dishonored 2, and Quantum Break.

    I have bought Mass Effect trilogy for PC and ps3. However I sold my unopened copy and ended up buying ME2 and ME3 on origin during a sale, and I bought ME trilogy for $5 during a flash sale on PSN like few years ago, therefore I bought ME1 just to complete my collection. I haven't played ME 1 for years because I felt the game was so different compared to 2 and 3 (and I was actually upset when played ME2 for first time, like: "why did they do this??", now I love ME2 and ME3 more than the first). Although my collections are rather scattered, but I don't mind since I have installed Gog galaxy anyway and it helps to organize my game into one platform. ME1 costs SGD 20 on origin while it costs about SGD 3.3 during steam sale. Given that I bought this for collection, I don't really mind a fragmented into different platforms.

    I played Dishonored 2 on PS4 two years ago and it was the best game I ever played, however I have sold my copy and I have been wanting to replay the game in a god mode, so there, it costed SGD 13.3 so it was a steal.

    After playing Control a while ago and currently replaying it, I have been revisiting remedy games since Control has a very great world building narrative and it's quite nice that their games share a common universe, so I was intrigued to play Quantum Break. I heard some complaints about the game's short length and that it's not open world, but hey, wasn't the Last of Us also designed that way?

    That aside, my friend gifted me Romancing Saga 3 since he knew I am a big fan of Saga Frontier. It's quite pleasing that I finally could play this game 24 years after the release. However, I am rather impatient with this game since I need to discover where to find the quests are. I guess I will end up reading a FAQ later.

    That being said, what games are you going to buy on steam sale? Also feel free to add me on Steam. My id is the same as my GBAtemp's ID.
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    Super Mario Galaxy + Dolphin + GameCube Gamepad = WIN

    I didn't have a chance to play Wii in the last-gen because well, during the last gen my disposable income was not too great and I needed to save money for my grad study, thanks goodness I got a government scholarship to study in New Zealand and my fate has been better ever since.

    Anyway, I bought home to me a Wii console that is capable to play gamecube games (and it still has the gamecube gamepad slots!), and after playing some wii games for awhile, I kinda disappointed with the games. I think wiimote was horrible, too gimmicky, and for people who have RSI like me, it's tiresome to play. I played mario galaxy briefly on Wii, despite my love for the game, I just couldn't enjoy the motion control. I shelved SMG for years, till well, few weeks ago.

    I found out that the most challenging part of playing SMG on a gamepad is the fact that the game was designed for a motion control. I googled out and find people made their custom configuration for 360, which is quite good, but not a seamless experience. After some trial and error (and seeing SMG re-release on nvidia shield) I finally found my "perfect" gamecube configuration for SMG:


    Actually my configuration is quite straight forward:
    shake button = X button
    jump button = A button
    fire star bit = press L+R
    that button to pull yourself with the star = R
    move = left analog
    control your starbit shooting point = right analog
    camera control = d-pad
    ground pound = Z

    Yes, at first it may looked weird, because you need to access the fire star bit button by pressing L and R, but I thought to myself, most shooting games requires you to hold L shoulder button and followed by R shoulder or trigger, so this is the justification why the fire star bit button is configured like this.

    now, SMG needs an extra configuration that you need to use when playing the rolling ball galaxy, which is the "tilt". I noticed that the posted configuration suggested to make a two separate configuration and change the configuration whenever you need to play that level. Well that's not quite ideal, since dolphin can use button combination, you can just use L + left analog button to access this mode, and no need to switch configuration when playing this game. I found this game is much a better experience compared to that dreaded wiimote. Some levels do feel awkward though, but for 95% of my experience, it feels nicer.

    I just saved Luigi. I wonder why Luigi didn't think his brother was dead when looking at that mario ghost?

    happy weekend and let me know what do you think about this configuration (you can apply the similar logic with 360 gamepad as well)
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    Batman Arkham Knight should be retitled as Batmobile: the Game

    I am clocking on 28 hours on Arkham Knight (thanks epic games), thankfully I am going to reach the final arc soon and I probably will finish my game by tomorrow (this is excluding the side missions). Overall, Arkham Knight is a good game, but I can see why Arkham City is a better game in the term of gameplay: the developer thinks it's a great idea to force you using batmobile like... 75% of the game. While I enjoy the battle using the battle mode, the game forces you at times, to use batmobile for a race. This is where things get shit*y because the mechanic is clunky and most of my deaths was because I didn't understand why my batmobile just stopped moving forward and instead, it's going to left and right, and the enemy killed me from behind.

    I just finished a level where I battled with Arkham Knight's tank in a tunnel, and I had to lure him to a trap. I am talking about this level (major spoiler about the villain's identity by the middle of the video), I could nominate this is as the worst worst boss battle ever, or probably the worst game design ever. I was killed maybe like 7-8 times because of this clunky car-racing mechanism.

    Aside of the plagues made by the batmobile, this game is great. The PC port had issues during its launch, but it seems fixed already. I am using GTX 1650 laptop and my game is running 60 fps with 900p resolution.
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    So I just bought Control on Epic games with 60% discount

    ...apparently the game is cheaper in my region (Indonesia) because of the regional pricing. Control is priced $22.9, and it was a steal for me since it's priced 60 elsewhere (or is the game priced $22.9 on epic games globally?)

    I have been playing the game for about 2 hours and so far it's an amazing experience, I feel like my childhood dream to have mutant power is being fulfilled. the atmosphere is surreal, and the narrative reminds me of Deadly premonition. Control is a very linear game (hooray!) and the narrative keeps me intrigued to find out what's actually happening.

    I read that the game is relatively short (like 11 hours?). well I hope they bring more contents soon.

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    Code geass lelouch of the resurrection is the best anime movie that I watched in 2019

    Today I went to to a movie theater to watch the best anime series of last decade aka Code Geass. I am so fortunate that despite the limited popularity of anime in Indonesia, the local cinema decided to air it

    I was genuinely confused why some details are actually different compared to the tv series. I just knew later that the movie is a sequel of a movie trilogy that was intended as a recap of the tv series with some differences: Shirley is alive in the movie canon!

    I swear I cried really hard when she died in the tv universe

    However, as she existed in this universe, it seems the movie is now set in a different timeline. I wonder if sunrise will ever decide which one is the true canon? In any case, I am so glad Shirley is alive in the movie universe. Her death in the tv series was a complete tearjerker (after Euphemia's unfortunate death).
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