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    Stuff that's been on my mind, and why I'm nervous to even post here

    Heads up, this is one of those emo-venting-personal-stuff posts, so if you're tired of this stuff then go elsewhere. I'm just in desperate need of advice cuz I honestly don't know what to do in life anymore. Hell I doubt anyone will even be bothered to reply. I've tried everything. I've tried making friends and they just ignore me, and act like I don't even exist. I have to go to college every week dealing with this shit knowing the same thing will happen. I've opened up and ask them to be friends and to keep in touch outside of college. Never ever replied back. I cried one day, I thought I was loud enough to be heard and no one was bothered to ask what was wrong. Then three people I knew from high school I knew of were in the same class as me and they were fine with me sitting next to them. Same thing as everyone else, and didn't even bother to include me in anything. No one ever says hi, and if I say anything, it's not even better. Sure, just focus on you and no one else I hear you think, but with the way I am I can't, ever. It's the same shit I lived with in middle and high school, not even therapy and medication never helps. And even on here, I feel like I'm no one likes me or wants to do anything with me. Some of the few posts I've made had hardly anyone reply to, just like irl. Why just bother continue living if I know this is just going to keep happening.
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    ohshitohshitohshitohshit my first blahg am gonna be a fucking cancerous emo now

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