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    The Coronavirus is causing me a lot of anxiety in an already stressful time

    I'm very anxious about this whole situation. I'm in my final semester of law school and the school extended spring break by a week and then announced that all classes will be online until April 6th. It's inevitable that they'll extend that to the rest of the semester.

    And the classes that I'm in don't work very well online. I have mock trials to do and you just can't reliably replicate the courtroom experience online. Things might switch from graded to pass/fail and if even a single one of my classes is cancelled, I won't have enough credits to graduate.

    On top of that, I almost guarantee that the graduation ceremony will be cancelled as the CDC just recommended all events over 50 people should be cancelled. After 5 years of undergrad and 3 years of law school I won't get to walk across the stage wearing that octagon cap.

    I also work in the legal field at a position that advocates for abused and neglected children. If court is cancelled and I have to work from home, these kids (who are now stuck inside with their messed up parents all day) are going to suffer and that's added stress for me to do my job well which can't be done from home.

    Here's the real kicker... The bar exam. The bar exam is scheduled for late July so hopefully things are contained by then but if they're not then the ABA is going to either delay or cancel the bar exam (possibly across the country) which has a huge negative impact, not just for those of us trying to be lawyers, but for communities and firms where new young blood is necessary. Who knows if my job offer stands?

    My parents informed me that they've most likely been exposed to the virus so I'm not allowed to visit them at this time. My grandpa is in the hospital and who knows if I'll ever be able to see him again? All the bars and restaurants are shut down for at least the rest of the month and a bunch of jerks bought all the toilet paper in town.

    But hey... at least I have time to finish the God of War series now...
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    Itty bitty details re. myself, --will maybe surely people get triggered???!!!

    I hate [REDACTED]
    I love [REDACTED]

    In conclusion, The Office is overrated.