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    epickid37 due to the fact that I need to focus more on school, I decided that I going to a break from gbatemp starting monday. I'll still be online every now and then, but I'll be significantly less active till at least next Saturday. you'll still be able to talk to me on discord @a part of me#0412.
    epickid37 So I got my phone over a year ago (I got an honor 5x) and the default launcher was essentially iOS. I had the Nova launcher installed for a few months and than I thought, "screw it, I'm gonna get a custom ROM". Big mistake. The only good ROM at the time was vanir. So I thought "OK let's do this". I installed twrp and may have accidentally deleted my os and installed vanir. The only version I could find though was a buggy dev version. So now my phone is laggy and freezes all the time and I can't change or update the ROM because my computer is still broken.

    Long story short: I put a dev version of a ROM on my phone and now it's laggy as hell and I can't update or change the rom
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    epickid37 some of you might have noticed that i haven't been very active recently. (be honest, none of you noticed.) This was because my laptop fell off of a table and the casing by the left hinge got shattered. That alone wasn't so bad and i was still posting from my computer for months. but about a month and a half ago, the charging port got misaligned and my computer essentially died. I was able to temporarily fix it but i'm still looking for a new laptop, so i can't be on here as often as before.
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