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    EmperorOfCanada Anyone wanna help me screw with a scammer? If there was a way I could screw *him* out of money that would be pretty sweet. But here is our conversations so far

    Letter 1, Response 1

    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    Letter 2, Response 2
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    Letter 3, Response 3
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    EmperorOfCanada There have been a surge in the number of tutorials released in the past few weeks. I myself have posted one, in an attempt to noobify the downgrade / backup loader process. Yet they keep coming and coming and are about easier and easier topics. I will try not to single out any threads as I wouldnt necessarily want this done to me, and ultimately I think these tutorials are being posted by well intentioned people who are just trying to help. Ask yourself before you post, has this been answered before? If so, am I adding anything new? If not, perhaps choose another topic! My intent is not to ridicule the posters of these inane guides, but to plead to them and all future guide writers to stop the madness!

    There is a natural progression, or evolutionary process to learning most of the things here. One does not sit sown in front of the computer for the first time, press the power button, then jump straight into a seemingly complicated process like downgrading a wii and installing homebrew onto it. As the guides get easier and easier and cover more and more topics, we are putting powerful tools into the hands of people who do not have the capacity or at least the understanding to wield these tools responsibly. I don't care if an 8 year old CAN hack a wii, I dont really think they should (unless it was purchased with their own money, then have at er)

    As I said, I myself am responsible for the noobifying of one of the popular guides on this forum, and in my defense I at least did so with the intent of A) helping people who were going to be doing it anyways, and to do it as safe as possible and B) I tried to inject a small amount of teaching into the guide as well so that it was not only as easy as possible but tried to explain WHAT some of the steps did.

    I, to be quite honest, have only a very basic understanding of coding and what makes these hacks work. I was not spoon-fed the information that I try to now teach to others. I will not preach about learning for learning sake.. you shouldn't have to learn the in's and out's if they bore you, but you should feel the obligation to teach yourself to understand what you are doing. Understand the steps you are taking before you take them and not just blindly accept the words of some guy on the internet. Understand WHY you are doing what you are doing.

    I see some pretty ridiculous things posted and I want to make sure people know the reason it upsets some of us that are more knowledgeable. If, just as an example, someone does not know how to decompress files, burn CD's or DVD's, use google, explain the problems they are having as clearly as possible (details details details!) then they probably should not be playing with files that could potentially damage their expensive console. The details one irritates me more than anything, because people are asking me and others to solve their problems, with as little to go on as 'X game isnt working! help!'

    I want to be clear that most of us do not think that these questions themselves are necessarily stupid, as we have all been there, we have all been using something for the first time and felt stupid as hell compared to some of our peers. The problem is when someone creates an account here, posts 3 of 4 posts, all of which are questions that have been answered before, or would take a few minutes on google, and then is never to be seen from again.. Helping people like these is NOT helping our community, it is nothing more than wasting our time, and cluttering up an already busy forum.

    I have no problems at all spending a half hour, an hour, or two hours, helping someone help themselves.

    I don't have 5 minutes to spare for someone who wants me to do it for them.

    Thanks for listening to my rant.

    EmperorOfCanada Okay, due to the dozens of tutorials I have seen lately, I have decided that there is one Key ingredient missing a tutorial on how to create a tutorial! After all, the most important thing about a tutorial is that it gets the message across. If noone can understand your tutorial, then it is useful to noone!

    First off, have a distinctive subject in mind, and know your subject well. There is nothing worse than someone who doesnt know what they are talking about trying to teach others. Provide guidelines that are organized, easy to understand, and useful, both for noobs and for experts.

    Secondly, once you have identified your topic, organize it into a series of logical steps. *Explain* your steps. It is more useful to everyone if people understand why they are doing what they are doing, and arent just blindly following instructions.

    Lastly, dont be afraid to update your tutorial as new information comes along. Be flexible. Remember WHO you are creating your tutorials for, and if they give you feedback, dont be afraid to adjust your guide accordingly.

    Thats it folks, have fun and play safe!
    EmperorOfCanada Anyone who is having trouble setting up the Gamma loader or understanding the instructions just give me a PM and I will try to assist people on a 1 on 1 basis.

    I am by no means an expert but I have spent hours sorting through these threads already and I think I have a decent understanding of what needs to be done. This is by no means a promise that I will get it to work, nor will I take any responsibility for anything happening to your Wii. As always you do this at your own risk.

    I have just gotten it installed a couple times already and rather than posting new threads or pestering the Gamma creators I would be happy to help.

    I have compiled a couple different tutorials into one package and written a guide. If anyone who notices it misses any credits or anything please let me know.
    None of the files were written by myself, only collected from a number of different sources and offered in one package.

    This can help people who need to:
    +Downgrade or Upgrade their Firmware Version (including 3.4)
    +Install the Gamma Channel
    +Install Homebrew Channel on any Firmware version (Including 3.4)

    Anyone who uses my guide and has any questions feel free to post your questions to me below. Anyone else is welcome to pitch in but this thread is mainly for people who want me to help them one on one.
    EmperorOfCanada The age old question. Do I go for love or go for money?

    I have been working for a company for just over 3 years now. I love my job. I am in a sales field and at only 3 years I am one of the senior staff in a chain of stores that has maybe 12-15 locations or so in western Canada.. So, not exactly a mom and pop company but not a huge company either. I love my job because it is easy, it is stress free, and since about March of this year I have been paid to either sit at home while waiting for renovations to complete, or sitting IN my store (which still wasnt ready to open) and play DS, watch movies, and of course spend all day reading the consumerist and gbatemp posts.

    With such an easy workload and such little responsibilities, this is a lazy guys dream. However as I am in sales, and I work in a slow location to begin with and now with no customers at all (due to constant renovations) my pay has really really suffered. Almost half my wage is commissions so even though I am making enough to live on, its just barely enough, and I dont have enough to save much extra to get the house I want with my girlfriend.

    On the flip side, change is hard. I could apply at a similar job but I would be working a lot harder, having a lot more stress and a lot less fun in my days, and lose whatever seniority I have in my company. I know it doesnt mean a whole lot at the moment but I can be such a chickenshit sometimes and I worry I will be giving up a job I love for a job I potentially could hate, and might not be able to apply here again if things dont work out.

    What to do what to do?

    Usually I am one of those people who say dont be a pussy, no risk no reward etc etc. But damn Im just not sure I can move on, or that I even want to.

    What would you all do?
    EmperorOfCanada This is the first of a series of useless and probably unhelpful reviews written by myself. Hope it helps.

    Today I purchased a 12" turkey sub at subway.

    Toppings: Bacon and cheese, sub sauce, light mayonaise, mustard, pepper.

    Additional Notes: Toasted on Parmesan bread.

    Tasted pretty boring. The bacon was delicious, the sub sauce, mayo and mustard mixed into a gloopy delicious mess, but the turkey itself was rather flavourless and despite it being toasted, it wasnt very crispy.

    EmperorOfCanada Okay, usually I am no conspiracy theorist but I have irrifutable evidence of temporal displacement via Hong Kong post.

    Exhibit A - "The item (RA*********HK) left Hong Kong for its destination on 6-Nov-2008"

    Thats right folks. It left TOMORROW. However I can see how due to the time difference that maybe it is tomorrow there already.. I can perhaps indulge that for a moment.. but wait, theres more??!!Eleventyone!!11

    Exhibit B -

    "You were looking for:
    Tracking Number: RA*********HK
    Date of Event: 2008/11/04
    Time of Event: 05:05
    Location: VANCOUVER, BC
    Description: International item arrived in Canada and will be reviewed by Customs."

    There you have it folks. I have a package shipped via Hong Kong post that was shipped tomorrow, and arrived at customs yesterday.
    Im going to go google now and see if I can find any time machines for sale. If I can find one Im soooo getting it for myself for last christmas.
    EmperorOfCanada Well, I would like to start this off by saying this is my first blog post, and its something I have wanted to post about for about 3 days now as it has been eatting at me and I need to vent. I also freely admit that I was both an idiot for doing it in the first place, and possibly an idiot again for not finding a solution faster than I did.

    As best I can remember, here is what unfolded that fateful Friday night.

    9PM or so - I download and install some partitioning software so I can repartition my 8GB UBS flash drive. I had previously had it partitioned into two parts basically so I could use it in place of a live Knoppix cd. It worked well enough but I figured running off a CD was good enough and not worth wasting my drive, so I wanted to restore it to back to 1 full 8GB partition.

    As I open the partitioning software it says there is an error in my OS boot sector (or something to that effect) and would I like to correct it? I say yes. Now in hindsight I think my problem was that the partitioning software was not Vista compatible, and apparently Vista partitions differently than windows XP and prior.. But I digress.

    10PM or so I reboot my computer and *surprise* Vista doesnt load. I load up Knoppix off of one of those live CD dealies, and recover what data I need (not a lot because about 1.5TB of data is stored on two external drives I have) and then go hunting for my recovery cd's. Cant find them. Damnit.

    Okay so I guess I can give this recovery partition a try. Bios loads.. press alt-F10 yay Vista recovery loads! Reinstall vista, I am a happy camper. But wait.. whats this?

    12:30AM - okay WTF my hard drive says 14GB of 15GB is used.. that cant be right. I load a new partitioning software up and it tells me I have 60GB of unpartitioned space, and that my C: drive has 15GB of 58GB used.. Well, that makes more sense, but why does my computer tell me C drive is only 15GB? Sigh.. okay well I know the vista recovery works, so I am going to put in a copy of Windows XP I have, use THAT to partition (that at least I know will work) then assuming vista doesnt load (I expect it not to) I will rerun the vista recovery partition and install vista again.

    1:30AM - Okay seriously WTF!! Alt-F10 no longer works.. well I am fully screwed now so I might as well just finish installing XP.

    2:30AM - Okay XP is installed now lets connect to the internet.. hmm it doesnt seem to be showing me any wireless connections.. well no problem lets plug it in directly.. hmmm wtf still nothing? Something weird is going on here.. Opens device manager.. WTF XP doesnt recognize almost any of my hardware! Damnit! Okay now what.. google. Google. Google. Google.

    4AM - Okay there is a link to a torrent download of a Vista recovery CD, lets try that. None of the repairs work.. I think Im going to give up. Well, lets see if I can access anything from the command prompt. Omg. OMG theres my recovery partition.. Can it be that easy? Are there any commands it will let me run? Yes???

    5AM SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6AM Reinstall some software, get rid off all the junk that comes preloaded.

    7 AM Im going to bed -_-

    Hope you all enjoy the read of my misfortune. Thank you.